Friday 10 March 2017


Crossing the Friend Zone
Belmont Beach #3
By: Kelly Eadon
Releasing March 7th, 2017

In Crossing the Friend Zone (Belmont Beach #3) by Kelly Eadon, Ryan Lawhill is determined to do all he can to help his good friend Ainsley Slone after her recent break-up. His plan is to help her forget her ex by getting her to let her hair down and have some fun. But what starts out as a way to help Ainsley soon turns into so much more. Who knew they had such strong chemistry? Certainly, not him. Except Ryan isn't looking for happy ever after and he's certain Ainsley still is, even after her painful break-up. Will he let the one woman that has managed to worm her way into his heart get away, or will he finally see that he's the right man to give her what she deserves -- love, family, happiness?

What a fantastic friends to lovers story Ms. Eadon has penned in this book, which entertained me from start to finish with its wonderful characters -- both the main and secondary ones; and well-written dialogue that was a perfect combination of teasing and intense. The way this story started drew me into this story immediately, because it's palpable Ryan would do anything for a friend. Yet, what I liked most about how this story began was the playful banter where Ainsley and Ryan are talking about Fairy Godmothers and Prince Charming. It made me laugh, because Ryan is no Prince Charming with his womanizing ways.

Both the main characters were compelling with their back stories and all the obstacles they have to overcome to achieve their happy ever after. Such as discovering the person that smashed Ryan's prized possession before they became a threat to the heroine, trying to soothe their friend's concerns when it comes to their growing relationship, Ainsley having to deal with her ex and whether Ryan can figure out that he's nothing like his father and could make Ainsley happy.

As for the heroine, Ainsley is strong and brave by accepting Ryan's challenge to let loose and have fun. Certainly, she has fun and I liked that she finally found the strength to stand up to her father who isn't very loving towards her. In all honesty, the man doesn't deserve such a great daughter like the heroine. Moreover, Ainsley is kind, caring and I liked what she did for Ryan's sister. Certainly, she knew just the right things to say to sway the decision his mom and her husband  had made for the teenage girl. Then there's the enthusiasm Ainsley shows towards party planning, especially when it's for such a worthy cause like the one she's asked to organize a party for. 

While Ryan, his womanizing ways have finally gotten him in trouble, which is proven by what happens. Will he discover who wrecked his prized possession? Also, I could understand why the hero doesn't do relationships, believing he would abandon a woman he settled down with just like his father. However, it's palpable how much he cares for his family as well as Ainsley and his friends, and that he wouldn't abandon them for any reason. That despite his playboy image, he's really a marshmallow -- totally sweet.

Overall, Ms. Eadon has penned another really good read for this series where the sex scenes were hot, nicely-detailed  and showcased the instant chemistry these two had from the moment they came face-to-face in this story. The way this story ended had me smiling, because Ryan finally realized how much he wanted Ainsley and I loved his words to her when he was explaining why he was afraid of commitment. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up perfectly, because of what Ainsley and Ryan do for his sister and then how the hero is determined to teach the heroine how to relax after having taught her how to let loose and have fun. What does he have in mind when it comes to relaxing? I would recommend Crossing the Friend Zone by Kelly Eadon, if you enjoy the friends to lovers trope. I'd also recommend reading the other two books of this series as they're just as good as this one.



Fresh off a painful break-up, wedding planner Ainsley Slone is suffering from an acute case of "always the planner, never the bride." And she's over it. It's time for a break-to figure out how to let everything go and just have a little sexy fun. And she knows the perfect person to teach her how: irresistible manwhore Ryan Lawhill.

Their deal? No sex, just fun. It's the perfect plan--until the chemistry between them starts sparking like crazy. Ryan knows all too well that Ainsley's looking for a happily-ever-after, but he's always been keep-it-fun-or-it's-done. Yet the moment they cross The Friend Zone, all bets are off-and soon the ultimate player is the one playing for keeps.



  1. Ryan sounds like a great character. I'll have to check this series out.

    1. He's really good. Yet, I'm still undecided whether he's the best hero of the three books. I liked James in the first book. Then there's Griffin with his relationship with his daughter. So precious.