Friday 29 December 2017


Hanky Spanky Christmas
By Amy Andrews
Released December 18th, 2017
Entangled Publishing

In Hanky Spanky Christmas by Amy Andrews, during an adventurous night out, Darcy Henderson decides she'd love to experience what it's like to get a little wilder in bed. Asking Mitch Callaghan for a good spanking goes according to plan, but somehow, Darcy isn't quite so sure she's ready for what she's asked for. Will Darcy go all the way with her neighbor, or will Christmas be a total bust in the romance department for her?

Ms. Andrews pens a wonderful and fun read in this book where the main characters have potent chemistry that sizzles on the pages through their exploration to good times, even though things don't go the way Darcy was hoping they would. Is she ready for Mitch and what she wants? Will she be able to handle the things Mitch does? The way this story started had me laughing at Mitch's thoughts and the funny neighbor that is determined to bring Mitch and Darcy together. Will the old woman's plan work?

As for the dialogue, it flowed really well and had me loving the interactions between the main characters, as they've become good friends and Mitch is someone Darcy knows she can trust completely with her need to explore in the bedroom. Moreover, I liked how persistent the heroine was to get what she wants and that Mitch was willing to give her the Christmas treat she wanted. I also liked how resilient and courageous the heroine was, despite what happens during their adventure into a world the heroine thought she'd enjoy. While the hero, he's confident, a tad cocky, and I liked that he was willing to give the heroine all that she wanted, even though it seemed he knew the heroine better than she knew herself when it came to what she could handle. 

Overall, Ms. Andrews has delivered a really good read in this book where I was smiling or laughing at various times throughout; the chemistry and romance between this couple was wonderful and had me hoping these two would achieve their happy ever after like a certain secondary character was hoping for; and the ending had me liking how things turned out for Mitch and Darcy, but had me a little disappointed that there was no epilogue to wrap things up a bit more than how this book finished. I would recommend Hanky Spanky Christmas by Amy Andrews, if you enjoy the friends to lovers trope or books by authors Shayla Black, Kira Archer, Cathryn Fox and Kate Meader. 

T'was the night before Christmas....

With a sudden hankering to be spanked, Darcy Henderson figures Mitch Callaghan is the man for the job. But is she woman enough to take it?

***This novella first appeared in the Seven Sins anthology in 2015.

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