Tuesday 18 September 2018


The Good Samaritan
By RC Boldt
Releasing September 18, 2018
 Contemporary Romance

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The biggest story of her life is the one he wants to hide.

I’m homeless by choice.

I have no intention of returning to my former life after what I’ve done.

This—living among the filth and discarded remnants of others—is what I deserve.

As atonement for my sins, I give back; I help those who cannot help themselves. But it’s always under the guise of anonymity.

Newspaper headlines throughout the city are clamoring to discover my identity.  Including the beautiful woman who manages to see through my “armor.”

She has the capability to put my entire life at risk.

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In The Good Samaritan by RC Boldt, Jude has been struggling ever since he lost two people he cared about most -- his wife and his unborn child. So, he's been living on the streets, determined to protect those that need protecting. But when he protects a woman named Faith, he knows his world will change forever. She's a breath of fresh air and sees beyond the façade he shows the world. Yet, when Faith discovers who he really is, will she be able forgive him or will she walk away from their chance at happy ever after?

This is the fourth book I've read by Ms. Boldt and I've got to say that I absolutely love her style of writing. It always flows really well and this book had wonderful main and secondary characters, highly entertaining dialogue that made this story an absolute page turner and emotionally-rousing; and the plot had some tough obstacles for the main characters to overcome, but had me loving their journey to happy ever after. However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time where this story gets really interesting, as how could Faith not want to get to know the enigmatic man that helps her out.

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories and I couldn't help but sympathize with the pair because Faith stays in a job she hates in order to earn enough money to pay for something she desperately needs while the hero is flooded with so much guilt over what happened to people he loved that the only way to lessen his anguish is to help people like he does. Really, redemption is important and I could understand why helping people the way he does helps him. Will Jude ever be able to move on and fully heal from his loss? 

With the main characters, I loved their back stories, their growing relationship and the obstacles they have to overcome to be together including whether they'll be able to forgive each other for keeping the secrets they've been keeping. Moreover, the heroine is resilient, courageous, good for the hero and I liked how determined she was to learn everything about him, even though it's palpable the hero doesn't like to talk about himself. I also liked the decisions she makes throughout this story, especially when it comes to her career. No way should she allow the words of her grandmother to hold her back from what she really wants to do. While the hero, he's been through so much and I liked all the good deeds he does for people. Really, he had me smiling every time with what a good and altruistic person he is. 

Overall, Ms. Boldt has delivered one of the best books I've read this year where the chemistry between Faith and Jude was off-the-charts; the romance was heartwarming and had me loving how these two help each other to heal; and the ending left me completely satisfied, as the hero finds closure to his past in order to have a future with Faith. Then again, I also liked how he made things right with Faith because there wasn't a more perfect time to prove he's ready for a future with her. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up perfectly, as Faith and Jude have come so far in their relationship and have so much to look forward to. I would recommend The Good Samaritan by RC Boldt, if you enjoy second chance romances, a story where the hero is on the road to redemption, the mysterious strangers trope, the sexy protector trope or books by authors Jennifer Blackwood, Lauren Blakely, Kristin Mayer and Rachel Higginson. 

Author Bio

RC Boldt currently lives on the southeastern coast of the U.S., enjoys long walks on the beach, running, reading, people watching, and singing karaoke. If you're in the mood for some killer homemade mojitos, can't recall the lyrics to a particular 80's song, or just need to hang around a nonconformist who will do almost anything for a laugh, she's your girl.

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