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Mack Daddy
By: Penelope Ward
Releasing February 13th, 2017
In Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward, Francesca -- or 'Frankie' as Mack likes to call her -- never thought she'd lay eyes on Mackenzie 'Mack' Morrison again. But when she discovers that he's the hot dad everyone is talking about and is the father of one of the kids in her grade one class, she doesn't know what to do or how to act around him. He was the one man she fell in love with, but how can she ever considering giving him a second chance when he broke her heart the first time. Can she and Mack find a way to be together, even when there are so many obstacles for them to overcome to achieve their second chance at love?

If you've never read a book penned by Penelope Ward, then you're in for a real treat and I highly recommend that you give her books a chance, because they do not disappoint. From start to finish, this book was extremely entertaining, swept me into the fast-paced plot because of Ms. Ward's exceptional writing, and was a story that I could not get enough of because this story flips between the past and the present; illustrating how close these two once were and that they shouldn't give up on their soul-mate when they come back into each other's lives. The way this story started with Francesca's friend and her teasing about the deliciously yummy father of one of the kids was amusing and had me hooked in wanting to know more about the man she was talking about.

As for the dialogue, it was well-written, and a wonderful combination of intense, emotional and playful. Really, there were so many emotions to this book that I easily felt along with this couple, so much so that I laughed, I cried and found Mack to be an irresistible hero that deserved forever love after all that he's been through with his ex and a certain member of his family. Moreover, the intense and emotional dialogue is due to the main characters back stories, the history between these two that led to their parting ways in the past and what someone is willing to do to keep these two apart. Will Mack find a way to get his second chance with Francesca, or will the past repeat itself? However, it was the playful dialogue I enjoyed the most. Mack is determined to win Francesca back, even though he has a few big obstacles to overcome such as winning back her trust, whether she'll choose him over her boyfriend and the problems caused by certain people in Mack's life.

Francesca was a wonderful heroine in the way she's strong and brave by having overcome all that she has and does throughout this story, especially when it comes to learning the painful truth about her father and Mack re-entering her life and whether she's brave enough to give him a chance when she knows she could get hurt again. But most of all what I liked about Francesca was her determination to help Mack's son because he needs her, seeing as she had similar troubles in her childhood that helps her relate to him. While Mack, he's confident, a really good dad, and I loved how determined he was to win back Francesca because they're meant to be together. However, in saying that, there's also a vulnerable side to him that made me sympathetic to his point of view. What if Francesca couldn't trust him again? He left the first time because of his ex, how does she know that he won't do it again. He and his ex have a child together.

Overall, Ms. Ward has penned an incredible read in this book where the sex scenes were red hot and illustrated the blazing chemistry between these two really well. The way this story ended had me worried for this couple's happy ever after, because of what one of the main characters learns about their parentage. Could it make that individual break things off to make the other safe? However, in saying that, I loved the way it ended with Mack doing everything in his power to keep Francesca in his life, even if it meant finally standing up to his interfering and narcissistic father. Moreover, the epilogue wrapped this story up perfectly by revealing to readers how far this couple have come since getting their second chance and discovering the truth about Mack's son. I would highly recommend Mack Daddy, especially if you enjoy second chance romances or are looking for a book that will have you under its spell from start to finish and likely leave you with a book hangover like it did for me. 



From New York Times bestselling author, Penelope Ward, comes a sexy, STANDALONE second-chance romance.

They called him Mack Daddy. No, seriously, his name was Mack. Short for Mackenzie. Thus, the nickname. Perfect, right?

So was he: perfect. The perfect physical male specimen.

At the private school where I taught, Mack Morrison was the only man around in a sea of women.

Everyone wanted a piece of the hot single father of the sweet little boy.

I was riddled with jealousy, because they didn’t know that—to me—he was much more.

They didn’t know about our past.

He’d chosen my school for his son on purpose, because Mack and I, we had unfinished business.

As my friend, Lorelai, so eloquently put it: “Unfinished business between two people who are clearly attracted to each other is like an eternal case of blue balls.” And I was suffering in pain from my case.

I was still intensely attracted to Mack. I tried to resist him, immersing myself further into a relationship with another man just to protect my heart.

Not to mention, getting involved with a parent was strictly against school rules. But seeing Mack day in and day out was breaking me down.

And soon I might be breaking all the rules.

Author's note – Told in alternating points of view, Mack Daddy is a full-length standalone novel.
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  1. I do have a book hangover from reading this story, and now I can't until Mister Moneybags comes out in April. Have you had a chance to read Chspter 1 of Vi and Penelope's upcoming release?