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Forever with You
Starlight Hill #6
By: Heatherly Bell
Releasing April 26, 2016
Tydandon Publishing and Heatherly Bell Books
In Forever with You (Starlight Hill #6) by Heatherly Bell, ever since she and her husband went their separate ways because of a big decision he made, Sophia Abella has put her all into running her restaurant, instead of worrying about her dating life. Never having been able to go through with filing for divorce, Sophia has managed to keep men at a distance. But now with her husband back in town, it seems that's no longer possible. Because Riley wants her back, and if there's one thing she knows about her husband is that he'll do whatever it takes to make her see he deserves a second chance. 
Riley Jacobs knows he made the biggest mistake of his life by choosing his career in the Marine Corps over his wife. But now he's been given a second chance, if only she'll give him the time of day. Not that he can blame the anger she holds towards him. Yet, he's determined to show her that she made the right choice in not filing for divorce in the years they've been apart, because he still loves her and he wants nothing more than to prove to her that she'll only ever be the only woman for him.
What a delightful second chance romance this author has penned, encompassing a hero looking to get his wife back and a heroine that has a big decision to make. Should she finally go through with the divorce, or should she give Riley a second chance. As much as she declares she doesn't like him, there's definitely no denying that she still deeply cares for the hero. I really liked how this story started with Sophia being totally surprised by the fact that Riley is back in town, and has a job that means he plans on staying.
I really liked both characters, and the light-hearted moments they shared such as when Sophia finds herself in a bind when she's locked out of her house with no way in. That moment had me smiling, as she wasn't exactly dressed all that suitably to be outside. However, the dialogue was also intense due to the main characters back stories and the danger that Riley faces because he's protective of his sister. 

Sophia is strong, brave, and independent. Yet, she's also a tad naïve because she believes the best in people. For instance, take her online boyfriend.  It seems she's in for quite a surprise when she learns the truth of just who this person is? Then there's her relationship with her friends and family. She's quite close with them, and I felt sorry for her because everyone in her family are all in these wonderful relationships while she's the odd woman out. They're not afraid to give her their advice, which is good advice, of how she should give Riley a second chance.

While Riley, he's confident, patient, kind and very determined to win Sophia back. I felt sorry for him at the beginning, because the heroine was determined to keep him at arms length. Yet, I liked that he eventually wore her down, especially when he helps her with the being-locked-out-of-her-house incident and then helps her with her nieces. Then there's the way he cares for his sister. He wants her to get the help she needs, yet he knows he's wasting his breath until something bad happens to her that makes her realize she needs help and it needs to be for good this time. He also has a lot of work to do when it comes to his new job. Winning over the townspeople isn't easy, because they all reckon he's too young or under-qualified. However, he's determined to prove them wrong. 

Hot sex scenes heated up the story at the right moments in this story, and does justice to this couple's strong strong chemistry, which was there from the moment they came face-to-face again for the first time after they went their own separate ways. Sophia isn't certain whether she can give Riley another chance, because if he decided to leave her again, she doesn't know whether she'd survive his deserting her a second time. Yet, no one has made her feel as special as Riley, and it's understandable that she'd succumb to his charms eventually. 

Overall, this was a really good book where the secondary characters entertained me almost as much as the main characters. Sophia's friends want her to be happy, and I liked that they pushed her to give Riley another chance because they could see she was still in love with him. I really liked how this story ended with Sophia finally getting her dream of what she wanted most in her life besides Riley. Although, what happens to Riley and Sophia's fears for his safety rearing their ugly head made me annoyed with the heroine. How could she even suggest Riley change his profession just to keep her from worrying? Once a marine, always a marine. No way would he be happy in a job where he wasn't protecting people. I would recommend Forever with You by Heatherly Bell, if you enjoy second chance romances.



She forgot something on the way to the courthouse …
Sophia Abella has a good life, even if she is a little stuck.  Not quite single, not quite married, she keeps men at a safe distance. But when her ex-Marine husband returns to town and takes the job of chief of police, it might finally be time to get that paper work done once and for all. After all, most of her family already thinks she’s divorced.
They’re not actually, in the fullest sense of the word … divorced.

Years ago, Riley Jacobs chose the Marine Corp over his wife and has regretted his decision every day since. But once a Marine always a Marine, and he’ll use every tactical advantage he has to get Sophia to realize that she’s the only one for him.

Love and marriagetake two
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He didn’t answer but only studied her. “Eat.”

She took a bite somewhat automatically and felt immediately annoyed with herself for listening to him. “You’re bad for me.”
What she didn’t say, because she didn’t even want to voice it, was that he’d somehow become nothing but a constant reminder of loss. Pain. Of a fear so overwhelming and raw it threatened to take over everything in its path.
“I’m not. I’m what the doctor ordered.”
“You’re like eating Chunky Monkey every night instead of once a week. Not a good idea.”
He moved closer, so that his shoulder was touching hers. “So what do you want? Vanilla?”
“Not vanilla.” She took another sip, moved her legs and Hershee jumped off her lap, disgusted with Sophia for not sitting still enough for Her Highness. “Maybe Neopolitan. It’s good enough but not so much that I want it every day of the week.”
Riley stood up, took Sophia’s bowl and set it on the coffee table. He pulled her up off the couch, his hands on her elbows. The blanket fell to the ground at her feet. “Admit it. You’d like to have Chunky Monkey every day of the week. And sometimes you catch yourself thinking about it in the middle of the day. Wondering how you could get away with it.”
She’d forgotten how perfect it felt to be this close to him, their breathing comingled. Without a doubt, she’d once known he would have breathed for her if he could. He would have done anything for her.
“You want Chunky Monkey. Admit it.” He pulled her closer, until she could feel every hard ridge of his body and then closer still.
“Wait. Are we still talking about ice cream?”
“No.” He kissed her. Not a tender kiss at all, but rough and claiming.
Her hands fisted his shirt, and then with both hands she untucked it at his waist, letting her palms glide up his hard chest, touching the soft short hairs between her fingers. How she’d missed this, missed him. No matter what, they’d always had this part right. Touching, feeling.
Riley squeezed her ass, his other hand sliding under her sweater to tug her bra cup aside. But then just as suddenly as he’d kissed her, he stopped.
“Stay with me.” She pulled on his arm, directing him toward the bedroom.
“Slow down, baby.”
“It’s this way to the bedroom.” Sophia tugged on his hand again, a little like trying to move a mountain. “Just like your floor plan but reversed.”
“Wait.” He bit his lower lip and didn’t move.
“I don’t want to wait. I’ve waited long enough.”
“You can wait a little bit longer, can’t you?” He grimaced.
“Why should I?”
He chuckled and framed her face with both hands. “Because I need you to be sure.”
“Oh, that. I’m sure, Riley. I want this. I want you.”
“No,” he said and his hands dropped down. “I want you to be sure about us.”
“You and me. Us. Forever. Can you tell me you’re sure about that?” He studied her.
“Listen, you and I …”
“Yeah.” He moved away from her, picking his jacket up on the way to the door. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
“But—” Was he seriously leaving her? Now? After all that talk about Chunky Monkey? Bastard!
“Eat your soup,” he called out and shut her front door.

  When early onset stage fright dashed dreams of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame status, Heatherly tackled her first book in 2010, and now the people and voices that occupy her head refuse to leave. She no longer sings unless you count randomly bursting into song to annoy her children (and the dogs).
If she were not an author, Heatherly maintains she would be a detective and a criminal's worst nightmare. She watches Dateline every Friday night and takes notes.
She lives in northern California with her family, including two beagles, one who can say 'hello' and the other who can feel a pea through several pillows.
                      Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

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