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Guarding Sophie
Love and Football #5.5   
By: Julie Brannagh
Releasing November 10, 2015
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Top Five Reasons Why GUARDING SOPHIE’S Sophie and Kyle Fell in Love

One of the best things about being a romance author is that I spend my days helping two characters fall in love. Some love stories write themselves. Others take a bit longer, but once the hero and heroine realize there’s nobody else for them, things get rolling! I knew Kyle and Sophie’s “backstory” before I sat down at the computer keyboard for the first time. They missed their chance in high school, but it was magic when they met up again!
1. Kyle lost his heart when he met Sophie in high school, and he never quite managed to get it back. Imagine his surprise to run into her in the grocery store, ten years later and three thousand miles from their hometown.

It couldn’t be her. And it couldn’t be anyone else, either.

He hadn’t seen her for almost ten years, but he’d never forgotten her. The high school cheerleader outfit with the short skirt was gone. Her flyaway cinnamon-colored hair was contained in a long, thick braid that hung over one shoulder. Her nose was still dusted with freckles, and he saw her glance up from her work as one of the customers passing by her with a cart called out, “Hi, Sophie!”

2. Sophie had always had a little thing for the handsome Kyle Carlson, and she still regretted that she couldn’t go to the high school prom with him.

He pulled in a huge breath and blurted out, “Will you go to the prom with me?”

His heart sank as he watched tears rising in her eyes. She stared at the sidewalk they stood on and clasped her hands in front of her. He saw her take a huge gulp of air.

“You’re a day late,” she said. “Danny asked me yesterday.” She looked into his eyes again. “I wanted to go with you so badly, and I thought you weren’t going to ask, and I— – I’m sorry,” she said. “I wish I could.”

Her soft pink mouth quivered. She’d hurried away from him without another word.

3. Kyle isn’t letting the chance to spend some time with Sophie pass him by.
“Want to get a coffee later? We can catch up a little,” he blurted out.

“With you?” She looked startled.

“Uh, yeah. When are you off for the day?” Kyle said.

Sophie has reasons why they can’t date, but she wants to catch up with Kyle, too.

“Where to?” he said as she snapped her seat belt on.

“Caffeine Addiction is pretty good. Have you been there yet?”

“I haven’t been anywhere yet,” he said. “Maybe you could tell me a few of your favorite places here.”
“I thought you lived here,” she said.
“For the past two days,” he said, and he saw the smile he remembered so well move across her face.
4. Kyle and Sophie’s coffee date turns into a lot more
Kyle took a bite of the quesadilla and let out an appreciative “Mmmm.” He tried to say something else that was muffled due to a mouthful of food.
“I’m glad you like it,” she said, pressing one hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh.
“It’s really good. Are you sure you don’t want to move in here? There're two guest rooms upstairs,” he coaxed. “You can cook as often as you’d like. I’ll do the dishes, too.”
5. Dessert, or kissing? How about both?
“We’ll deal with that later,” he whispered back. “I’ve wanted to kiss you for years now, Sophie. I think you want to kiss me, too.”
She looked into his soft eyes. He moved even closer, and his hand slid to the back of her neck. His mouth was a breath away from hers. She reached up to hold his face in her hands, too. Her fingertips slid over the stubble on his cheeks. He was a man, not a teenager. She was a woman who knew how painful love could be, instead of a girl who still believed in happily-ever-afters.
Want to find out what happens next? GUARDING SOPHIE will be out on November 10th. I hope you’ll love Kyle and Sophie’s story– I loved writing it!
If you’d like to share your love story in the comments, I look forward to reading it!


Hearts beat and sparks fly when two people find shelter in each other.
Seattle Sharks wide receiver Kyle Carlson needs to escape and Noel, Washington, is the perfect place for him to do it and figure out his next step. He likes the seclusion and predictability of the small town…until the biggest surprise of his life turns up in the local grocery store.
Sophie Hayes has her own reasons for disappearing without a trace and moving to Noel. This mountain town makes her feel safe for the first time in a long time. But her quiet routine is threatened when Kyle walks back into her life. Growing up in the same Florida town, she always had a little thing for the sexy football player. This tie to her old life, though, could mean she has to run again, even if her heart wants to stay.
When the reason she fled shows up in Noel, Kyle and Sophie, with a little extra help from his teammates, must decide to stay and fight for the life, and love, they’ve found together.
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Kyle Carlson wore sunglasses, but they were no match for the brilliance of Noel, Washington’s late-spring sunshine. Noel was a mountain pass and a ninety-minute drive away from his life in Seattle. The small town was the perfect place to get lost for a while.
He shielded his eyes with one hand as the real estate agent and interior decorator he’d hired drifted into view. The real estate agent held out a shiny new set of house keys to him.
“It’s all yours, Kyle. Congratulations.”
“Thanks,” he said. “Everything’s ready to go?”
“Of course,” the decorator said. “You wanted simple but comfortable and earth tones. I hope you’ll love it. If you have questions or need anything else, please give me a call right away.” She dug into what Kyle knew was an expensive designer handbag and extended her brightly-patterned business card to him. “Thank you for the business and enjoy.”
“Take a look inside,” the real estate agent said. “I think you’ll love it.”
“I’ll do that,” Kyle said. “Thanks again.”
The real estate agent and interior designer shook hands with him and got into their car. He raised a hand in farewell as they followed the winding, narrow road back to downtown Noel, I-90 and civilization as quickly as possible.
Kyle longed for privacy like other people wanted drugs or alcohol. He hadn’t always been so anti-social. The past seven years of dealing with scores of family members, “friends” and others who thought he was their personal ATM machine since he was drafted into the NFL had finally taken its toll. He realized that his profession didn’t really lend itself to anonymity. Maybe he should have become a plumber or an auto mechanic instead of the starting wide receiver for the world champion Seattle Sharks. If he’d had a more unobtrusive life, he’d go to work from seven to four or so, go home, put his feet up, have a beer and quit worrying about the problems that came when one was lucky enough to earn a staggering income for catching a football six months a year.
Kyle walked up the front path and climbed two stairs to the A-line’s wraparound front porch. The front door of his new cabin was hardwood inlaid with baguettes of beveled, leaded glass. Two stories featured floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out over a view of blue skies, puffy white clouds, and endless evergreens. Instead of the rustic, unfinished structure most people would imagine when hearing the word “cabin”, his new place was as luxurious as the stylish Seattle hotel he’d just checked out of. It was also the perfect place to hide out for a couple of months.
He stepped over the threshold of the cabin he’d spent a shocking amount of money on and took a deep breath. Sun-warmed, lemon-scented air surrounded him. The front door shut behind him as he glanced around.
The floors were hardwood. The furnishings were earth tones, man-sized, with a few brightly colored accents to draw the eye.  A gas fireplace with a stone surround dominated most of one wall in the living room. A long staircase led to a loft that overlooked the first story and three bedrooms. He’d thought long and hard about the extra two bedrooms before buying the place. If he had nowhere for anyone else to sleep, they’d be a lot less likely to visit, which worked for him.
He let out a contented sigh as he realized the only sound was his breathing. He’d bought the house in the name of a trust his family and friends knew nothing about. He’d moved out of his huge house in Newcastle two days ago and used the proceeds from its sale to fund the house he was currently standing in and a one-bedroom condo in a Bellevue high rise, also in the name of the trust.  It was his choice who found out where he was and what he was doing from now on.
He’d have almost two months of solitude before training camp started. He couldn’t wait.

USA Today Bestselling Author, Julie Brannagh has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She lives in a small town near Seattle, where she once served as a city council member and owned a yarn shop. She shares her home with a wonderful husband, two uncivilized Maine Coons and a rambunctious chocolate Lab.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, or armchair-quarterbacking her favorite NFL team from the comfort of the family room couch. Julie is a Golden Heart finalist and the author of contemporary sports romances.




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