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Welcome to Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World! Sweet Home Alabama meets Raising Helen in this sweet small town contemporary romance debut from
Golden Heart® Award finalist JoAnn Sky!

No Cowboy Required
Biggest Litle Love #1
By Joann Sky
Releasing May 14th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

Grace Harper is a pro at handling the unexpected—which comes in handy when she inherits the ranch she ran away from years ago…along with a young, autistic stepbrother she’s never met. And because nothing ever goes easy for her, Grace finds her frustrating, sexy ex-flame, Noah, taking care of JJ. But if she’s getting out of this nowhere town, she’ll have to find a way to keep from throttling Noah—without kissing him first.

Noah Taylor may be enemy number one to Grace, but she needs his help. He knows the girl he used to love is still there, beneath the heels and fancy clothes, so he’ll help her—and keep his distance like she says she wants. Only the more time they spend together, the closer he wants to get. Graci has no intention of staying, but she belongs in his arms—he just has to prove it to her.

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Copyright© 2018 No Cowboy Required

JoAnn Sky

She stiffened. She was the New Yorker, used to being direct and dealing with people who got in her face. Yet when Noah did it, it unnerved her. “I’m not avoiding you.” Her pitch was a half-step high, the trait of a liar.

“We’ve got to talk about last night.”

She smacked her bread together and turned to face him, using her sandwich as a shield. She straightened her pose, planted her feet apart, and hoped the Wonder Woman stance would give her Amazonian strength. “Last night was a mistake.”

His dark-blue eyes flashed with a determination that told her he disagreed. Her stomach clenched, and the strength she sought eluded her. Instead she stood there, too frightened to move and too weak to stop where they were going.

He came up on her slowly, as if he knew she’d spook and scatter at any sudden movement. He reached out and tucked one blond curl behind her ear. His fingers skimmed her skin. Goose bumps blossomed down her neck, her spine, to her toenails.

“And it won’t happen again,” she said with as much conviction as she could muster. “End of discussion.” Her voice squeaked, again betraying her, though no worse than the rest of her body.

He leaned in until his lips were inches from hers. Her breathing hitched. She should have put some distance between them, acres of distance, but her feet stuck to the floor. Her eyes flickered to his lips. They’d been so soft last night and were so close right now. One little taste wouldn’t hurt, would it? She reflexively licked hers.

He moved in. His breath trailed her cheek, and his lips hovered at the edge of her jaw, just below her earlobe. She arched her neck back, giving him more access, then shivered, closed her eyes, and waited to feel his lips on her neck.

Instead, his breath fanned her ear. “Liar,” he whispered. Then he was gone.

JoAnn Sky has written for years as part of her job (business and marketing plans and the like). One day she tried her hand at writing for fun—and like it. Now she authors adult contemporary romance and young adult romance with a magical twist as well as children's books.

JoAnn is a two-time Golden Heart® finalist (YA category and Contemporary Short category). Originally from the Midwest, JoAnn currently lives in northern Nevada with her husband a.k.a. love of her life, three teenage children, and three crazy rescue dogs.

Visit her at where you can sign up for her newsletter (and check out for additional information about her children’s books). You can also connect on Twitter at @jaskybooks ( or on Facebook(

JoAnn is represented by the fabulous Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency.

Connect with JoAnn:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads

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Love at Last
By Claudia Connor
Releasing April 24th, 2018


All new romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Claudia Connor…

How many times can you be unlucky in love before you decide it’s not luck, it’s you?

With her ex-groom's words, I’m in love with someone else, still ringing in her ears, Clare Franklin flies off alone to her would-be honeymoon. Forced to accept not everyone gets that happily ever after she’s always dreamed of, she’s done with men. Until she gets tangled up, quite literally, with one sexy veterinarian. 

The only thing Dr Deacon Montgomery wants is to share his surgical expertise and get back to his two year old twin daughters. But, the connection he feels with Clare highlights just how alone he really is and makes him wonder if he can be more than doctor and daddy.

Long talks and moonlit walks under the rustle of palms has Clare thinking maybe she gave up on love too soon. Until one phone call from home changes everything.

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In Love at Last by Claudia Connor, jilted bride Clare Franklin decides to still go on her honeymoon anyway. Luckily, she's not at the stage where she thinks all men are jerks because meeting veterinarian Deacon Montgomery is a good way to help her move on from her ex-fiancé and his words of 'I'm in love with someone else.' However, when she returns home and soon learns that she's pregnant, she knows she needs to tell Deacon. Will Deacon be happy when discovers her surprise or will they lose their shot at happy ever after?

Ms. Connor delivers a fantastic read in this book and I loved how it started because the heroine is so brave when it comes to what happens and then going on her honeymoon on her own. However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time that I loved because there's instant chemistry between them and Deacon is such a good listener. In fact, Clare is quite lucky to meet Deacon when she does to show her that not all men are jerks since she's been so unlucky in love.

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters backs stories, but I liked the obstacles these two faced on their journey to happy ever after including whether Clare will ever be able to give Deacon a chance, especially when she's so wary of falling for another man and having her heart broken again. Will Deacon be able to prove to Clare that he wants her forever? Furthermore, both the main characters were wonderful and I loved their growing relationship because Deacon is good for Clare. He's a good dad, smart, hard-working and I loved how determined he was to win the heroine over, even though that doesn't seem easy at times, especially when she learns something about his past that he was afraid to tell her.

While the heroine, she's strong, brave and I liked that she gave the hero a chance, even though she has every right to be worried that another relationship may end in heartbreak. I also liked how good of a mother she is, despite the fact that it isn't easy being a first-time mom. Luckily though, she has great support in two of the secondary characters that would do anything for her. Yet, what I liked most of all about the heroine was how she fit in with Deacon's family. Although, his sister can be a bit much and doesn't know how to mind her own business when it comes to pushing Deacon on his relationship with Clare. 

Overall, Ms. Connor has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between Deacon and Clare was powerful; the romance delightful; and the ending had me cheering for this couple's happy ever after, as Clare finally realizes what she wants and what she wants is a future with Deacon and their children. I would recommend Love at Last by Claudia Connor, if you enjoy the surprise pregnancy trope, the second chance romance trope, or books by authors Devney Perry, Kristen Proby, Natasha Madison and Mia Sheridan. 


His wide, warm palm grazed her lower back as they wove their way through the tables to the exit. They crossed over the water garden in silence, slowing as they reached a fork in the path. 

“Which way?” Deacon asked. “I’ll walk you back.”
“That’s sweet, but you really don’t have to. It’s a five-star resort, not downtown Los Angeles.”

Deacon kept walking. “True. But you know, I took you to dinner and all.” 

She arched a brow at him. “It’s also an all-inclusive resort. Maybe I took you.” 

“Maybe you did.” 

He flashed her that slightly lopsided grin that hit her right in the chest. She conceded to the walk, and together, they followed the brick path. The resort was dark, but lights along the sidewalk lit the path and shined up the skinny gray trunks of the swaying palms. It was quiet, and when they didn’t pass even one other person, she was glad he was walking her back. 

She slowed as they came to the breezeway leading to her building and pointed up the steps to the second floor. “I’m up there, so…”

Deacon started up the steps. “I’ll walk you to the door. I’m funny like that.” 

She probably should have said no, insisted that she could make it to her door on her own. Because of course she could. But she didn’t insist, just followed enormously glad she’d removed the HONEYMOON banner from her door. 

They reached her room, and she turned to face him. Just the two of them now, up here, alone at her door. She felt a slight buzzing in her head that had nothing to do with alcohol.

“Well, Clare of the here and now.”

She rolled her eyes at the reminder of her earlier word-vomit ramble. “It was nice to meet you.” She stuck out her hand, hoping it wasn’t sweaty. 

“It was nice to meet you, too.” 

It didn’t feel like a simple handshake as he wrapped his fingers around hers. “I had fun tonight. You turned what might have been a horrible night into something surprisingly nice.”
“I’m glad.” 

“Thank you for catching me and saving my top and for dinner and talking and…” And maybe she could stop talking.
“You’re welcome.”

A frog gave a low croak, and another answered, but she figured the pounding of her heart was louder. 

The buzzing in her head grew louder, and she felt dizzy from looking into his eyes and staring at his lips because she wanted him to kiss her. She wanted to feel those smooth, firm lips on hers, to taste him and feel his arms around her.I'm losing my mind.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “I’ve been wanting to say that all night.” He lifted his hand and lightly brushed his thumb over her cheek.

Then he leaned in, and she moved. Just…moved. In and up, her fingers twisting in the front of his shirt. She was just falling into the taste of him, just getting that warm, tingling flood of a first kiss when her brain fully registered that he’d been leaning in to kiss her cheek

“I’m sorry.” She swallowed hard, felt a stinging heat flooding into her cheeks, and wished desperately to disappear. Deacon was staring at her in complete confusion. That made two of them. “I’m… really sorry.” 

She spun to her door. A stiff wind sang through the open-air hallway, slapping her hair across her eyes. How she got her key in the lock, she had no idea. Mumbling one more apology over her shoulder, she opened the door and closed it behind her. She stood, heart pounding in mortification, her lips buzzing. 

The champagne glasses and fruit and cheese tray had been cleared. The bed had been turned back, and the damn swans were back, nestled in the center of the bed and kissing right on their terrycloth lips.

Author Bio

Claudia Connor is the author of the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling series, The McKinney Brothers. Her debut novel, WORTH THE FALL, hit the New York Times Bestsellers list in 2014 and received numerous Best Contemporary Romance of 2014 accolades.

Claudia attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and master’s degrees in early childhood education. After teaching kindergarten and first grade for ten years, she retired to be a full-time mom to her three daughters. Always a lover of books, and always one to have stories playing in her mind, she decided to try her hand at writing. It took seven years to finish her first novel and a new love was born.

Claudia lives near Memphis, Tennessee with her husband, three daughters, two cats, and a singer-songwriter Siberian Husky. She continues to write warm, heartfelt, and emotional romances with a bit of steam, a lot of family and always a happily ever after.

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Good Girl Gone Bad
Dirty Debts #1
By Carmen Falcone
Releasing April 16th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

Lily has always lived up to her preacher father’s expectations of how she should behave, but all that changes when a hot stranger walks in to her hair salon and a feral need to have him takes over her common sense. On a whim, she screws him in the supply room, caving to a desire that only grows with each kiss.

When she learns he’s the billionaire alpha who wants to boot her out of her business for the sake of his own, she’s livid. But the pulse between her legs never got the memo. Things heat up even more when he offers her a naughty proposal that’s going to make this good girl stop thinking twice about being bad…

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In Good Girl Gone Bad (Dirty Debts #1) by Carmen Falcone, Lily should have known the stranger she had sex with in her salon's supply room was too good to be true, especially when he's looking to take her business away from her. However, when he comes to her with an offer, she knows she shouldn't refuse when it means she can save her business and have a month's worth of her handsome stranger's time in and out of the bedroom. Will Lily be able to convince Marco to give happy ever after a shot or will they both walk away when the terms of their agreement have been met?

I always enjoy this author's stories and I've got to say that Good Girl Gone Bad was a very entertaining read that was sexy and addictive because of Marco, the deliciously hot Alpha hero. Really, the way this story started had me reading quickly, determined to discover what Lily's reaction would be once she learns the hero's identity. Yet, it was from the moment the hero's proposition is made where things really get interesting, as he has quite the offer for her. Will she benefit just as much from the offer as he will?

Both the main characters were fantastic and I liked every moment they converse, as the heroine isn't afraid to challenge the hero to get him to open up. Will Lily be able to help the hero heal from his past? Will Lily be able to help the hero heal the strained relationship  he has with his father? Can Lily and Marco convince everyone that their relationship is real when they both know it's fake? Moreover, both the main characters back stories were intriguing and I couldn't help but feel sorry for the hero, as he's filled with guilt over what happened to his mother. While the heroine, she's grown up the good girl in being a preacher's daughter and someone that would never accept such a daring proposition as to what Marco has proposed. Yet, there's something about Marco that drives her to be bold and daring and do something outside of her comfort zone, which makes her resilient and courageous.

Overall, Ms. Falcone has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was heady and convincing; the romance was steamy because the hero loves control; and the ending had me loving the hero's determination to make things right with the heroine, especially once he realizes how much the heroine means to him. I would recommend Good Girl Gone Bad by Carmen Falcone, if you enjoy the opposites attract trope, the fake relationship trope, or books by authors Naima Simone, Amy Andrews, Tessa Bailey and Samanthe Beck.

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When Stars Burn Out
By Carrie Aarons
 Contemporary Adult
Releasing April 22, 2018

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Stars die in one of two ways.

So slowly that each layer burning out feels like agony … or suddenly, exploding into a million pieces before the universe even has a grasp of what is happening.

When Paxton Shaw left Demi Rosen without so much as a goodbye, he stole her shine in both manners.

Now, eight years later, he’s trying to pull her back into his orbit. The nation’s most beloved football player, a tight end with a seriously tight end, has finally realized Demi is the one who got away.

But she’s a different woman than the weak girl who used to come running whenever he called in the middle of the night. Strong, successful, her life’s mission being to grant the wishes of children whose flames have all but been extinguished.

And untouchable, as dark and cold as a midnight sky with no moon in sight.

When one special child forces their star-crossed paths to collide, it’s impossible to keep the feelings of their past buried. Paxton had been her Halley’s Comet; the once in a lifetime love that scorched Demi’s heart in the most spectacular of fashions.

She promised herself she would never make that mistake again. But, how can she forget the dreams of love she once had, when Paxton wants to make them come true?

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In When Stars Burn Out by Carrie Aarons, back in college Paxton Shaw treated Demi Rosen badly, but now eight years later he's determined to make things right between them. However, that isn't going to be easy, especially when he broke Demi's heart when he used her and then left without even saying goodbye all those years ago. Will Paxton be able to convince Demi to give him a second chance or did he hurt her too badly in the past for her to think about giving them another chance?

This is the first book I've read by Ms. Aarons and what a wonderfully-crafted story it was due to the fantastic main characters that have quite the history; and the enthralling dialogue that made this story an absolute page turner, as Paxton and Demi have some tough obstacles to overcome. The way this story started with the prologue drew me into this story immediately, as it was palpable Demi was halfway -- if not all the way -- in love with Paxton and it seemed he was using her as a booty call. So, that had me reading quickly, determined to discover if the hero realized the truth that Demi meant more to him than a booty call all those years ago. 

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories, as the hero has been through tough times. Really, losing his parents was hard and I could understand why doing so well in his career was important to him because they supported him so much when he first started out. Will he be able to add another championship ring to his others? Moreover, the hero is confident, hard-working when it comes to getting back onto the field after what happened and I liked how determined he was to win the heroine over because she means a lot of him and there's no way he's letting her get away a second time. I also liked how he wasn't above using any means necessary to get the heroine to converse with him. Will his plan work, especially when he has someone special helping him; someone that likes Demi because of what she's doing for him to make his life a little better? 

While the heroine, she really surprised me. She's been through a lot too and it's understandable why she started the sort of charity she has. Furthermore, she's resilient, hard-working and I loved how kind and caring she is, especially with what she's doing for sick kids that need deserve their wishes granted. I also liked that the heroine gave the hero another chance, even though he hurt her badly and it's hard to handle the horribleness of an old friend of Paxton's that thought she was a desperate girl back in college to continue coming back to the hero for attention. Will the pair prove the hero's old friend wrong, especially when there's so much chemistry between Demi and Paxton and that it's palpable he feels more for her than the arrangement they had in college?

Overall, Ms. Aarons has delivered a superb read in this book that left me a little emotional because of what happens to someone the main characters really cared about, but had me loving the way things turned out for these two. They're so deserving of their second chance at happy ever after and I loved what the hero did to prove he wants the heroine in his life forever. Then again, it was either go big or go home and what better way to express his feelings and ask a very important question. I would recommend When Stars Burn Out by Carrie Aarons, if you enjoy second chance romances or books by authors Maggie Dallen, LA Fiore, Melissa Toppen and Claire Contreras.

Author Bio

Author of romance novels such as Red Card and All the Frogs in Manhattan, Carrie Aarons writes sexy, swoon-worthy, sarcastic characters who won't get out of her head until she puts them down on a page.

Carrie has wanted to be an author since the first time she opened a book, and can't imagine a better or more maddening profession.

A lover of good manicures, Riesling and the beach, she enjoys chasing her puppy through the dog parks of New Jersey, or trying to make her husband binge watch the latest Netflix craze.

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