Friday 9 November 2018


She's Country Strong
 Wilder Sisters #2
By Heatherly Bell
Contemporary Romance
Releasing November 9, 2018

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When a disgraced country singer meets a wealthy rancher, sparks fly!

From enemies to lovers…

Sabrina Wilder’s scandal derailed her singing career, so when there’s interest from Nashville in staging a comeback, an image consultant is hired to repair her tarnished halo. But the handsome man she meets is stubborn, bossy, and issues orders. He wouldn’t recognize the word "please" if it lassoed him.

This Texas rancher is a fixer...

Damien “D.C” Caldwell works with celebrities to repair their damaged images. Now, he’s amassed a large enough fortune to retire and return to his beloved Texas. Tasked for one last job, D.C. heads to the beach town of Whistle Cove, California for what should be an easy fix.

When one night in Hollywood turns their relationship into a tailspin, these two opposites suddenly can’t stay away from each other. But they’re headed in two different directions for very different lives.

He’s headed to his ranch and a lifetime of peace and solitude...

She’s headed back to the bright lights of Nashville and a very public life...

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In She's Country Strong (Wilder Sisters #2) by Heatherly Bell, Sabrina Wilder did a very stupid thing when she sent a half-naked picture of herself to a guy she thought she could trust. Turns out she couldn't and she found herself amidst a scandal with she and her sisters being dropped by their label. But now she's done hiding and ready to get back to Nashville with help from image consultant, Damien 'DC' Caldwell. Yet, the more time she spends with Damien, the more she finds herself falling for a man that wants nothing to do with relationships. Will Sabrina be able to convince DC to take a chance on her or will he end up breaking her heart?

What another wonderful addition to this series Ms. Bell has delivered in this story where the hero is determined to help the heroine succeed in getting her music career back on track; the heroine is determined to drive the hero crazy because she's a temptation he can't resist; and the dialogue was a delightful combination of fun moments because the heroine loves to unsettle the hero with how she expresses how much she wants DC and knows he wants her to, but he's not easily rattled and intense moments due to the main characters back stories, which made it understandable why the hero was so determined to get what he wants once he's helped Sabrina. How could his father be such a jerk? 

With the main characters, I absolutely loved this pair. Their back stories and everything they go through make them the wonderful characters they are. The heroine is sassy, resilient, courageous and I liked how determined she was to win the hero over. Since DC needs someone in his life to show him that there are people in the world he can trust. That he doesn't have to go at things alone for the rest of his life. While the hero, he's arrogant, very good at his job and I loved how he was willing to fight for the heroine when it came to the pressures of dealing with the press and dealing with the heroine's mother who believes she's always right when it comes to her daughters lives. Really, I absolutely loved the moment where DC goes head-to-head with Sabrina's mom. He really surprised me with how he fights for the heroine and is determined to give her the best opportunities when it comes to her music career. No way will he let her mother do anything to hurt her chances. 

Overall, Ms. Bell has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was intense; the romance was delightful and had me loving these two together, as DC needs someone like Sabrina in his life; and the ending had me loving the hero's determination to prove to Sabrina that she's the one for him, especially after how their relationship goes awry. I also liked how sassy Sabrina was when it came to his declaration of love because it was palpable he loved her. I would recommend She's Country Strong by Heatherly Bell, if you enjoy the enemy to lovers trope, the mysterious strangers trope or books by authors Annie Rains, Rachel Lacey, Erin Nicholas and Samantha Chase. 


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Author Bio

Heatherly Bell drinks coffee, craves cupcakes, and occasionally wears real pants.
She lives in northern California with her family.

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