Wednesday 1 March 2017


One Wild Night
One and Only Texas #3
By: Melissa Cutler
Releasing March 7th, 2017
St. Martins Press

In One Wild Night (One and Only Texas #3) by Melissa Cutler, Skye Martinez is ready to settle down, get married and hopefully start a family. But first, she's determined to sow her wild oats one last time with a handsome stranger. Except Skye never took into account that she'd end up pregnant. Can Gentry convince Skye to take a chance on love, even when he's the total opposite of the man she imagined she'd end up with forever?

This is the first book I've read by Ms. Cutler, and I've got to say that I absolutely loved it. Right from the start, this book was captivating, fast-paced and one I found hard to put down because of the situation Skye finds herself in. Why can't dating be all fun, instead of a woman wanting to escape because her date is a dud? How will she get out of her date without sounding overly rude to the man she's with at the time? Will she finally tell her family that she's had enough of their meddling or will she continue to let her family help her find The One? However, it was the moment where the hero and heroine met where this story really drew me in, because Skye needs the distraction the hero offers her.

The dialogue was compelling, well-written and drew me in because of the banter between the main characters, all that they go through on their journey to happy ever after and their back stories. After what happened with the hero's latest music album, he can't afford distractions. Yet, it seems, the heroine is good for him. She becomes his muse, a way for him to re-connect with his love for music. However, the dialogue was also intense too, due to the obstacles these two face and the judgment the heroine faces from her family about her making poor decisions when it comes to relationships. Will Gentry be able to win Skye's family over? Will the hero be able to prove to Skye that he's the right guy for her? 

As for the main characters, I loved the hero and heroine. Skye is endeavoring to exorcise her rebellious streak by having a good time with the hero. What they do for a couple that are likely to verbally snap at their families if they don't get away from them was admirable, and I couldn't wait to discover how the relationship between the hero and heroine would go from there. They both want different things out of life with Skye wanting to settle down and Gentry happy to continue being single, yet, they struggle to forget about the other or completely let them go.

Skye is strong, brave and I liked that she took a chance on Gentry when he's the complete opposite to the sort of guy she's looking to settle down with. Also, I liked how close she was with her family, and how they think they're helping her by picking out men they think she'll like. Except, the men are absolute duds in the way they're either complete momma boys or totally unsuitable for other reasons. While Gentry, he faces a lot of obstacles throughout this story such as whether he'll overcome his music writing block, whether he can convince Skye to give him a chance at happy ever after when he's the complete opposite of what she's looking for and the battle he faces with winning over her mother. I felt sorry for him when it came to dealing with his agent and Skye's mom, but I liked how his best friend supported him when needed. 

Overall, Ms. Cutler has delivered a wonderful read filled with plenty of emotion, really good secondary characters and a fast-paced plot that entertained me from start to finish. The way this story ended was perfect, as Gentry would do whatever it takes to win Skye back. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up the best, because I discovered whether Gentry bounced back to find success again with his music. I would recommend One Wild Night by Melissa Cutler, if you enjoy books by authors Jennifer Ryan, Cat Johnson or Donna Michaels.

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Get ready for the ride of your life...
A cowgirl at heart, Skye Martinez has a rebellious streak she's determined to shake. Especially since she's poised to take the reins of her family's business at Briscoe Ranch Resort. It's time for her to settle down and get serious about her future...right after one last night of fun with a handsome stranger she meets in the resort's stable. But when a midnight horseback ride turns into a red-hot weekend with one of country music's biggest stars, Skye's world is rocked beyond her wildest dreams...

Gentry Wells rode his bad boy image all the way to the top of the country music charts. But churning out hits has dried up his creativity, and he can't remember the last time his life was his own. Skye is a sexy distraction he can't resist, especially since she breathes new life into his music. They bring out the wild side in each other, which is great for Gentry's career--but a major threat to Skye's. Too bad he's fallen in love with her. With their hearts and futures on the line, can Gentry convince Skye to turn their joyride into a real chance to ride off into the sunset together? 
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  1. I love books with down on their luck heroes, and if he happens to be a musician that's even better. I'll have to read this.

    1. This was a really good book, which has me looking forward to reading more books by Ms. Cutler. Hope you enjoy this story. Happy reading!