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Reviews featured on this book are the sole opinion of me, and are books I've either received, from third party services such as Netgalley, or Edelweiss. Others I will have bought myself.

I do not get a chance to blog everyday, as I also review for Harlequin Junkie, but I will attempt to post 15 reviews a month.
 4 to 5 Star Reads that I would recommend to readers.

4.5 to 5 Star reads that will leave me
talking about the book for months to come and I will re-read.

5 Stars - Reads that leave an impression on me and enthrall me from start to finish. The plot, the dialogue and the romance are well-written, and the characters are absolutely flawless.
4 & 4.5 Stars - Really good book, yet there are miniscule faults to be found with the plot, dialogue and characters.

3.5 Stars - Good book. The plot, characters, sex scenes and dialogue did enough to keep me interested.
3 Stars - I liked it.

2.5 Stars - Average book. Could go either way in saying that readers should give it a chance.

2 Stars - Not even close. Definitely could not get into this book. The characters were lacking, the plot weak, dialogue was poorly written.

1 star - Either did not finish, or forced myself to read till the end. The plot did not inspire me, nor did the characters, sex scenes or dialogue.

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