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Chaos and Control, an all-new standalone from Season Vining is available NOW!


Chaos and Control
By Season Vining
Releasing December 11th, 2017
Entangled Publishing

In Chaos and Control by Season Vining, Wren Hart has spent the last three years on the road, but now she's returned home because of reasons that she's unwilling to burden on anyone. However, she never imagined she'd find a reason to stay, yet her sister's employee is tempting her with every moment they spend together. But with everything finally going so right in her life, Wren knows it's only a matter of time before her past catches up with her. Will she be able to handle the danger she knows is headed her way, or will Wren and Preston lose their shot at happy ever after?

Although this story was only told from the heroine's point of view and I'm a fan of a story told from both the hero and heroine's point-of-view, I did really enjoy this book because of the main characters back stories that has Wren's past catching up with her; the dialogue that had me intrigued by the effect the heroine had on the hero because his disorder isn't an easy one to cope with; the poetry at the end of each chapter that show how much Preston liked Wren being in his life; and the obstacles this couple have to overcome to be together had me reading quickly, determined to discover whether they'd get their happy ever after, especially with the moment the heroine feels betrayed by something she had the right to know. 

The way this story started drew me into this story, as the heroine has been on the adventure of a lifetime and now she's back in her hometown. Why is she back? What is she running from? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine came face-to-face for the first time that had me completely hooked, as the heroine says whatever is on her mind and it's palpable she's mesmerized by the hero. Moreover, both the hero and heroine were wonderful characters and I really liked their back stories, as the hero hasn't had the easiest time dealing with his disorder and the heroine grew up with parents that didn't care about her because she didn't fall in line with their expectations. 

Furthermore, the heroine is independent; strong and brave with everything she has to deal with, especially because of the heartbreaking news she receives and what her ex puts her through; and I liked how determined she was to show the hero that his disorder does not define him. Then again, there's something about Wren that has Preston taking a chance on doing things he wouldn't normally do. While the hero, he's had it tough with his family not being able to understand why he is the way he is, so he's lucky he's found Wren who accepts him for who he is. I also liked how loyal he is to those he cares about, even if it means keeping something secret from the one person he cares about the most. Yet, what I liked most of all about the hero is how protective he was of the heroine because she's come to mean everything to him. 

Overall, Ms. Vining has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was wonderful; the romance shows how good the heroine is for the hero; and the ending had me a little worried for the heroine's safety because of her past and a little sad for the heroine because of the loss she suffers, but had me glad everything turned out so well for Wren and Preston. I would recommend Chaos and Control by Season Vining, if you enjoy the friends to lovers trope, the mysterious strangers trope, or books by authors Rebecca Shea, Melanie Moreland, KA Tucker and Brenda Rothert.

When Wren Hart returns to her sleepy little Midwest town after years on the road, she finds the last thing she’d ever expect—a reason to stay. And that reason has a hard body, a knowledge of vinyl, and a crooked smile that sends her reeling.

Preston is a gorgeous, mysterious man, whose life is ruled by routine and order. Yet somehow, he finds Wren and her wild ways captivating. While their relationship grows in a delicate dance of chaos and control, the danger Wren thought she'd left behind during her travels is inching ever closer…and just may destroy them both.


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“Want to tell me what you’re thinking about?”

Preston’s gaze flicks to my mouth and up to my eyes. “Kissing.”

Hope ignites a fire inside me. “And how do you feel about kissing?”

I see his Adam’s apple bob, and he taps the side of his glass with his index finger. “It’s easier when I’m drunk. The alcohol seems to take the edge off.”

I frown at the thought of this. Needing alcohol to dull your senses seems like such a waste. I try not to give him a sympathetic look. I know he doesn’t want my pity . “That’s too bad,” I say, letting my palm rest on his knee. The song changes, and I grin at the familiar beat. “Kissing is one of my favorite things. I mean, sex is good, but kissing is much more intimate. Don’t you think?” Preston shrugs at me, but I see that I have his undivided attention. “First there’s the build up. Innocent touches,” I say, dragging my nails up his thigh, “and mutual flirting just to let the other party know you’re open to the idea. There’s that slow burn in your body. It builds every time you catch the other person staring.”

Preston listens intently, finishing his whiskey. He licks those perfect lips, and my fingers tighten around my glass, holding on to the last of my control. “Every time you drink or take a bite of something, your full attention is brought to the mouth. You imagine what those lips will feel like. Will they be soft and submissive? Or hard and possessive?” I sip my drink while he pours himself another. “And which do you prefer?” he asks. His normally deep voice is even lower and gritty. It reminds me of the static scratching noise when an album finishes playing.

“I like both—individually and at the same time. I like to be owned by a kiss.” Preston leans back on the couch and sips his drink again. He stares out at the store. “Seems like a lot of pressure for a kiss.”


Hi. My name is Season Vining. I have written poetry as long as I can remember. There are hand-written odes to flowers, mermaids and New Kids on the Block tucked away somewhere in my mother’s house. Later, things grew darker. Lines of teenage angst, the cruelties of high school and woes of unrequited love fill random pages of school notebooks. With maturity came a longer attention span and a desire to pen short stories. Eventually, I was inspired to write my first manuscript by reading other stories. I found myself wishing for this storyline or that character and one day asked myself, “Why don’t you write it?” I love a bit of adventure and danger mixed in with my romance and you’ll find that in each story I tell. I love to hear from fans, so feel free to reach out to me on social media or through my website. Thanks for being awesome! In the simplest terms, I am a designer, an author, a philanthropist, a bookworm, a cook, inked, a night owl, and always a student.

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