Wednesday 22 July 2015


Waiting for You
Sparks in Texas #2
By: Mari Carr
Released July 21, 2015
Publisher: Carried Away Publishing
138 Pages
Constantly worried about her best friend, Chas, while he's away overseas doing his duty as a Marine, Sydney Sparks is relieved to hear the news that he is finally coming home to stay. Determined not to get her hopes up that they'll rekindle the relationship they once had as childhood sweethearts, she's taken totally by surprise when he kisses her, not long after stepping off the plane at the airport where she's come to welcome him home.
Not willing to waste one more second apart, after being away from the only woman he's ever loved, for the past twelve years, Chas is making up for lost time. Kissing Sydney the moment he steps off the plane is his first step to winning her back, believing she'll be the answer he needs to reclaim the old him. The person he was before he witnessed, so much death and destruction as a Marine.
I don't normally read a lot of BDSM fiction, but being a fan of this author's books, I couldn't wait to read this one.  Ms. Carr has a way of engaging a reader from the get-go. The plot was well-written and took me completely by surprise, in the way Chas stakes his claim on Sydney. I wasn't expecting him to embarrass her in front of his Gran, but I'm glad he did. Sydney needed to know that she still meant something to him. As their friendship had become almost non-existent, until the last couple of times he'd returned home, for a quick visit since joining the Marines.
As for the dialogue, it was strong, but emotional at times. Sydney was Chas's solace, his chance to hopefully recover the part of himself he feels he's lost since becoming a Marine. Although her efforts to get him to face the truth that he's suffering post-traumatic stress proved futile at first, I'm glad she didn't give up on him. He needed all the support he could get from, not only her, but the secondary characters as well.
Extremely hot sex scenes illustrate the strong chemistry Chas and Sydney have really well. The dominant side of the hero never once had me struggling to get through just how much he liked to assert his control as, so many BDSM fiction books out there do. What I liked so much about Sydney was her determination to help Chas in any way she could. Even if she needed to push his buttons a little to show him that he needed help. That he couldn't deal with his post-traumatic stress on his own. While with Chas, I'm glad that he finally took the advice some of the secondary characters offered him, otherwise he was going to lose the only woman he's ever loved.
I'd definitely recommend this book to fans of Ms. Carr as well as those that like a hot alpha male needing to assert his control -- at least in the bedroom. This is the second book in the Sparks in Texas series, and I can't wait until the next one.
Sensuality Rating: Explicit

Overall Rating:

How do you protect the woman you love…when the greatest danger is sleeping in her bed?
Sydney Sparks can’t remember a time when Chas wasn’t part of her life—from childhood playmates, to high-school sweethearts, to long-distance friends. Now, after twelve long years, Chas is leaving the Marines and coming home. Sydney’s thrilled to have him back on American soil, safe and sound, even if his return is doing funny things to her heart.
The second he stepped off the plane and locked gazes with Sydney, Chas refused to waste a minute more on their “just friends” status quo. Together again, it feels as if they were never apart, the love they’d shared as innocent teens now vastly more intense as adults—with a sexual hunger to match.
However, despite his newfound happiness, Chas can’t seem to shake the memories of his tours in the Middle East, of the firefights, the killing…the deaths of his friends. When the flashbacks grow stronger, Chas struggles to hide his increasing lack of control, terrified of losing everything he’d just regained—including Sydney.

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