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Perfect For You
Sunshine Creek Vineyard #2
By: Candis Terry
Releasing February 28, 2017
Avon Books
In Perfect for You (Sunshine Creek Vineyard #2) by Candis Terry, Brooke Hastings wants her boss Declan Kincade in the best of ways, but it seems he'd rather keep their relationship strictly business. However, when he finds himself needing to return home to help his brothers, Brooke decides to invite herself along, if only to shake up her driven, predictable boss's life. But what starts off as a simple road trip turns into so much more. Can Brooke show Declan what he's missing, or will she walk away from the one man that's perfect for her? 

What a wonderfully written, fast-paced, captivating read Ms. Terry has penned in this story, encompassing the forbidden relationship trope, well-written dialogue, a heroine that isn't afraid to go after what she wants and a hero that needs to decide what he wants before he loses the woman he's come to immensely care for. The way this story started introduced me -- as a reader -- to the hero superbly. He's a workaholic that faced a tough challenge growing up, and which made him feel like the odd man out when it came to his brothers, but he's more than proven how he's risen above it all by being so successful. 

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories, the twist concerning Declan's family and the growing relationship between this couple. In the beginning, I was a little put off by how forward the heroine was in her pursuit of the hero to get him to loosen up and see her as more than his employee. Yet, the further into this story I got, I really started to enjoy her point-of-view. Her back story is a pretty emotional one, and it was no wonder she went to great lengths to escape her situation after what happened to her sister and it's understandable why she wears a bracelet with the word Fearless on it.  

Both the main characters were highly entertaining because of their growing relationship and the way they interacted with the secondary characters. Declan has always felt apart from his family due to his learning disability, and I liked how determined he was to be close with his family again. The way they tease each other had me laughing, especially with a certain brother's antics in trying to make Declan jealous enough, so he'd realize how silly he was being by not pursuing something with the heroine when it was palpable how much he liked her. 

Furthermore, I liked how Brooke managed to get him to have some fun. She can be quite persuasive, and I enjoyed that she didn't give up on Declan, until the moment when it seemed impossible for her to get him to see that they're perfect for each other. Why did he keep walking away at the moments when everything between them felt so right? While Brooke, she's been through so much in her life and I could understand why she would want to live life to the fullest. The way she goes after what she wants and her determination to conquer the bucket list she's had for years made her admirable. Also, she's kind, caring and I liked how she was willing to help Declan's family with her ideas for the Vineyard. 

Overall, Ms. Terry has penned a delightful read in this book, which had the perfect blend of intense, emotional and teasing dialogue between the hero and heroine, as well as between the main and secondary characters. The growing relationship between Declan and Brooke had me hooked, because he needs her just as much as she needs him. Because although Brooke had a good family in her foster family, she still wants a family of her own. Is Declan the right man to fulfill her number one item on her bucket list? But what I liked most was the ending, although I could sympathize with the entire Kincade family because of a huge family secret. However, in saying that, I liked how Declan made things right between him and Brooke. Certainly, he was determined to make sure she crossed some items of her bucket list. I would recommend Perfect for You by Candis Terry, if you enjoy the forbidden relationship trope or books by authors Erin Nicholas, Samantha Chase, Melanie Shawn or Jennifer Bernard. 


Meet the Kincade brothers: they’ll do what it takes to protect their legacy--but what happens when love gets in the way?
Declan Kincade has spent so much time chasing success he’s almost forgotten how to just live. Lately though, his all-business routine has been thrown into disarray. Brooke Hastings is the best employee Dec’s ever had: polished, capable, and intelligent. After four years, he’s just realized that she’s also smoking hot. But their working relationship is too valuable to stake on a fling, no matter how mind-bendingly pleasurable it promises to be.

What’s worse than never meeting the right man? Finding him, and then working side-by-side every day while he remains absolutely blind to your existence. That is, until one temptation-packed road-trip changes everything. Teaching her gorgeous, driven boss how to cut loose and have fun is the toughest challenge Brooke’s ever faced. But it’s one that could give both of them exactly what they need, if Dec will take a chance on a perfect—and perfectly unexpected—love.

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The sunlight caught like spun gold in the wavy strands of her hair. He liked that her face was makeup free, but mostly he liked that she didn’t need a mask to feel confident. Not that he ever planned to date Brooke, but he’d dated a lot of women who’d refused to leave the house until their makeup had been perfectly applied and every hair was in place.
In his mind, all that preparation took away an opportunity for spontaneity. With his busy schedule, sometimes that’s all he could manage—a last minute invite. Brooke had so much sexy going on she didn’t need all that stuff. And today she’d pretty much proved that she was game for the whole spur-of-the-moment thing. Impressive.
“How many business lunches and dinners have I sat through with you, Mr. Kincade?”
He shrugged. “Too many to count.”
“Bingo.” She pointed. “And do you know what you order almost each and every time?”
“Seared ahi.”
“And the problem with that is?”
“I like ahi.”
“Good for you. But why not expand your horizons? Eating the same old same old every day is like having missionary sex every time the mood strikes.”
And why did she need to bring that up? Because his imagination definitely didn’t need a push in that direction.
“Shake things up.” She waved her hands upward like she was about to take flight. “Be daring. Live a little.”
Damn she was animated. How the hell did someone get like that?
“I’m happy with things the way they are.”
“Are you really?” As she leaned into the table, the unyielding fabric of that tight white tank top across her breasts dominated his attention.
He didn’t respond.
He was too . . . distracted.
“You know what they say; all work and no play . . .” she said with a shrug, leaving the remainder of that statement hanging like a noose.
“So you’re saying that eating fish tacos is suddenly going to shake things up in my life?”
“Breaking your same old song and dance routine will. After you’ve opened up the door, anything can happen. Aren’t you the least bit curious?”
The server interrupted them to deliver a large plate of steaming soft tacos, bowls of salsa and sour cream, and two giant froufrou drinks with slices of pineapple and maraschino cherries speared by pink umbrellas.
Oh hell no.
He was not going to drink something that would immediately revoke his man card. But when Brooke plucked the cherry from her glass, dangled it in the air, and captured it with her tongue, he had second thoughts. By the time she settled the bright pink straw between the soft cushion of her lips and sucked the orange frothy drink into her mouth, he figured he’d be game for just about any damn thing. As long as he could watch her do that all day long.

Best-selling and award winning author Candis Terry entertains readers with contemporary romance the Library Journal Reviews calls uniquely satisfying. Both her Sugar Shack and Sweet, Texas series deliver witty and emotional stories about how love, family, and a small town community defines the characters’ lives. Born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California, Candis now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers and loves to escape to the breathtaking Idaho forests to energize her imagination.




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