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For three years now, Laci Albright has struggled to deal with the death of her partner. Yet, it seems he's not dead, and instead was being held by Shiek Hassan, a psychopath determined to break him. On learning the truth, Laci will do anything to help him heal. Even if it means sacrificing their happiness, by making a commitment to another man.
Taylor Reynaud doesn't remember much about the man he once was, before Shiek Hassan captured and tortured him. Leaving him incapable, of using the healing abilities he possesses as a panther shifter. Yet, when he comes face-to-face with Laci again, he will do anything to reclaim his life with her.
From the start, this book lured me in with its extremely sensual and emotional plot. And I liked how Lucy discovering the truth about Taylor being alive, immediately sets the fast-pace of the story. The emotional aspect of the dialogue suits the plot of this story perfectly, and as a reader, it was clear that these two, would do anything to reclaim the love they shared before Taylor's capture. Even if, it meant using whatever means necessary, to secure the help of another man, in order to heal Taylor.
The sex scenes were completely hot, and Lucy's relationship with both Taylor and Dixon, will have you hanging on every word, to see which of them she ends up with in the end. What I liked so much about the heroine was her ability to handle any situation thrown her way. And it was that courage, I enjoyed about her the most.
Once again, Ms. Boyett-Compo has impressed me with this paranormal tale that delivered a great plot, dialogue, characters -- both main and secondary, as well as the hottest sex scenes that will leave you wanting more.  I would recommend it, to readers that love a book that contains hot shifters, and provides a plot that will bring tears to your eyes.
Overall Rating:
BOOK INFO: Ellora Cave / 23rd May 2014 / Windworld #8
Laci Albright’s world grinds to a screeching halt. She’s no longer a field agent for the Exchange—the super-secret agency for handling non-human criminals. Laci lost her partner Taylor Reynaud and now is simply existing, her life empty until the day they tell her he is still alive.

For three horrific years Reynaud—a Reaper panther shifter—has been the prisoner of Shiek Hassan, the world’s most sadistic terrorist. Horribly disfigured and unable to heal himself, Taylor is already dead in his own mind when the SEAL unit rescues him.

Ex-Navy SEAL Dixon Coulter grew up with psychic powers. When he is captured by Hassan he becomes something far more than Reaper. He is the world’s first Gravelord—a being so powerful that not even a Reaper can defeat him.

Now Coulter wants the woman who belongs to Taylor and he will do anything to win her.

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