Tuesday 15 August 2017


Players #5
by Mackenzie Crowne
Releasing July 18th, 2017
Lyrical Shine
Contemporary Romance

In To Win Her Smile (Players #5) by MacKenzie Crowne, Baroness Piper Darrow needs money and needs it desperately before she loses everything important to her. So, when she's offered the chance to take some photos for the Manhattan Marauders, she accepts the opportunity. However, it means spending time in Wyatt Hunter's company, the charming and handsome star player for the Marauders. Will she give into the strong chemistry that bounces between them, or will things that happened in her past keep her from getting involved with Wyatt? Read More of this review

Sometimes love and luck collide . . .

When sultry British Baroness Piper Darrow falls on desperate times, she needs a diversion—and cash. As a talented photographer, she jumps at the chance to travel to the U.S. for a Manhattan Marauders football event. But she gets more than she bargained for when buff quarterback Wyatt Hunter’s errant pass lands…in her face. And when it results in Wyatt’s comeback of a lifetime, the superstitious athlete is convinced Piper is his good luck charm . . .

With his sights on the Super Bowl, Wyatt will do anything necessary to keep Piper close. The fact that she’s a feast for the eyes is a bonus. And as they get closer, he discovers that beneath her proper English surface is a sweet, sexy seductress. Soon the notorious playboy finds himself genuinely smitten, and surprisingly open to love—until his powerful family uncovers something about Piper that threatens to shatter his trust. Now he’ll have to decide whether to team up with his fears, or his heart.

Wife, mother and really young grandmother, Mackenzie Crowne shares her home with her high school sweetheart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian, and a blind cat. She calls Arizona home because the southwest feeds her soul. Her love of the romance genre has been a lifelong affair, both as a reader and a writer. A bout with breast cancer sharpened her resolve to see her stories shared with others. Today, she’s a seven-year survivor, living the dream. Her friends call her Mac. She hopes you will too.

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One of the perks of being an author is getting to spend as much time as you want behind the scenes with your characters. Sounds fun, right? Trust me, it rocks, but it can also be bittersweet. Like when you finally type “The End.” That’s where I find myself with this month’s release of To Win Her Smile. After several years spent immersed in the lives of my hunky athletes, my Players Series is complete.

The truth is, when I sat down to flesh out a story about a sexy tight end and a female football blogger, a series was the last thing on my mind. I’ve been a romance novel lover since I was a teenager, which is about how long as I’ve been a football fan, so combining the two came naturally enough. But, what I didn’t expect was the supporting cast of characters who showed up to play along with Jake and Gracie in book #1, To Win Her Love.

Not that I’m complaining, but shortly into the writing of Jake’s story, his hunky friends started coming out of the woodwork of my mind. One scene with Tuck and I knew he wouldn’t let me rest until I’d given him his own HEA—after his heroine and I jerked him around for a while, of course. The same goes for Max, Sam, and finally Wyatt in book 5, whose ladies gave them each a solid run for their money.

As both a reader and a writer, I love stories full of heart with strong heroines and solid heroes. Fun characters who make me laugh, the type I’d love to sit down with to share a martini, are my weakness. With my “Players” gang, I’d have ended up smashed, but the laughs and heartfelt emotion of their individual quests toward their HEAs would have been well worth the hangover.

Alas, all good things come to an end, but a beloved character lives on forever in the mind. I’ve had a blast watching my “boys” and their ladies fumble their way into love and each of them will forever hold a special place in my heart, but they belong to the world now. I hope you’ll look them up and get to know them.

I suggest sipping the perfect Cosmo while you do. They’re easy. Just fill a cocktail shaker with ice then add vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice. Shake the cocktail shaker for about 30 seconds until well chilled, pour, and enjoy! 😉

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, sweetie. Reading your review again made me smile just as broadly as when you originally posted it. You're a total doll.

  2. Lovely review, thanks for sharing! -Janet @ Silver Dagger Book Tours

  3. This series is awesome. I can't believe this is the last book. 😭