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Rewrite the Stars
By Julieann Dove
Releasing August 23rd, 2018


For ten summers Claire and her mother had been guests at the Prescott’s beach house at Kelly’s Cove. And for ten years she played with Mallory and her twin brother, Colin. But it wasn’t until she returned after college graduation for her last summer there, that she realized Colin had grown into a guy who made her knees knock just by smiling at her. Being from different worlds, she knew nothing would come from her attraction to him.

Having returned to the states from studying abroad for four years, the last person Colin thought he’d find staying in his bedroom was Claire Ashton. Lanky and awkward during her adolescent years, he had to look twice to make sure this was the same girl. After a week together it was obvious he’d overlooked something before, because he felt things for her he’d never experienced before. There was only one problem—his last name and all that came with it would never permit him to be with her.

In the end, it’s either love or prestige that will win in the game of love.



In Rewrite the Stars by Julieann Dove, Claire and Colin couldn't be more different. He's from a powerful family, rich and expected to take over the family business while Claire is barely surviving after having lost her only family member and about to start a new job. Still, she accepts the invitation to spend a week at the Colin's family beach house. Will Colin walk away from his family legacy for the woman he's fallen in love with or will Claire walk away from her shot at happy ever after before she gets hurt?

This was an interesting, enchanting, fast-paced read with a wonderful plot twist that had me reading quickly, determined to discover what was going on with the heroine and whether things would work out for this pair, considering the huge obstacles they face to be together including the secrets Claire learns about the family that could tear a family apart. However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time where this story really gets interesting, as the hero gets lucky when it comes to Claire being there for the family get together. 

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories and I could understand why Colin is jealous of Claire's life in the way she doesn't have to answer to anyone when it comes to what she wants for her future. Will Colin tell his dad that he wants nothing to do with the family company? Moreover, both the main characters are relatable, likeable and I liked how they were willing to fight for their future together, even though it isn't easy. Really, the heroine is resilient, courageous and I liked how determined she was to prove she's good enough for Colin. I also liked the moments where Claire speaks her mind and isn't worried about the repercussions, even though she cares so much about Colin that she would walk away to keep him from making hard decisions when it comes to family. While the hero, he has some tough decisions to make, especially when it comes to what he wants life to hold for him. Will he pursue his dreams or be miserable for the rest of his life? Yet, what I liked most of all about the hero was the close relationship he shared with his sister and the encouragement he gave her when it came to both their futures.

Overall, Ms. Dove has delivered a really good read in this book where the main characters kept me entertained from start to finish; the chemistry between this couple was strong; the romance was delightful and shows how right these two are for each other; and the ending took me by surprise, but had me loving the decision the heroine makes because fighting for her future with Colin is important. No way will she allow anyone to keep them apart. I would recommend Rewrite the Stars by Julieann Dove, if you enjoy the opposites attract trope or books by authors Kelly Seller, Claire Kingsley, Stephanie Rose and Erin Swann.

“Colin, where are you taking me?” Claire saw he’d taken a right at the intersection, rather than the left that led downtown.

“I hooked us up with a private flight around the island. The instructor told me I can even take the controls to feel what it’s like to pilot the plane by myself.” His eyes became as large as fifty cent pieces, just like the little boy who’d gotten excited when his mother brought home a model plane for him to drive remotely around the side field of the house. Mallory and Claire saw very little of him that summer.

Claire’s anxiety level began to soar, higher than she ever wanted to experience from the air. “I’m not so good in planes, Colin. And that’s usually the commercial ones, with two hundred or so seats and a locked cockpit where I’m unable to see the pilot and all the buttons it takes to lift off into the clouds and stay lifted. I’m not so sure I can do two-seater tin-can models.”

“Do it for me?” He took her hand in his and pleaded, trying to stay on his side of the road.

She took a deep breath, teetering on thoughts of plummeting into the earth’s atmosphere and touching again on soil with all body parts intact. The last thing she wanted was to disappoint Colin. His father did enough of that already, and he looked so happy. His foot was tapping to the song playing on the radio and his smile was completely infectious. “All right, but the first time I’m scared, you’ll tell the pilot it’s time to come back?”

“Promise.” He crossed his heart.

“All right then. Let’s go earn you some wings!” she yelled.

He pulled into the parking space and grabbed her face for a quick kiss. “I love you.”

She opened her eyes quickly right before the contact of lip on lip. What did he just say? He must have caught that slipup, too. Instead of following through with the kiss, he was doing somewhat of a staring-off contest, and neither one was blinking.

“Did you just—”

“I did. It wasn’t planned, I promise, and if it freaked you out…” He didn’t finish his sentence.

She didn’t know what to think. She thought of her mother instantly, and what advice she’d give her. Stop being so guarded, more than likely. Claire had a problem with letting people get close to her. Especially now that she knew how completely lost she was without her mother. But she knew if she was ever going to find love, she’d have to open herself for the possibility of having her heart broken, too.

“Aren’t we still in the trying out period?” She eased back a few inches from his beautiful intense blue eyes. Not that she hadn’t already fallen madly in love with him. But she was waiting it out, for him to figure whether it was something he wanted, too. Guys usually didn’t figure it out until years into a relationship. This was sudden and completely a pinch-me moment for her.

“I mean, did you mean what you said, or was it just sheer excitement and adrenaline over being able to fly a plane and me agreeing to go with you? Risking life and limb.”

His eyes didn’t waver with his answer. They stared at her, to the very core of her, and his words rang inside her ears. “I meant it. I do love you.”

Her heart leapt with joy. A thousand fireworks exploded inside her, setting off tinier ones for the smaller parts, like her pinky fingers and piggy toes. “I love you, too.” She tried her best not to sound fourteen when she said it.

There it was—spoken to the universe. Like a corked bottle finally getting release. Lightning could strike her if it was untrue. But it was true. And a secret. Like the ones Frieda told her the house held. A secret that had been burning inside her since high school. It was in those years after Colin had grown out of a little boy playing pranks and into a young man who was hell-bent on spending his time challenging Claire to swim out to the first beacon. Although both wore the guise of feeling indifferent, inside she wanted him to want her as much as she wanted him. The mask was now off and it felt wonderful to say it out loud.

He moved forward to kiss her again. This time slower, with a hundred percent more passion. His tongue fought to get at her. His chest heaved in and out, as he touched her breasts, straddling across the center console to do so.

“Colin, are you going to be late?” She backed away slightly, wiping her lips. “Not that I’m not enjoying this immensely and maybe hoping a little tiny bit,” she held up two fingers, “that the flight will get canceled and we can return to the guesthouse. But I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.”

“You’re right.” He adjusted his shirt from riding his neckline. “We’re supposed to be in there now. Thanks again, Claire, for coming with me.” He jumped out and ran to her side and escorted her to the tarmac.


Julieann lives in Virginia, where she loves collecting houseplants, sewing cute little quilts, and writing about messy love. She fell in love with reading at a young age, after following Nancy Drew in solving the mysteries of the world. This carries on today, as crime shows are among her favorite to watch. Well those and the Hallmark channel love stories and mysteries. Keeping busy with soon-to-be six children, she needs time to unwind!


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