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The Only Thing
The Donnigans #3
By Marie Harte
Releasing May 1, 2018
 Contemporary Romance


"Readers will...read this book from cover to cover...and then read it all over again."RT Book Reviews for Just the Thing Five Stars GOLD

What do you do when a "fake" relationship is so much better than the real thing?

Hope Donnigan is finally getting her life together. She's working a job she likes, has some amazing friends, and is steering clear of Mr. Wrong. Now if only she could get her mother to understand that. Maybe a hot tattoo artist from the other side town is just the ticket to teach her mom a lesson.

J.T. Webster fell for Hope months ago at his sister's wedding. So when she propositions him to be her fake boyfriend to get her mother off her back, he's all in. The only problem is J.T. had no idea their pretend relationship would be better than anything real he's ever had...

The Donnigans Series:

A Sure Thing (Book 1)
Just the Thing (Book 2)
The Only Thing (Book 3)

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In The Only Thing (The Donnigans #3) by Marie Harte, JT Webster was intrigued by Hope Donnigan the moment he met her at a wedding. So, when she asks for his help, how could he possibly say no. But being her fake boyfriend isn't easy, especially when he wants more. Will JT be able to convince Hope that he wants more than what they have or will they walk away from the one person they're meant for?

I always enjoy Ms. Harte's books and this story was a really good addition to her Donnigans series. There were wonderful characters in both the main and secondary ones; enchanting dialogue that had me reading quickly, determined to discover if things would work out for this pair since their relationship is fake in order to help the heroine with her mother; and tough obstacles to overcome to be together including finding a stalker that wants Hope and whether the heroine will give JT a real chance, especially when her past relationships haven't been all that good and have made her wanting to take a break from men.

With the main characters, the heroine is resilient and courageous in the way she stands up to her mother. Really, being single is what she wants at the moment and her mother needs to accept that. Will she be able to make her mother understand why being single is what she wants for now? I also liked the close bond she shares with her family and the other secondary characters, which is proven by how willing they are to help her through what she's going through. Yet, what I liked most of all about the heroine was that she gave the hero a chance, even though she doesn't want a relationship. There's only so much heartbreak a girl can handle. While the hero, he's confident, a good guy and I liked how he wins the heroine's mother over, even though that doesn't seem easy at the start because Hope's mother seems like a snob. I also liked the close relationship he shares with his siblings, even when they're making assumptions that end up revealing secrets. 

Overall, Ms. Harte has delivered a fantastic read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was intense; the romance was nicely-detailed and had me loving these two together; and the ending had me worried for this couple's happy ever after because of what happens, but had me loving that the hero and heroine fought for their happy ever after. I would recommend The Only Thing by Marie Harte, if you enjoy the fake relationship trope or books by authors Cherrie Lynn, Kristen Proby, Shannon Stacey and Jaci Burton.


Hope couldn’t find it in herself to blink, focused on God’s gift to womankind. Her aunt’s invitation to dinner had come at the perfect time, giving Hope an excuse to avoid her mother’s weekly nagathon. Since her idiot older brothers had hooked up with the loves of their lives, her mother had deemed Hope fair game again. So much for their pleasant détente, where Hope stopped blaming her mother for her many issues and Linda Donnigan stopped getting on Hope for breathing wrong.

Yet Hope hadn’t anticipated seeing J.T. Webster. He hadn’t been at the last two dinners Aunt Sophie had invited her to. “Greg?” she asked, her mind on other things.

Like how incredible J.T. filled out a simple T-shirt and jeans. The man had the prettiest brown skin, like a smooth chocolate caramel. Light but so filling. She swallowed a sigh.

Liam was white, and she knew J.T.’s mom had been black. She also must have been gorgeous, because J.T. had his dad’s height and brawn, as well as the face of an angel who liked to sin. A lot.

She swallowed a sigh and continued to visually eat him up, wondering if the size of his hands and feet could be correlated to the size of other things.

God, get your mind off sex, Hope. His father is here! Aunt Sophie is here! And you’re off men, remember?

“Yeah, Greg,” J.T. said, looking concerned. “Gas Works Park ring a bell?”

Geez, she’d seen Greg and J.T. just last week. “Oh, no. No problems on that front.” To Liam, who studied her a little too intently, she explained, “Ex-boyfriend. A jerk I ran into. No biggie.” She shot J.T. a look, pleased when he kept quiet.

Last weekend, Greg, a guy she hadn’t dated or seen in over four months, had accused her of using her brother to bother him. But Hope hadn’t thought about Greg the Cheater since she’d dumped him, so she knew her brothers couldn’t care less about the guy. When Greg had tried to get a little gropey at the park, she’d taken him down, courtesy of the self-defense classes her brothers taught.
J.T. hadn’t had to do more than watch her take Greg out. She’d been so proud of herself… when she’d been able to tear her imagination from what J.T. would look like naked.

So sad those images replayed themselves over and over again.

“Right.” Liam stared from her to J.T., a question in his eyes.

“So who’s pregnant?” she asked, hoping to shift attention away from herself.

Rena squealed. “Del is! A tiny little bun in her McCauley oven.”

Del looked embarrassed, which was funny, because Del could out swear the mechanics she bossed around on a daily basis and took woman power to the next level. The woman had arms covered in tattoos, funky ash-blonde braids, and icy gray eyes that seemed to look through, and not at, a person.

Hope could see a faint resemblance from brother to sister despite their different skin tones. Both J.T. and Del had the same shape of their eyes and stubborn chins, just like their father. Only someone as obsessed with J.T. would have noticed that, she realized, and felt like a moron for being so enthralled with the man.  
Fortunately, Liam and Rena started badgering Del for details, letting Hope off the hook.

Since she hadn’t yet greeted her aunt, Hope started to turn and found J.T. suddenly in her way. “Oh, sorry.”

He put a hand out to stop her from bumping into him. And sweet baby sexy, she felt the touch go from her arm all the way through her body, centering between her legs. Oy.

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Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte has over 100 books published with more constantly on the way. She’s a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. Visit http://marieharte.com and fall in love.

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