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Threat of Danger
Mission Recovery #2
By Dana Marton
Releasing June 5th, 2018
Montlake Romance

Falling in love can be a deadly proposition in this pulse-quickening Mission Recovery novel from the New York Times bestselling author.

Jess Taylor and Derek Daley were in the throes of first love in a small Vermont town when they were kidnapped by a serial killer. They escaped his clutches—but not the trauma of the unsolved crime. With their lives changed forever and their romance cut short, they went their separate ways to exorcise their fears.

Jess is living on the edge as Hollywood’s hottest stuntwoman. It’s no longer terror thrumming through her veins. It’s adrenaline. Derek is a former Navy SEAL spinning his ordeals into heart-pounding bestselling thrillers. But when Jess is called home on a family emergency, she must face the past—and face the man she left behind, who is just as haunted and, like her, still so much in love.

Now, as an old flame reignites, Jess and Derek are taking advantage of second chances and putting their bad memories behind them. But here, in the quiet town of Taylorville, a killer is getting a second chance as well.

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In Threat of Danger (Mission Recovery #2) by Dana Marton, Jess Taylor and Derek Daley survived a harrowing experience at the hands of a serial killer, but in the end, both couldn't handle staying in their small Vermont town. However, when Jess's mom hurts herself, Jess returns home to take care of her. Yet, Derek is back in town too and Jess is determined to keep her distance. Except that's hard to do when bones are found, leading Jess and Derek to believe that the person that once hurt them is back too? Will they finally be able to put a stop to a serial killer or will the pair lose their second chance at happy ever after?

I've read quite a few of Ms. Marton's books, but this story is the best of the ones I've read. It was utterly captivating and thrilling due to the incredible main characters, the fast-paced plot that encompassed plenty of suspense and a good dose of romance, and extremely entertaining dialogue that had me reading quickly, determined to discover what the killer would do towards the end. The way this story started was exciting because of what the heroine is doing, but it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time where this story really comes alive, as being around Derek is a painful reminder of what happened in the past. Will Derek be able to win Jess over?

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories and everything they go through when the inevitable confrontation with the serial killer occurs. Will they come out on top against the bad guy? Moreover, both the main characters have done well for themselves with the heroine becoming one of Hollywood's best stuntwomen and the hero being a former Navy SEAL turned best-selling author. Really, they haven't let what happened to them in the past hold them back, even though they're both still haunted by it with Derek being unable to protect Jess and feeling as though he let her down.

With the heroine, she's a fighter, resilient, courageous and I liked that she gave the hero a chance, even though it's not easy for her to be around him in the beginning because of everything that happened. I also liked the close relationship she has with the secondary characters, especially Kaylee, as she's the little sister Jess never had and she would do anything for the girl. While the hero, he's been through so much, but I liked that the good and the bad has made him the strong, formidable man he is. I also liked how determined he was to protect Jess this time around, even though she doesn't need protecting. She now knows how to protect herself and won't go down without doing everything she can to survive. Yet, what I liked most of all about the hero is his kind and caring nature and that he would do anything for those he cares about, which is proven by everything he does for various secondary characters as well as Jess. 

Overall, Ms. Marton has delivered a highly entertaining and enthralling read in this book, which had me hooked from beginning to end and where the chemistry between this couple was as strong now as it was in the past; the romance was wonderful, as these two find their way back to each other; and the ending had me worried for the main characters, but had me liking how everything turned out for Jess and Derek because they're meant to be. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up nicely because the hero and heroine have come so far, especially when it comes to their careers and their relationship. Certainly, Jess couldn't hold out on giving Derek the answer he wanted to a very important question. I would recommend Threat of Danger by Dana Marton, if you enjoy romantic suspense, second chance romances or books by authors Kat Martin, Laura Griffin, Trish Loye and Toni Anderson. 

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