Saturday 20 January 2018


Silent Threat
Mission Recovery #1
By Dana Marton
Releasing January 2nd, 2018
Montlake Romance

A former Navy SEAL, Cole Makani Hunter has returned home from a disastrous black ops mission without his best friend, his hearing, or the use of his right arm. So when his ex–commanding officer assigns him to an undercover mission at a rehab center for vets to discover who leaked sensitive military information to an enemy, he’d rather be anywhere but there. Almost immediately, Cole finds himself at odds with Annie Murray—a peace-loving ecotherapist whose dream is to open an animal sanctuary out of her home. While the two seemingly have nothing in common, their spirited arguments soon fuel a passion for each other.
But just as things begin to heat up between therapist and patient, dangerous complications arise. So does the past—and a shocking revelation that puts Cole and everything he now holds dear in the path of a murderous traitor.
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In Silent Threat (Mission Recovery #1) by Dana Marton, Cole Makani Hunter was injured badly in the mission that cost him his best friend. So, in order to start healing and get back to living his life the best he can, he's assigned an undercover operation by his boss in order to find the person responsible for leaking sensitive military information. However, nothing is ever simple, especially when he finds himself falling for peace-loving ecotherapist, Annie Murray; a woman that has her own troubles with a stalker. Will Cole be able to find the information he needs and keep Annie safe, or will he lose Annie before their relationship has a chance to grow into something more?

I've only read a couple of books by Ms. Marton, but I've got to say that I loved this opening book of her new Mission Recovery series, and can't wait to see what comes next for it. Really, there was everything I love in a romantic suspense within this book such as enthralling characters that are so opposite that it makes things extremely interesting; compelling dialogue that was a fantastic combination of suspense and romance; and an entertaining storyline that had me wanting to know whether Cole and Annie would get their happy ever after, especially with everything they go through. Will Annie be able to forgive Cole once she learns his secret? Will Cole discover who Annie's stalker is before it's too late? Will Annie and Cole survive the danger I know was coming towards the end of the book?

With the main characters, both entertained me from start to finish with their back stories and their interactions that had me laughing at the times Cole mocks Annie's therapy methods when it comes to tree-hugging. Moreover, the hero and heroine are both resilient in being able to overcome everything they've gone through in their pasts that's made them the independent and hard-working people they are determined to help others. I also liked how determined the hero was to protect the heroine, even though it's not easy because he can't tell her his secret. While the heroine, I liked how good she is at her job and that she would do anything to help a patient, especially when it comes to handling grief due to what happens to one of the secondary characters. 

Overall, Ms. Marton has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between Cole and Annie was powerful; the romance showed how good these two are together; and the ending had me worried for the main characters because of the danger, but had me liking how things work out for the best for this hero and heroine. However, it was the last chapter that wrapped this story up perfectly, because Annie's family curse has finally been broken, which is proven by her being with Cole and their wonderful surprise. I would recommend Silent Threat by Dana Marton, if you enjoy romantic suspense or books by authors Laura Griffin, Zoe Dawson, Lynn Raye Harris and Katie Reus. 

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