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Today we have the blog tour for Alison Aimes BESTING THE BILLIONAIRE! Check it out and grab your copy today!!

Besting the Billionaire
Billionaire Bad Boys #2
By Alison Aimes
Releasing January 15th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

Playing dirty in the boardroom just got a whole lot dirtier…. 

Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins. But he didn’t count on high-heeled, drop-dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, not when he’s so close to making things right for his family. Lily may walk and talk like a Southern piece of fluff, but she’s been underestimated before. She’s determined to succeed—and no entitled, arrogant asshole, especially the too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good-kind, is going to get in her way. Oil meet water. Gasoline meet spark. It’s all out war as these two enemies go toe-to-toe in an ugly, take no prisoners battle to prove they’re the right choice to be CEO of the same company. All too soon playing dirty in the boardroom leads to playing even dirtier in the dark. It’s destined to end in personal and professional disaster. So why can’t they stop?

Grab Your Copy Today:

In Besting the Billionaire by Alison Aimes, Alexander 'Alexi' Kazankov wants Winslow Industries, but Lily Bennett isn't about to let him have it without a fight. Yet, she never imagined Alexander would get under her skin the way he does. But the more these two push each other to come out on top, the more they risk both personally and professionally. Will things end in disaster, or will they fight for their shot at happy ever after?

Reading any book by Ms. Aimes is always an absolute pleasure, and this book was a highly entertaining, fast-paced enemy to lovers trope encompassing story that had me hooked from start to finish. Really, there was so much to love about this story such as the incredible main characters that go toe-to-toe to see who will come out on top; enthralling dialogue that was a wonderful combination of intense moments, fan-your-face romance and delightful banter that I couldn't get enough of; and which had a spellbinding storyline due to the main characters back stories, the obstacles they face on their journey to happy ever after and because of the touch of suspense that had me sympathizing with everything the heroine goes through since someone is out to make sure she doesn't win the battle between her and Alexander.

As for the main characters, I loved the challenge the heroine provided the hero because he's the type to always get what he wants and she doesn't make it easy for him. Certainly, she's smart, feisty and isn't about to let him win. Not when she has the best ideas to turn the company around and prove that the late Mr. Winslow was right to put his faith in her. Will Lily be able to win everyone over? Furthermore, I also liked how resilient and courageous the heroine is. She's fought hard to get to where she is in her life and I could understand why she continues to fight because of what she went through in her past. No way will she be weak again. While the hero, he's confident and determined to succeed, but he's never had a more formidable opponent than Lily. I also liked how protective he became of the heroine once he realized someone was out to scare her off. Who is behind the attacks -- both personal and physical -- on Lily? However, what I liked most of all about the hero was that he was loyal to those he cared about and that he was determined to do anything to prove to the heroine that she count on him. Will he be able to fulfil his wish to the woman he's always thought of as a second mom?

Overall, Ms. Aimes has penned a wonderful and captivating read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was powerful because of the fact that their enemies and determined to win, which ups the sexual tension until it explodes onto the pages in very passionate sex scenes; and the ending had me loving the lengths the hero would go to in order to show Lily that he'll always be there for her. Certainly, there's no way they should throw away their shot at happy ever after just so she could protect him. I would recommend Besting the Billionaire by Alison Aimes, if you enjoy the enemy to lovers trope or books by authors Kira Archer, Cate Cameron, Victoria Davies and Diane Alberts. 

Early Reviews for Besting the Billionaire:

This book is a must read, without a doubt. It's a romantic suspense with two strong lead, some very interesting supporting characters and I loved the plot. The twists you won't see coming and dang I was just sure I knew who was behind some of the things and I was flat out wrong. You really don't want to miss this book! The cover is hot but doesn't hold a candle to the flames in this amazing story! –Ayekah@Goodreads  

This was just such an intense read, so powerful and gripping. You do not want either character to lose. I loved how their story played out, finding out who was behind everything, and the epilogue (I totally loved) was sheer perfection. –Lori@Goodreads  

Now this is how to write a category romance that just leaps of the page. I loved this, it was funny, smokin' hot, had a bit of suspense and kept me reading waaay into the small hours of the night. –Alison@Goodreads  

This is the first book I’ve read from Alison Aimes and I am hooked. . . . It exceeded my expectations, it had a little bit of everything romance, comedy, steamy scenes and mystery. It was no wonder I couldn’t seem to put this book down. –Ofelia@Goodreads  

Alison Aimes has done a great job with this book and it had me captivated from the very first page. I was totally hooked till the last page. I really enjoy this author’s books and she is becoming one of my all time favourite authors out there. I would totally recommend both this book and her other books, too. –Melinda@Goodreads  

This was an awesome read and I hope to see more from Alison Aimes in the future! –books4me@Goodreads


Alison Aimes is the award-winning author of the sexy, sci-fi romance Condemned series as well as the sizzling, contemporary romance Billionaire Bad Boys collection. A romance fanatic with a PhD in Modern history, she’s an all-over-the-map kind of woman with a love for dramatic stories and great books, no matter the era. Now, she’s creating her own stories full of intrigue and passion, but always with a happy-ever-after ending.

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