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The Bad Decision Legacy
The Men of Machismo #1
By: Morgan Kay
Releasing May 12, 2016  
Sleeping Dragon Press
In The Bad Decision Legacy (Men of Machismo #1) by Morgan Kay, Tonya Smiley hasn't had the best of luck with men, and should definitely be considering making a 'no dating' rule for herself. But when a friend asks her for a favor, she can't help but say yes, especially when she'll get an excellent free meal out of it. However, she never expected to feel an instant attraction to the man she's supposed to be providing a wonderful distraction for.
As a divorce lawyer, Will Robinson has seen the worst of women. His job has made him very cynical towards the opposite sex, and definitely makes it hard for him to find a decent woman to have a relationship with. However, the moment he meets Tonya, he realizes she's unlike any woman he's ever met. For one thing, she's genuine. Except for the fact that she's hiding something, and when he learns the truth, he finds he'll do anything to help her.
Although at the start of this book, I struggled to get into it, I've got to admit that once the hero and heroine met I was absolutely hooked. Really, this first book of the Men of Machismo series has launched a delightful start to it for Ms. Kay, as it encompasses a heroine that needs someone on her side to fight off a stalker, and a hero that needs to find the good in women. 
The dialogue was pretty intense due to the main characters back stories, and everything the heroine suffers at the hands of her stalker. Yet, there were also some light-hearted moments that made me smile, especially since the heroine tended to ask questions of the hero that no-one but her seemed game enough to enquire about. 
I really liked both characters, as well as the secondary ones. The heroine's friends are good to her, and I couldn't understand why she would hide such a huge secret from them when she needed all the support she could get. However, in saying that, Tonya is strong, brave, and even though she finds it hard to trust, I liked that she decided to let her guard down with Will. He proved trustworthy, and it was good that he could read her like an open book. Then again, it wouldn't have taken a genius to figure out what she was hiding. Her emotions and reactions as well as her dialogue revealed that she was a victim of a stalker to the hero quite easily.
While with Will, Tonya is a breath of fresh air from the women he deals with in his job as a divorce lawyer. He has a definite cynicism for love and marriage after all he's witnessed in his job, yet I liked that Tonya managed to change his opinion. The fact that she's so genuine really catches him by surprise because he's not used to seeing it from the women he usually deals with. However, what I liked most about the hero was how protective he is of Tonya. He's only just met her, but he's willing to do everything in his power to keep her safe.  
Overall, I liked this book where the romance was nicely-detailed and definitely revealed the strong chemistry these two had from the moment they met. This story ended nicely with how Will cares for Tonya after all that she's been through. However, in saying that, I thought what happened with her ex was a bit anticlimactic. Why did her stalker ex have to die the way he did? I would recommend The Bad Decision Legacy, if you enjoy romantic suspense.
The Men of Machismo series revolves around nine friends who worked together in a male revue. Each book follows the life of a different former dancer seven years later. The Bad Decision Legacy is Will and Tonya’s story.

Tonya’s psychotic ex is stalking her. Not the best time to meet men, still her best friend begs her to show up for blind date dinner. Her plan includes the meet and greet, then heading home. Of course, she never expected a man who sent every hormone in her body into high alert. Will looked like her next bad decision. 
Will’s work as a divorce lawyer included discouraging embittered women from ramming their soon to be exes with the car or setting fire to their husband’s latest girlfriend. No wonder he fell hard for Tonya. The first woman he met with no agenda, well almost none. It’s obvious Tonya is knee deep in trouble, but refuses to ask for help. Instead of running the other way, he contemplates dashing into the tornado she refers to as her life. With any luck, he might survive.

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A quick scan revealed he was in his business attire, minus the suit jacket. His loosened tie and undone top button announced he was ready to leave work behind for the day. He held out his empty hand. “Hi, I’m Will, Will Robinson.”
Tonya gave his hand a vigorous shake remembering from her business training that a weak handshake always decreased the client’s confidence in your ability. “Hi, Will Robinson. Wasn’t your family trying to get to Alpha Centauri?” The quip may have been ill-advised, but his name brought up memories of an old science fiction show sometimes featured in black and white reruns. It also helped cover her surprise that a simple touch jumpstarted a chemical reaction, one she’d considered out of commission.

Will kept her hand a tad longer than needed, while he smiled with his eyes. “Ah, we weren’t that Robinson family. Mine was the one that hadn’t seen the show and didn’t understand why naming me Will was not a kindness.”
Tonya found herself grinning back at the witty male. “Did the other kids pick on you?”
“Not too much, but there was this one female who gave me a hard time, and I didn’t even know her name.” He nodded toward the front door where Lynne stood waiting.
She almost asked him what grade that was until she realized he was referring to her. “Oh, her. The name’s Tonya Smiley.”
Her last name embarrassed her. It was such a cute name. Why couldn’t she have an ordinary name like Tyler or Brooks? To push past the inevitable remarks about her being smiley or having a beautiful smile or even her name suiting her, she went defensive. “Why were you sneaking around eavesdropping on our girl talk?”
Her abrupt question triggered Lynne’s coughing. In between coughs, she managed to mutter, “Watch it.”
Will threw his hands up over his head, one still wrapped around the neck of the wine bottle. “You got me. I’m guilty. I snuck out the side door that Marc showed me to retrieve the wine I forgot. The two of you were deep into conversation. I didn’t think it was my place to interrupt, but when I felt your outfit was being criticized, I had to say something.”

Morgan K Wyatt writes steamy romances with a side of laughter under the name of Morgan Kay. The wisecracking heroines and hunky heroes are similar to the ones in her mainstream novels, but in the Steamy Interludes series, the bedroom door is left open.  Real life issues, humor, dogs are also staples in Morgan Kay romances.  

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