Tuesday 27 September 2016


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Not Quite Perfect
Not Quite #5
By: Catherine Bybee
Released September 20th, 2016
Montlake Romance
In Not Quite Perfect (Not Quite #5) by Catherine Bybee, being in a serious relationship has never been in Mary Kildare's plans, but with her friends finding happy ever after, it's hard not to want what they have. The only thing is - the one man she wants lives three thousand miles away, is a total playboy and has absolutely no clue what the word commitment means. Will Glen Fairchild ever be ready to give the chemistry between them a chance?
Ever since Glen Fairchild met Mary Kildare a year ago, he's thought about her constantly. Now he finally has the opportunity to convince Mary to give a relationship with him a chance, and he's not going to let it slip by. A bi-coastal romance is perfect -- at least at first -- until an unknown threat starts targeting Mary. Can he keep her safe, so they can finally get the happy ever after they both deserve?
Having absolutely loved the first four books of this series, and being introduced to Mary and Glen because of their connections to Monica and Trent (the hero and heroine from book three - Not Quite Enough), I couldn't wait to dive into this story and I've got to say that it does not disappoint. Right from the beginning, this book was captivating, fast-paced had me laughing due to it's opening paragraph. Dealing with plumbers can be a real pain, especially when they're exposing a little bit of a certain body part.
As for the dialogue, it was intense due to Mary's stalker and the main characters back stories, especially that of the heroine. She's never had the close bonds of family like Glen has with his brothers, but she does have someone that did their very best to look out for her. Indeed, I loved the mother-daughter like bond she had with the woman that found her when she was abandoned. Yet, most of all, I loved the teasing banter between Mary and Glen. She can't help but throw the fact that he's a player in his face with some of her comments. Moreover, her friendship with Dakota (the heroine from book four - Not Quite Forever) had me laughing. They tell each other everything, and the moment where Mary is asking for help when it comes to shopping for bikinis was priceless. Certainly, Glen needed Mary's texting mistake to stop him from missing her so much.
Both the main and secondary characters are riveting, and I couldn't help but be immediately drawn in by Mary and Glen's strong chemistry. Certainly, their teasing banter ups the sexual tension until I kept asking myself, 'which one would make the first move?' So, I was glad and pleasantly surprised to read that it wasn't who I thought it was going to be. Mary isn't the sort of woman to make the first move.
The heroine is strong, brave, very independent and I liked that she was willing to take a chance on Glen, even though a relationship between them wasn't going to be easy because they don't live close to each other. However, in saying that, their relationship worked because she's not used to relying on anyone but herself and needed time to realize that she could depend on Glen as well as figure out that he wouldn't abandon her. While Glen, he's hard-working, confident, and I liked how protective he was of Mary when her life is threatened. He proved to Mary how different she is to the other women he's been with. That he'll do anything to help her while she's being threatened and find a way for her to accept that help. Also, I enjoyed how he showed her a good time. That being a pilot comes in handy when they go out on one of their dates.
Overall, this fifth book of Ms. Bybee's Not Quite series was contemporary romance at its best, especially with the dash of suspense included. The way this story ended with the epilogue had me so glad that not only did Mary and Glen achieve their happy ever after, but so did someone that the heroine loves. Moreover, I liked whose feet the bouquet landed at. That will make things interesting for the next book of this series, which I hope features Jason Fairchild as the hero. I would recommend Not Quite Perfect, if you enjoy contemporary romance with a dash of suspense or the friends to lovers trope. I would also recommend the other books of this series, as they're definitely worth reading.     

Mary Kildare knows how to read people. It’s both why she makes a great therapist and why she refuses to trust the average bachelor. Staying fiercely independent has been her primary relationship strategy—until wealthy playboy pilot (and commitmentphobe) Glen Fairchild reappears in her life. After a yearlong teasing tug-of-war, Mary and Glen test the waters of attraction, only to find that their physical chemistry runs deeper than flirtation.

At first, a bicoastal romance suits them both—especially since Glen can swoop in and whisk Mary away on one of his company’s planes. But no matter how close they get, they’re still three thousand miles apart. And when Mary’s life is threatened, Glen realizes the one luxury he doesn’t have is time. Can he close the distance between them before it’s too late?
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New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned the Weekday Brides Series and the Not Quite Series. Bybee lives with her two teenage sons in Southern California.  
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  1. Absolutely loved this book. I'm so lucky I have an awesome sister-on-law that passed this author's books on to me.