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In Shadow Fall (The Tracers #9) by Laura Griffin, after her boss asks her to help the Cypress County sheriff's department solve a grisly murder, Special Agent Tara Rushing soon finds herself looking for a serial killer. Worse yet, the local sheriff is ready to pin it on ex-marine, Liam Wolfe, without any real evidence except that he knew the victim.
Liam Wolfe is intrigued by Special Agent Tara Rushing when she arrives at his property, determined to discover if the sheriff's claims that he could be the killer rings true. However, he quickly becomes evasive. Because he's protective of his employees, and there's no way he'll allow her to go after them. Yet, soon he finds she's relying on his instincts as a marine to help her find the person responsible before another woman loses their life.
This is the first book I've read by Ms. Griffin, and it was a book that was thrilling, provided a good dose of suspense, a nice bit of romance and kept me guessing as to who the killer was. Which was I liked most about it, because the last couple of romantic suspense novels I've read, I happened to figure out the antagonist pretty easily.
As for the dialogue, it was powerful. Due to the suspense and the fact that Tara and Liam are such strong characters. Events in their pasts definitely impact why Tara's an agent, and Liam's a security expert. In addition, as to why the local sheriff suspects Liam. What I liked so much about Tara was that she proves quite a challenge for Liam. She wasn't one to back down, and would discover the answers to her burning questions, whether he provided them or not. While Liam seems like the strong, silent type in the beginning. Not willing to give much away to help Tara determine whether the sheriff is right to suspect him. But the more they're around each other, and the more heavily involved in the case she becomes, he's determined to do anything to help her.
The sexual tension between these two builds nicely, due to the fact that Tara gets frustrated by Liam's evasiveness to her questions. Yet, that chemistry explodes onto the pages quite well in some really hot sex scenes that help Tara to deal with the stress of her job. Make her realize that she can't do anything for the victims, except bring their killer to justice.
Overall, this was a really enjoyable read and I'm glad it can be read as a standalone. It also has me wanting to read the rest of this series. I would recommend it, if you're a fan of the romantic suspense genre, or looking to start reading the genre.

Publication Date: September 22nd, 2015 / Pocket Books / The Tracers #9
In the ninth romantic suspense novel in the New York Times bestselling Tracers series, author Laura Griffin brings back her elite cadre of forensic experts as they hunt down the most brutal serial killer yet.
Special Agent Tara Rushing arrives at a grisly murder scene and quickly discovers she’s got a serial killer on her hands. The killer is meticulous, making sure to wipe up even the smallest traces of evidence…but the Delphi Center experts are on the case.
The local sheriff has a suspect all picked out—ex-Marine and current security expert Liam Wolfe. Despite all her digging, Tara knows very little about Liam when she shows up at his sprawling Texas compound, which serves as headquarters for Wolfe Security, and she’s surprised by her intense physical reaction to him.
As she and Liam grow closer, Tara finds herself depending on his skills and expertise to help her track a killer. But when another body turns up, Tara must decide if she can trust the man who’s quickly stealing her heart.
The ninth novel in the Tracers series that combines gripping plot twists with spine-tingling romance, Shadow Fall once again proves that “Laura Griffin gets better with each book” (The Romance Reviews).


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