Tuesday 14 July 2015

REVIEW: Forbidden Loyalty by S.K. Lee

Forbidden Loyalty
My Secret Bodyguard #1
By: S.K. Lee
Release Date: March 2015
164 Pages

When her father hires a bodyguard to follow her every move, but doesn’t explain the reasons why she needs one, heiress Kate Milton does her best to act like having a bodyguard is normal. However, the moment she meets Sean, she instantly knows that her life is never going to be the same.   
As a fan of the romance genre, I always believe that a book in this genre should end with a happy ever after. So the fact that this book ended with a cliffhanger, was the first thing it had against it, for me to think it was a good story. The second thing I always wonder is, when an author ends with a cliffhanger, is it because they don’t believe a reader would buy their next one, if it didn't follow on? Although the plot was fast-paced and filled with enough action to keep a reader’s attention, the fact that it was only told, from the heroine’s point of view certainly diminished it from being anything worth more than three stars. I believe, if the author had told this story from the hero’s point of view as well, and given us more insight into his back story, then it would have been a worthwhile read.
Kate is a total princess, completely naïve, and thinks she should get anything she wants. The fact that Sean manages to resist her, for as long as he does had me cheering. Her temper tantrums when things don’t go her way were hilarious, especially as she thinks they’ll make Sean give in to the strong attraction they share. There are some mild sex scenes, all one sided where the hero gives Kate pleasure. Another thing that was disappointing, as the chemistry between the pair definitely deserved to be explored. The one thing I did like about Kate though, was her determination to do a good job in the role her father demanded she take with the family company.
Overall, this was an okay story, and perhaps I’ll read the next one just to learn of the person responsible, for causing the cliffhanger at the end. But honestly, I wouldn’t bet on it unless Amazon offers it as a free read.  
Sensuality Rating: Mildly Sensual
Overall Rating:

Kate’s life has never been normal. As the daughter of billionaire Carl Milton, she’s always been at risk. However, nothing serious has ever happened to her in 22 years. Until now.
When she meets Sean for the first time, she knows she’s in trouble: he’s hot, mysterious and has been hired to be her bodyguard. But why?

Between business meetings, ambiguous stares, confused feelings, wild motorbike rides, car chases and sweaty boxing sessions, her life will take a new turn and become more exciting than ever.

Along the way, she will slowly get to know the man who’s in charge of her protection. What she will discover will take her down a road of danger, lust, forbidden desire, revenge and broken dreams.

NOTE: the book has a cliffhanger and contains adult scenes.

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