Wednesday 15 March 2017


Bound Together
Sisters of the Heart #6
By: Christine Feehan
Releasing March 21st, 2017

In Bound Together (Sisters of the Heart #6) by Christine Feehan, for five years Blythe Daniels has lived not knowing what happened to the man she loved and is married to. Now though, he's returned to win her back while assigned to take down the paranoid leader of the world's most feared motorcycle club. It'll take a lot of effort for Viktor Prakenskii to win Blythe back and complete his mission, but he's not one to give up easily. Can Viktor convince Blythe to give him a second chance, so they can both help each other heal from their painful pasts?

This series along with the Drake Sisters series are two of Ms. Feehan's best in my opinion, and this last book of her Sisters of the Heart series does not disappoint. Viktor has a harrowing past having been torn away from his brothers at a young age and forced into a camp where those that ran it did unquestionable things to the kids. How could he possibly fully heal from all that he's suffered? Luckily, Viktor had others he'd grown close to over the years, as close as he once was to his brothers. Men and women who are loyal to each other, and helped combat what they went through in hopes that one day they'd finally take down those that caused so much hurt to kids.   

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories. I felt sorry for Blythe and Viktor. They both had it tough growing up. Blythe's mom was an evil woman filled with jealousy towards her own daughter while Viktor's parents were murdered, so he and his brothers could be thrown into camps and his brothers lives at stake if he didn't do what was instructed. However, it wasn't all intense. There's the reunion of the Prakenskii brothers that was filled with plenty of heat, as they deal with the fact that Viktor is back and married to Blythe; a fact that none of the men are overly thrilled about because Blythe is so sweet and Viktor is the complete opposite. However, what I like most about Ms. Feehan's writing is how descriptive she makes the setting of Sea Haven, the characters and what they're going through, so I can feel the emotions along with the characters and can imagine what Sea Haven is like. It's definitely a place I'd want to live.

Both the main characters are compelling, but the secondary characters definitely add that extra something to this story, especially the men and women that Viktor protected and grew up with. Then there's the Prakenskii brothers and the women they fell in love with as well as the Drake sisters and the men they fell in love with who I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout the two series, but most especially when they band together to fight the enemy. Can they defeat the man that has terrorized so many?

Blythe is strong and brave with everything she's been through and managed to overcome, even when there were times when she wanted to give up. I could sympathize with her because it isn't easy losing what she did, but I was glad that she managed to overcome it with the help of the women she is close to. But what I liked most of all about Blythe is that she didn't make things easy for Viktor, even though she's still so much in love with him. Yet, the question is - how can she trust that he won't leave again? While Viktor, just like all his brothers, he's confident, tough and I liked how determined he was to win back Blythe. Of course, he's a Prakenskii and they never give up on going after what they want. Yet, what I liked most about Viktor was how being away from Blythe for five years wasn't easy for him, but it was palpable he didn't have a choice than to go after the man that is his target.  

Overall, this final book of this series was a worthwhile read filled with plenty of heat between the characters and had me laughing. How embarrassing for Blythe just because she's loud when it comes to physical intimacy with Viktor! As for the ending, I absolutely loved it. What a powerful way to finish the series by what one of the characters did to the enemy. However, it was the last chapter that wrapped everything up nicely, as this is a story of acceptance, finding it in one's heart to forgive, healing and finally being able to live their lives the way they want. No more following orders or looking over their shoulders. I would recommend Bound Together by Christine Feehan, if you enjoy Paranormal Romance, have read the other books in this series, or enjoy books by authors Nalini Singh, Sherrilyn Kenyon or JR Ward.


The Sea Haven series comes to a climactic end as the mysterious man from Blythe Daniels' past re-enters her life. Don't miss the final Sea Haven novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling "queen of paranormal romance" (J. R. Ward).

For five years, Viktor Prakenskii has put his life on hold in order to take down the world's most feared motorcycle club from the inside. But carrying out the insane violence and seeing the club's exploitation of the innocent has brought his traumatic past roaring back. And there's only one cure: to see the wife he left behind...

Blythe Daniels thought she'd never see Viktor again after he murdered her stepfather and left without a word. She rebuilt her life without him, becoming a personal trainer and physical therapist...becoming strong enough for others to lean on. But when Viktor comes back to Sea Haven, he'll make Blythe question everything she thought she knew about good and evil-and the dark desires of the heart . . .

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  1. Mmmm...the Prakenskii brothers. What a hot bunch of fictional men. Can't wait to read this book. Love your review.

    1. You're welcome. Yes, the Prakenskii men are great. It was a fantastic book and sets up another series to include Sea Haven called the Torpedo Ink series starting next year.