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The Trouble With Bachelors
Windy City Bachelors #1
By: Caitlyn Blue
Releasing March 21, 2017
Sassy Muse, LLC
In The Trouble with Bachelors (Windy City Bachelors #1) by Caitlyn Blue, Emma Callahan had the biggest crush on Zach Thorne years ago, but he ended up going out with her sister in High School. Now though with her sister marrying someone else, Zach is available. Still, Emma is cautious because everyone knows that Zach could have any woman he wants and his revolving door of willing female partners proves it. Is she the one woman able to change his mind on relationships, or will their chance at happy ever after fall apart since Zach should be off limits to her having once dated her sister?

Any story encompassing the forbidden relationship trope is bound to grab my attention immediately, especially when the relationship is forbidden because the hero is an ex-boyfriend of the heroine's sister, and I've got to say that this book was a fascinating read. It made me laugh and made my want to cry, but most of all, it entertained me from start to finish. So much so that I did not put it down for even a second. The way this story started captivated my attention immediately due to the hero's declarations. What were his truths? What was his lie? However, it was the moment that the hero and heroine came face-to-face for the first time in this story where things got really interesting. Emma isn't afraid to express her opinion when it comes to things she doesn't agree with, which is a trait I really liked about her. Will she sway Zach to her plans for her sister and fiancé? 

The dialogue was intense due to the main characters back stories and the fact that this couple's relationship is a forbidden one due to the hero being an ex of the heroine's sister. Emma tries her best to get along with her sister, but there's plenty of resentment between them with her father playing favorites. Luckily, Emma has her mom to support her dreams and offer great advice. Then there's Zach who people believe did the wrong thing in the past when it came to Emma's sister. Yet, it turns out he's a really good man that would do anything for his friends, which is proven by what he did for his best friend.

Emma is resilient, brave and I liked that she gave Zach a chance, even when she believed he wouldn't stick around permanently. That he'd move on to another woman the second things between them began turning serious. However, I'm glad that Zach proved her wrong by what he did for her towards the end. It showed he believed in her and that he wasn't going anywhere, as long as she wanted him in her life. While Zach, he's confident and I liked how determined he was to show Emma that she was different. That she's the one woman he wants in his life more than anything. Furthermore, I felt sorry for him because he did what he thought was right for his best friend, and yet, everyone believed he did wrong. How could he convince Emma that he wouldn't do what he did to her sister to her?

Overall, this was a really good read that kept me entertained from start to finish with this couple's growing relationship. They had such strong chemistry, which shouldn't be denied, so I was glad that Emma found it hard to resist him. The way this story ended with the epilogue was wonderful, as the hero and heroine talk about the past and then Zach surprises Emma with a surprise that had me cheering for this couple. Emma and Zach deserve to be happy after everything they've been through. What right did Emma's sister have to be jealous when she had a good man wanting to marry her? I would recommend The Trouble with Bachelors by Caitlyn Blue, if you enjoy the forbidden relationship trope or stories by authors Megan Erickson, Lauren Blakely or Penny Wylder. 



Falling for her sister's first love, how could that possibly go wrong...

Zach Thorne is supposed to be off limits. He’s her sister’s high school boyfriend and his love life is a revolving door of women. He’s also handsome, sexy and the one guy Emma Callahan has never been able to forget.
Now they’ve been thrown together as best man and maid of honor for her sister’s wedding and some serious sparks are flying. Zach is perfect wedding fling material until he starts to take their romance seriously. Now, Emma is left wondering: is he for real or is she about to get her heart broken?
The trouble with bachelors is you never know.
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“This was fun,” I murmur as his fingers coast over my cheek.
He tucks a lock of hair behind my ears and traces my jaw. It’s been a year since a man has touched me. And no one has ever caressed me like this. It’s like he’s trying to memorize my features. I’m enthralled. It’s hard to know what to do next, so I clutch my hands in my lap and stare at him. His eyes lock on my lips and I realize I’ve seized the lower one between my teeth.
His breath hisses out on a soft sigh. “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?”
“No.” It’s not the default word anyone uses when describing me.
“You are.”
How many women has he used this line on? Hundreds surely. He’s a player. A guy you sleep with not someone you date.
At the moment I’m standing at the line that separates the woman I am and the woman guys like Zach sleep with a few times and never call again. I can listen to my body and have several amazing orgasms to relive over and over, or I can listen to my heart, stay true to who I am and keep looking for a guy who can make me happy long term.
His fingers curve around the back of my neck. As he draws me forward, I ask, “Are you going to kiss me again?”
“I’d very much like to.”
This time his kiss is more direct. Firm and determined, he claims my lips and as his tongue darts forward, I open for him. He tastes like the striped peppermint candy we snagged on our way out of the restaurant.
The kiss quickly goes nova. Heat explodes in my midsection and lances downward as Zach’s hand curves over my knee. I clutch his shoulder, trembling with longing. Phrases spill through my mind. Naughty things I’d want to say to him. Images of taking him into my mouth again and making him cry out my name as he comes. I’ve forgotten that I’m not the type who has sex in cars. Right now, all I’m thinking is: yes, please, let’s do this.
Our tongues are dueling, my legs are parting and Zach’s hand is riding up my inner thigh when the phone in my lap buzzes with an incoming text. It’s close enough to my happy place that the vibration only adds to my arousal. I moan. Zach drags his lips from mine.
“That’s it, baby. Let me hear it.”
As his other hand dips inside my coat, fingers gliding over my breast, it’s easy to moan again. Damn, he’s good at this. Trembling with need, I bite my lip as the urge to whimper builds. I shift my hips as my clit perks up and starts crying for attention. If he doesn’t touch me there I’ll go out of my mind.
A second text follows the first or maybe it’s just that reminder that I haven’t looked at the first one. Either way, it feels great. So does Zach’s mouth on my neck. And is that his teeth? I open my thighs, silently begging him to go higher. He’s so close. I’m so close.
I’m panting. He’s sucking on my earlobe. Shit. That’s amazing. His thumb grazes my nipple.
The hand beneath my skirt reaches the elastic on my panties and I shift my hips, pushing into his fingers. Can he feel how wet I am? A little higher, please.
The vibration is so constant it’s like a sex toy and I’m so close to getting off. Just a little bit more. His finger brushes over the soaked crotch my panties. The lightest of touch and my body is electrified.
“Fuck,” he mutters, tracing over my hot, aching core a second time. “These are soaked.”
A garbled noise emerges from my throat.
And then Zach’s fingers are retreating and I groan in protest. “Um, do you need to get that?”
Get what?
“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I exclaim as Zach removes his lovely, clever hands from beneath my clothes.
He flops back against his seat with a hearty curse. Eyes closed, breathing hard, he shields his face as his shoulders move. Damn the man. He’s laughing.
Snarling, I pick up the phone and see at least a dozen texts from my cousins. Looking over at the house, I spy all three of them lined up at the living room windows. Well, what did I expect? I’m making out with Zach in front of our house. I might as well have set up a neon sign on the front lawn that says orgasms happening here. Almost happening…so close. A growl vibrates my chest.
“Your cousins?”
Caitlyn Blue is a voracious reader with an overactive imagination and a chocolate addict. She loves fancy cocktails and tasty edibles, is a sucker for adventure movies and any music with a beat. When not writing, Caitlyn loves to connect with her readers for whom she's extremely grateful. Join her VIP list to stay up to date on giveaways and exclusive offers.  


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