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Crack CIA analyst Trista Gold is a whiz with the computer, but not so much with people. She hides behind her job, analyzing Top Secret code and making recommendations on national security. She doesn’t need a man in her life. But she will, very soon...

CIA K-9 officer Sgt. Matt Connors suspects that beneath Trista’s uptight appearance, there’s a sexy woman itching to cut loose. But he doesn’t dare act on his attraction. He’s a loner and always will be. Keeping away from Trista is a must-do directive. Until he doesn’t have a choice...

During a routine assignment, Trista stumbles across a cryptic exchange. She doesn’t think much of it...until someone tries to murder her—twice. Both times, Matt had been there to save her. But now she has to hide. And her new bodyguard, Matt, and his K-9 are the only hope she has against the powerful forces that want her dead.
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In Lock 'n' Load (Federal K-9 #1) by Tee O'Fallon, CIA analyst Trista Gold is very good at her job. However, while investigating something that should have been easy enough for her to reconnoiter without someone discovering her identity, she stumbles across something that could make her a target. Luckily, she has Sargeant Matt Connors to watch her back after someone tries to end her life -- not once but twice. Will Matt be able to keep her safe or will the pair lose their shot at happy ever after?

If you've never read anything by Ms. O'Fallon before, this book would be an absolutely brilliant one to start with, as it takes readers on a memorizing suspense-filled journey almost right from the beginning and just keeps getting more entertaining with everything the main characters go through on their journey to happy ever after. Really, the way this story started introduces the main characters superbly and had me reading quickly, determined to discover how much danger the heroine faces because of what she learns. Will the hero be able to keep her safe?

As for the dialogue, it was highly entertaining and had me loving the danger these two face, as they don't know who they can trust besides the secondary characters that Matt has really tight friendships with. Moreover, throughout this story the heroine continually surprised me with her grit and determination and I liked that she wasn't afraid to call the hero out, especially when it came to his past and the fact that he finally needs to face it to be able to heal in hopes they can have a future together. I also liked the growing friendships she had with the secondary characters in Matt's friends, as they're just as protective of her as Matt is. Yet, what I liked most of all about the heroine was her determination to do her job no matter how much danger she places herself in. What information will she discover that anyone would do anything to keep buried?

While the hero, he's absolutely brilliant and I loved him from the moment he was introduced. He's confident in his skills as an K-9 officer and I liked the tight relationship he has with his dog; a dog that knows all the tricks to get its way (well, at least with the heroine once she faces her fear). I also liked how protective the hero was of the heroine and that he would do anything to keep her safe. Yet, what I liked most of all about the hero was the decisions he makes in order to have a chance at forever with the heroine. Will he be able to face his past and finally be absolved of the guilt he's felt for years?

Overall, Ms. O'Fallon has delivered a fantastic and unputdownable read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was powerful; the romance was hot and had me loving how determined Matt is to take care of Trista because she doesn't have much experience with men; and the ending had me loving the lengths the hero was willing to go to for the heroine when they finally face off against the bad guys. However, it was how determined the hero was to make things right with the heroine that I loved most about the ending. Really, it was heart-warming and had me crying happy tears, especially combined with what Matt does in the epilogue in order to show the heroine he wants forever with her. I would recommend Lock 'n' Load by Tee O'Fallon, if you enjoy romantic suspense, the opposites attract trope, the sexy protector trope, or books by authors Laura Griffin, Katie Reus, Katie Ruggle and Piper J. Drake.

She shut her eyes, squeezing them tightly, willing the flood of fury shooting through her to calm. Somehow, she knew he was right, but he’d just sent her entire world tilting on its axis and she couldn’t handle it.
Letting out a soft breath, she covered her mouth with her hand. The rage and fury seething within her fled like air from a popped balloon. Then, to her horror, tears pricked her eyes. Before she could stop it, she was gulping down air, but it didn’t help.
“Are you—” Matt halted in mid-sentence. “Oh, no.” He began shaking his head. “Hell, no. Don’t you dare cry on me.”
She couldn’t help it. The tears began to fall and she couldn’t stop them. The next thing she knew, Matt uttered a groan and his arms were around her, pulling her against his chest.
Intending to shove him away from her, she clenched her fists, but then his hands were on her back, making gentle, soothing motions and it felt too good to move. She clutched at his damp shirt, digging her fingers into his flesh through the soft fabric.
“Shh,” he whispered, his lips grazing the top of her head, then her temples. “Everything will work out okay. I’m sure of it.”
Still holding fast to his shirt, she took a series of short breaths, trying to rein in her meltdown. She hoped he was right, but at the moment, it didn’t matter. Until further notice, the one thing that meant more in the world to her than anything else had been cruelly taken from her.
“I’m sorry, Tris. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
He pulled away enough that she could look up at his face. It was only then that she noticed the tiny gold flecks floating in the midst of his deep brown eyes.
When her mouth opened, his gaze dipped and he bent his head. His lips brushed hers, softly at first, then with more pressure. Without realizing she was doing it at first, she kissed him back.
With a groan, he sifted his fingers through her hair, covering her mouth with his. His lips were warm and soft, his touch gentle. Using light pressure, he urged her lips open with his tongue.
Biting back a soft cry, she opened her mouth. The instant his tongue tangled with hers, her body trembled with need and she clutched at him tighter. Cupping her nape, he deepened the kiss, angling her head, massaging her neck with long, strong fingers. His taste on her tongue was so new, she couldn’t find the words to describe it. It was hot and wonderful, stirring up a fiery, passion-fueled craving she’d never experienced before.
His hand skated across her back, leaving a trail of delicious tingles on her skin, and still, his tongue sought hers again and again. An unfamiliar ache started low in her belly, uncurling, blooming into something she did understand. Desire.
The hunger in her belly spread lower, hotter, until something inside her snapped, unleashed like a wild animal sensing freedom for the first time.

Tee O'Fallon has been a federal agent for twenty-two years, giving her hands-on experience in the field of law enforcement that she combines with her love of romantic suspense. Tee's job affords her the unique opportunity to work with the heroic and sexy men in law enforcement on a daily basis. For Tee, research is the easy part! Besides reading and writing, Tee loves cooking, gardening, chocolate, lychee martinis, and her Belgian sheepdog.
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