Sunday 27 September 2015


In Only Oscar by Trish Wylie, while enjoying time out with her friends, Callie Morris makes a suggestion that they need to do something about their love lives. Seriously considering their advice, for her to see if anything more than friendship exists with her best friend, Oscar, she decides to take a chance. Yet, the decision isn’t a light one to make, because if things don’t work out, she could lose someone that means so much to her. FULL REVIEW @ HJ

Publication: June 12th, 2015 | Trish Wylie | Passion Pact #1
Could the first boy she fell for be the only guy she needs?
Callie Morris has a plan to make dating simple. She doesn’t think finding Mr. Right needs to be complicated. But before she can get started, her girlfriends insist she take a good, long look at her BFF, Oscar Levinson, to eliminate him from the running.
The last thing she expects to find is a spark of attraction. What’s more, it appears to be mutual!
Turns out, there’s more to Oscar than meets the eye. He’s been keeping secrets and some of them are huge. When the truth comes out will Callie discover everything she needs for a happily-ever-after was standing in front of her all along, or will her worst fears be realized when she loses both her heart and her best friend?

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