Sunday 15 April 2018


Under a Storm-Swept Sky
By Beth Anne Miller
Releasing April 16th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

An eighty-mile trek across the rugged, stunning beauty of Scotland’s Isle of Skye isn't something I imagined myself doing. Ever. This isn't a trail for beginners. And I'm not a hiker. 

But I have to finish it, even if it kills me. I have no choice.

With the ever-changing weather and relentless terrain, I’m in over my head.

Rory Sutherland, my guide on this adventure, is not happy. We clash with every mile, but we recognize a shared pain. Not only is the journey a struggle, but the tension between us is taut with unsaid words. And hope.

He’s broken. I’m damaged. Together, we’re about to make the perfect storm.

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In Under a Storm-Swept Sky by Beth Anne Miller, Amelia is determined to go on the adventure her best friend was supposed to take, but she never imagined going on the eighty-mile trek across Scotland's Isle of Skye would be so gruelling, even if she does appreciate how stunningly beautiful the rugged terrain is. Even worse, it seems Rory Sutherland, the group's gorgeous guide isn't too happy with her. But when something happens and the pair are forced together to get through the rest of the trip, will they be able to work out their differences or will their chance at happy ever after slip by?

What a highly entertaining, vividly-descriptive, emotionally-animating read Ms. Miller has penned in this New Adult romance where the main characters were incredible due to their back stories and their growing relationship that starts off rocky but blossoms into a beautiful romance; the dialogue was enthralling, intense and had me sympathizing with the main characters because of everything they've been through in their lives. Since both are filled with guilt due to the tragic accidents that have shaped their lives and had the hero choosing to do what he does for a living and made the heroine take the adventure she's on.

With the main characters, the heroine is resilient and courageous for doing something she wouldn't normally do and I liked that she doesn't give up, even when the going gets tough, which it certainly does. I also liked how the heroine helped the hero and vice versa to heal from their pasts and conquer their demons, which is proven by the journey these two take. Yet, what I liked most of all about the heroine is the close friendship she shares with her best friend and that she would do anything for her friend. Will she be able to help her friend recover? While the hero, he's been through so much and I couldn't help but sympathize with him when it came to what his parents did. How could they be so cruel? I also liked the tight friendship Rory had with the other guide and the sound advice his friend gives him because he wants Rory to find happiness outside of his job. Yet, what I liked most of all about Rory was his resilience, his courage and that he gave the heroine a chance, even knowing that they might not have a future together.

Overall, Ms. Miller has delivered another incredible read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was powerful; the secondary characters were just as entertaining as the main ones with friendships being made that will last a lifetime; and the ending had me crying happy tears because of the heroine getting her wish when it comes to her best friend and the decisions the hero and heroine were willing to make to be together. However, in saying that, I liked which of the main characters makes the sacrifice of moving halfway across the world for them to be together even more. Yet, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up perfectly because Rory and Amelia being together proves love and happiness is worth fighting for, especially with such good friends at their sides supporting them. I would recommend Under a Storm-Swept Sky by Beth Anne Miller, if you enjoy New Adult Romance, the enemy to lovers trope, or books by authors Megan Westfield, Lindsey Frydman, Robin Bielman and RC Boldt.

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