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Healing Hearts
Second Chance #3
By: Reina Torres
Releasing January 25th, 2017

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In Healing Hearts (Second Chance #3) by Reina Torres, Stella Vincenzo is making her dreams to open a B & B come true, but unfortunately Kyle O'Malley is determined to halt her progress because he believes the noise of what she and her crew are building is too much for his patients to handle. They come to him to recover from life alternating injuries hoping for peace and quiet, not the racket her transforming abandoned train cars into masterpieces is causing. Can they find a way to compromise?
This is the first book I've read by Ms. Torres, and I've got to say I've been missing out. She totally impressed me with this novella, which happens to be another captivating addition to Marina Adair's St Helena Vineyard Kindle World. The way this story started was a wonderful way to introduce readers to Kyle as the hero in his own story, and I loved every interaction between him and his receptionist. She's amusing and definitely knows how to manage Kyle's moods. However, it was the moment that Kyle and Stella came face-to-face for the first time in this story where this story really came alive for me. 
The dialogue was a wonderful mix of intense, emotional and teasing banter. The intense and emotional due to the main characters back stories, especially that of the heroine. After everything she's been through including her health issues and losing someone she loves to the same genetic disease, she deserves to see her dream become a reality. Indeed, I couldn't help but sympathize  with the heroine when it came to Kyle. Why couldn't he realize that her dreams were just as important as his? Why did it take him to the moment when the heroine absolutely needed him did he relent a little? Then there was the teasing banter between the Kyle and Stella as well as the main characters and the secondary ones that had me smiling or laughing most of the way throughout this story. 
Both the main characters had me hooked by their back stories and their growing chemistry, which spilled over onto the pages wonderfully and illustrated how good these two are for each other. As for the main characters themselves, Stella is strong and brave in the way she faces every obstacle such as what happens to her dad, the basketball incident, the other man that is protective of her and  I liked how she provided quite a challenge for Kyle. He doesn't want to want her, but how can he resist the strong, independent woman that has overcome so much in her life already. She's also hard-working and I loved her adoration for trains and how she's taking that adoration to make her dream B&B a reality.
While Kyle, I liked how much he grew throughout this story because of Stella. He starts out as gruff and expects everything to go his way, which is proven by how he expects his granddad to be loyal to his side of things. Yet, in saying that, he's also kind and caring when the moment warrants it, especially after Stella goes through emotional times to do with her father and her health. Moreover, I loved that many of the secondary characters think Kyle and Stella would be good together and aren't afraid to offer their advice; advice that is sound and they should listen to.
Overall, Ms. Torres has penned a fantastic read in this third book of her Second Chance series, which has me looking forward to reading the other two novellas in this series. The way this story ended was emotional at first with all that Stella is going through with her health, but I loved how everything worked out in the end and how supportive everyone was towards her. Can I be a superhero too? I would highly recommend Healing Hearts by Reina Torres, if you're looking for a quick read that offers a good dose of amusement and plenty of emotion; enjoy the enemies to lovers trope or love reading books by Marina Adair because this story is set in her St Helena Vineyard Kindle World.  


Physically she's never been stronger - He’s Dr. Fix It - But you can't just write a prescription for the heart!
Stella always had a little bit of hero worship for Kyle from the moment he bandaged her skinned knee on the playground, but while he grew up to be the ultra-confident man you could lean on, she became the woman who was determined to stand on her own two feet. When her lifelong dream was in danger of falling apart, the last person she expects to throw obstacles in her way is the same man who makes her heart tremble with a glance. Can fate really be that cruel? After all, fate owes her one after dealing her one disastrous blow after another. Can she trust that it’s her turn to come out on top?
If there's something that needs fixing, Kyle O’Malley is the man you call. From para jumping into war torn areas to rescue injured soldiers, to helping his patients recover from life altering physical injuries, he's hands on and all kinds of intense. Stella gets under his skin in more ways than one, and her soft curves are more than a match for his hard edges. But she’s a distraction that he doesn’t need. He’s determined to start his private practice in St. Helena. Building his practice means everything to Kyle, but Stella is quickly becoming close to his heart.
Kyle is the Grandson of Stan O’Malley who owns Stan’s Soup & Service Station on Main Street. And Kyle watched Dax, one of his oldest friends, succumb to forever love in Need You For Always. Now it’s Kyle’s turn to find happiness.
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  1. I am slowly making my way through the novellas in Marina Adair's St Helena Vineyard Kindle World and am absolutely loving each and every one. I haven't gotten to Ms. Torres books yet, but maybe I'm going to have to after this review. This story sounds amazing.