Thursday 5 July 2018


Luck of the Draw
Chance of a Lifetime #2
By Kate Clayborn
Releasing April 17th, 2018
Lyrical Shine

Buying a lotto ticket with her two best friends didn’t change Zoe’s life. Only following her heart would do that... 

Sure, winning the lottery allows Zoe Ferris to quit her job as a cutthroat corporate attorney, but no amount of cash will clear her conscience about the way her firm treated the O’Leary family in a wrongful death case. So she sets out to make things right, only to find gruff, grieving Aiden O’Leary doesn’t need—or want—her apology. He does, however, need something else from her. Something Zoe is more than willing to give, if only to ease the pain in her heart, a sorrow she sees mirrored in his eyes...
Aiden doesn’t know what possesses him to ask his family’s enemy to be his fake fiancée. But he needs a bride if he hopes to be the winning bid on the campground he wants to purchase as part of his beloved brother’s legacy. Skilled in the art of deception, the cool beauty certainly fits the bill. Only Aiden didn’t expect all the humor and heart Zoe brings to their partnership—or the desire that runs deep between them. Now he’s struggling with his own dark truth—that he’s falling for the very woman he vowed never to forgive.

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In Luck of the Draw (Chance of a Lifetime #2) by Kate Clayborn, Zoe Ferris is determined to make things right with the O'Leary family, except when she arrives on their doorstep, there is no warm reception. Not that she was expecting one, but still, she didn't expect for Aiden to ask her to pose as his fiancé. Will Zoe and Aiden be able to pull their fake relationship off and prove to everyone that things between them are real or will they lose their shot at happy ever after because he sees her as the enemy?

Having really enjoyed the first book of this series, I've been looking forward to reading this one, and I've got to say that I love Ms. Clayborn's writing. She has a way of hooking this reader from the very beginning with sexy and engaging heroes like Aiden; independent heroines that are determined to do their absolute best in things they choose to pursue such as Zoe's determination to make things right with Aiden's family; and compelling dialogue that had me fascinated by the main characters back stories and had me loving their growing relationship, as Zoe does her best to win Aiden over since he sees her as the enemy because of what she did in the past. 

As for the dialogue, I loved it due to the main characters back stories and everything these two go through on their journey to happy ever after because Zoe isn't afraid to speak her mind and prove she can help Aiden to get what he wants. Will Aiden accept Zoe's help? Moreover, the heroine is sassy, independent, hard-working, kind, caring and I loved how determined she was to make things right with the hero because what her firm did to him and his family was despicable. I also liked the close friendship she shares with her two best friends and that she can go to them with any problems she has because she needs advice when it comes to Aiden. Is she doing the right thing? 

While the hero, he was such an interesting character driven by what happened to his brother and determined to help others that suffered what he did.  He's also confident and I liked that he was willing to accept the heroine's help, even though it couldn't have been easy to be in her company when she's partially to blame for how things went with his brother's wrongful death case. Will everyone believe they're a couple? Furthermore, I couldn't help but sympathize when it came to the hero's past and how much what happened to his family affected him and his parents. Why doe the hero feel such guilt? 

Overall, Ms. Clayborn has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple is strong from the start and gets stronger with every moment they interact; the romance was special and had me hoping that everything would work out for the best for these two; and the ending had me liking that Aiden realizes how much Zoe has come to mean to him before it was too late because the heroine is good for him and vice versa. Really, they need each other to heal and finally move on from their pasts. I would recommend Luck of the Draw by Kate Clayborn, if you enjoy the enemy to lovers trope or books by authors Lucy Parker, Ainslie Paton, Jenny Holiday and Julie Ann Long. 

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