Thursday 9 August 2018


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To celebrate this very special Entangled Embrace sale, we have a lightning round of questions and answers with some Embrace authors! Get to know them a little bit better, then shop the sale – 99 books for only 99¢ each! 

What kind of Romance Hero is the sexiest?

Amanda Weaver: Brooding intellectual. Beth Anne Miller: Man in Uniform. Reese Monroe: Vampire Magan Vernon : Man in a suit. Delancey Stewart: Brooding Artist Jennifer Blackwood: Man in uniform. A.J. Pine: Tall, Dark, and Bearded. Julie Patricka: Artist Jocelyn Adams: Villain-turned-hero of any kind, but I am partial to vampires. Robin Bielman: I love them all. Lynn Stevens: Athlete. D.R. Graham: The sensitive tough guy. Kendra Highley: Snowboarder. Christina Phillips: Man in uniform. Katana Collins: Mmmm. I've always been partial to the bad boy with a heard of gold. The bad boy who loves animals or has a pet will always win me over! Stacy Wise: Athletes are super sexy! Season Vining: Tattooed and educated. Cindi Madsen: Athlete. Megan Westfield: Athlete. Lindsey Frydman: An artistic and charming, yet tortured hero. Jessica Lee: Vampire. Amy Murray: All of the above as long as he's strong! Jen McLaughlin: Man in uniform. MK Schiller: Marine Ciara Knight: Man in Uniform.

Do you prefer romance that gets steamy or that closes the door?

Amanda Weaver: Steamy! Beth Anne Miller: I like a little steam! Reese Monroe: Closes the door. Magan Vernon: Steamy, but not too steamy. Delancey Stewart: I like sweet with heat (steamy with the door closed!) Jennifer Blackwood: Steamy, please! A.J. Pine: The steamier, the better! Julie Patricka: Give me some steam! Jocelyn Adams: Steamy all the way. Robin Bielman: Steamy ;) Lynn Stevens: Both! D.R. Graham: A little bit of both. Kendra Highley: In the middle. Christina Phillips: Steamy. Katana Collins: Oh, steamy! For sure, steamy! Stacy Wise: I prefer romance that closes the door. Season Vining: The more steam the better. Cindi Madsen: I like both! Romantic chemistry & slow burn is my fave. Megan Westfield: Closes the door. Lindsey Frydman: I love a steamy romance read, but I do prefer to keep the door half-way closed in my own writing. Jessica Lee: Steamy! Amy Murray: Closes the door. Jen McLaughlin: Steamy! MK Schiller: Steam, please. Ciara Knight: Both. 

What is your all time favorite trope?

Amanda Weaver: Enemies to lovers. Beth Anne Miller: Enemies to lovers. Reese Monroe: Ugly duckling. Magan Vernon: Enemies to lovers with a one night stand and accidental pregnancy Delancey Stewart: Friends to lovers. Jennifer Blackwood: Enemies to lovers. A.J. Pine: Enemies to lovers! Julie Patricka: Reading=enemies to lovers, writing=fake relationship. Jocelyn Adams: Opposites attract. Robin Bielman: Friends to lovers. Lynn Stevens: Enemies to lovers. D.R. Graham: Bad boy, good girl. Kendra Highley: Fake relationship. Christina Phillips: Enemies to lovers. Katana Collins: Enemies to lovers. There is something about the contrast and then the couples discoveries about where they were wrong about one another that wins my heart. Stacy Wise: Friends to lovers always satisfies. Season Vining: Enemies to lovers. Cindi Madsen: Friends to lovers. Megan Westfield: Love triangle. Lindsey Frydman: Enemies to lovers. *Swoons* Jessica Lee: Enemies to lovers. Amy Murray: I love a good enemies to lovers romance! Jen McLaughlin: Best friend’s little sister. MK Schiller: Fish out of water. Ciara Knight: Friends to lovers. 

Coffee vs. Tea?

Amanda Weaver: Tea Beth Anne Miller: Coffee Reese Monroe: Coffee Magan Vernon: Coffee Delancey Stewart: Coffee Jennifer Blackwood: Tea A.J. Pine: Coffee Julie Patricka: Water. I have finally accepted that I need to drink all the water. Jocelyn Adams: Coffee Robin Bielman: Coffee Lynn Stevens: When I run out of coffee, I drink tea. :) D.R. Graham: Tea Kendra Highley: Tea Christina Phillips: Depends on the time of day! Katana Collins: Coffee Stacy Wise: Coffee Season Vining: Neither (gasp!) Cindi Madsen: Diet Mtn Dew Megan Westfield: Coffee Lindsey Frydman: Coffee Jessica Lee: Coffee Amy Murray: Coffee Jen McLaughlin: Coffee MK Schiller: Coffee Ciara Knight: Coffee 

Abs vs. Arms

Amanda Weaver: Arms Beth Anne Miller: Arms Reese Monroe: Arms Magan Vernon: Arms Delancey Stewart: Arms Jennifer Blackwood: Arms A.J. Pine: Arms Julie Patricka: Arms Jocelyn Adams: Arms Robin Bielman: Can I pick both? Lynn Stevens: Abs D.R. Graham: Jawline, piercing eyes. Kendra Highley: Arms Christina Phillips: Arms Katana Collins: Abs Stacy Wise: Abs Season Vining: Arms Cindi Madsen: Forearms Megan Westfield: Abs Lindsey Frydman: Arms Jessica Lee: Arms Amy Murray: Arms Jen McLaughlin: Abs MK Schiller: Abs Ciara Knight: Solid chest. 

Mountains vs. Beach

Amanda Weaver: Paris Beth Anne Miller: Beach Reese Monroe: Beach Magan Vernon: Forest Delancey Stewart: I can’t choose! I love both. Jennifer Blackwood: Mountains A.J. Pine: Beach Julie Patricka: Beach Jocelyn Adams: Forest Robin Bielman: Beach Lynn Stevens: Mountains D.R. Graham: I live in the Sea to Sky corridor of British Columbia, so both mountains and beach in one day! Kendra Highley: Disney World! Christina Phillips: Beach Katana Collins: Beach Stacy Wise: Beach Season Vining: Beach Cindi Madsen: Mountains Megan Westfield: Mountains Lindsey Frydman: Mountains Jessica Lee: Mountains Amy Murray: Beach Jen McLaughlin: Beach MK Schiller: Mountains Ciara Knight: Mountains


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