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I'm an Aussie with two extremely wonderful kids that keep me very busy. Luckily, I still find plenty of time to read, once they’re in bed each night. Or fall asleep during the day, when the older one finally wears himself out from playing. I’ve been a sandwich artist the past five years with Subway, but will be looking for something new when I finally return to work. Unfortunately, maternity leave can only last, for so long until finances become tight. 

My love for romance novels materialized in my late teens, and my favorites are Paranormal, Contemporary and Romantic Suspense. My ebook reader has more than 1000 books stored on it, of which, at least two hundred of those have been reviewed, for another site the past four years.

 Random Facts about Bec:

·         The day after I was married in Vanuatu, I was relaxing by the pool of the resort we were staying at, when an earthquake struck. Talk about a frightening experience.

·         I love a good Mystery, almost as much as a good Romance, and am eagerly awaiting the release, of Devil’s Bridge by Linda Fairstein. Bring on August 11.

·         I love amusement parks, most especially for the rides. The wilder, and scarier the ride, the better.

·         I am an aspiring writer that has participated in Nanowrimo the last five years. I love the challenge, of attempting to write fifty thousand words in thirty days during November. Because when you win, it’s good to see that you’re finally one step closer, to achieving something on your bucket list.

·         And finally, I watch the TV show Criminal Minds just to get my hourly fix of Special Agent Derek Morgan. He’s such a sexy hero.
·       My auto-buy authors include Marina Adair, Catherine Bybee, Kimberly Kincaid, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward and Alessandra Torre.

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