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Want You More
Mile High Romance #3
By Nicole Helm
Releasing November 28th, 2017
Kensington Publishing Corp.

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There's plenty of gorgeous winding trails leading to Gracely, Colorado. And making your way around this rugged Rocky Mountain town is how you start over, fix your mistakes--and find the one person who'll always have your back . . .

Will Evans works hard, plays harder--but never gets in too deep. He'll do anything to keep his family's Mile High Adventures business on track and help Gracely recover. One too many betrayals taught this handsome guide to avoid commitment as expertly as he negotiates difficult trails and treacherous rivers. But now it's impossible for him to play it cool with the one woman he lost--and never forgot.

Nothing is going to keep Tori Appleby from starting over right. After a career-ending personal and professional mistake, she's back to save the company she helped start. She needs Gracely's healing small-town charm--and the caring and help she's only found with the Evans family. But she doesn't need Will trying for a second chance. Or to risk her heart one more time.

Will won't commit, and Tori has a life to rebuild. But to move on, they'll have to give in to the irresistible heat between them . . .

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In Want You More (Mile High Romance #3) by Nicole Helm, Will Evans and Tori Appleby were best friends until Tori told Will she was in love with him. Both went their separate ways with Will marrying someone else and Tori leaving town, but now she's back and they're working together. Will Tori and Will ever be able to get their friendship back to where it was, or will the pair walk away from their shot at happy ever after?

What a fascinating read Ms. Helm has delivered in this book in the way it was filled with plenty of tension between the characters; the dialogue was a delightful combination of intense moments and moments that amused me due to the heroine's attempts to take a walk down memory lane with the hero that just gets him more and more riled up, which in turn had me smiling because his life needed the good shake up the heroine gives it. However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine came face-to-face for the first time in this book where this story really took off for me, as this pair have quite the history and it's hard to forget how much they hurt each other. Will they ever be able to move forward with their lives, if they don't talk about what happened years ago?

Both the main characters were enjoyable and I loved the way the heroine wasn't afraid to push the hero to talk about what went wrong between them, as they both need to forgive and forget to be able to completely move forward and hopefully get their friendship back to how it was or make it something more. I also liked how resilient and courageous the heroine was in being able to talk about her past, which was filled with heartache because of what her family put her through and making her feel like she wasn't important. While the hero, he's been through a lot and it's understandable why he feels he's not good enough for the heroine, especially after the way his ex-wife and his mother treated him. Will he ever feel like he's good enough? I also liked the tight bond he shared with his siblings and that they would do anything to help him through the tough times he's been through, even if it means pushing him to face the past. Yet, what I liked most of all about Will is the decisions he makes, especially when it comes to making things right with the heroine and making sure that she stays in his life. 

Overall, Ms. Helm has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was delightful and the ending had me liking the words the hero says to the heroine to make her believe that he loves her and wants her in his life forever. I would recommend Want You More by Nicole Helm, if you enjoy the friends to lovers trope, second chance romances or books by authors Catherine Anderson, Kate Pierce, Shannon Stacey and Ruth Cardello.

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Author Bio

Nicole Helm grew up with her nose in a book and a dream of becoming a writer. Luckily, after a few failed career choices, a husband, and two kids, she got to pursue that dream. Nicole writes down-to-earth contemporary romance. From farmers to cowboys, Midwest to the West, she writes stories about people finding themselves and finding love in the process. When she's not writing, she spends her time dreaming about someday owning a barn. She lives with her husband and two young sons in Missouri. She is slightly (okay, totally) addicted to Twitter (@nicolethelm) and the St. Louis Cardinals. Her website is www.nicolehelm.com.

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