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In Portal, the debut novel by Ashlea Rhodes, Phoenix doesn't want anything to do with being the alpha of his pack. But it's not like he'll have a choice, unless he can find his older brother. A man that has been missing a while now. Setting out to find Ray, he soon discovers his whole world is about to change when he meets a gorgeous redhead
Content with her life living in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Sophie isn't prepared for the golden-eyed, handsome stranger that takes her breath away the moment she meets him. The fact that he thinks she belongs to him is undeniably sweet, yet the more time she spends in his company, the more his possessive claim of her starts to ring true.
What a nice start to an author's writing career this book was, which offered an entertaining and very unique plot that I doubt many authors -- if any -- would dare attempt for their first book. It comprises the mysterious strangers trope, a hero determined to find his missing brother, and a heroine needing to learn more about her family roots, if she and Phoenix are to have any chance at a future.
Simple dialogue made this story flow really well, and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I finished it. However, in saying that, if there had been more descriptive dialogue, dialogue that could make me imagine each scene unfolding before my very eyes, I believe this book could have been amongst some of the best time-travel romances out there, due to its unique plot.
I liked both Sophie and Phoenix immediately, and their journey towards happy ever after is quite the adventure. Sophie is brave and her curiosity leads her down a very exciting path. It's was actually quite thrilling to read what situation she was going to get herself into next. While with Phoenix, he's a bit of a lone wolf, and the moment he meets Sophie, I couldn't help but cheer them on. He needed someone as special as Sophie is his life.
Certain moments throughout this book -- their dreams of each other -- certainly upped the sexual tension between them, and spilled over onto the pages with some nice sex scenes that illustrated the chemistry that was there from the moment they met.
Overall, this was a good start to this debut author's Portal series, and it has me looking forward to the next  one as two of the secondary characters, Ray and Jess, have a very interesting relationship. A relationship that certainly intrigued me throughout this book, and has me wanting to read how this author will achieve their happy ever after. As it seems they'll have quite a few obstacles to overcome.   
Publication Date: November 20th, 2015 / Portal #1
"Curiosity killed the cat" or so the old saying insisted. Sophie thinks her life is simple and perfect in Melbourne's western suburbs. And it is, until one day she finds herself in the arms of a golden eyed stranger. The undeniably irresistible stranger boils her blood and claims to have travelled through a portal from another world. Crazy Talk! Or is it?

Being the second son to the alpha wolf was always easy; until Phoenix's older brother, Ray, went missing. Now his lone wolf lifestyle is being threatened when his father announces his retirement. Phoenix is desperate. He will do anything to avoid being made alpha, even if it means following an old myth about magical doorways.

What he was not expecting was his wolf's need to claim a gorgeous red head with eyes of green fire. His wolf says she is his but this lone wolf will fight to stay just that; alone. What is he to do?

When Phoenix discovers Sophie is the key to get both Ray and him home, he will do anything to achieve that goal. Even if it means using the one person made just for him. Mating Sophie could mean saving his people but in doing so will mean giving up his dreams.

When danger calls will they put their fears aside and embrace their fate?



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