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Ride the Storm
Cassie Palmer #8
By Karen Chance
Releasing August 1st, 2017
Berkley Signet

In Ride the Storm (Cassandra Palmer #8) by Karen Chance, being a seer is a tough job, but saving the soul of war mage, John Pritkin, is the only task she's determined to take on. However, with ancient forces determined to return to the world, Cassie finds herself running out of time to achieve anything, especially if she doesn't receive help from those she trusts and every supernatural group that think she doesn't deserve their time of day or night. Will Cassie win the battle while achieving what seems the impossible or will time run out for her to do what she needs to do?

I have loved every book of this series due to how action-packed they are when it comes to Cassie's powers and the problems she faces with the supernatural world, as being a powerful clairvoyant that can communicate with the spirit realm isn't easy. She has numerous enemies, which is proven in every book and to be able to pick herself up and continue to fight is a testament to Cassie's strength and her ability to not give up on those that need her. The way this story started had me wondering how the heroine was going to get herself and her partner at the moment out of the trouble they face. Will being captured in the time they are have serious consequences?

As for the dialogue, this book was full of intensity due to everything the heroine goes through in facing off against various supernatural groups such as the fae, a god, war mages, vampires and witches. Will Cassie come out on top? Moreover, the heroine is strong, brave and I loved every tricky situation Cassie found herself in, as it had me wondering whether she'd be able to get herself free and what sacrifices she would have to make to achieve what she needed to do. I also liked learning more about the secondary characters in Cassie's father; the powerful and seductive vampire, Mircea; and Pritkin's father, Rosier. They were three very interesting characters that asked so much of Cassie and I couldn't help but feel sorry for her when it came to the pressure they put on her, especially Rosier and Mircea.

Overall, Ms. Chance has penned another fantastic read for this fantasy series, which encompasses the complicated relationships Cassie has with her two men -- Pritkin and Mircea; tough obstacles that had me wondering whether the heroine would be capable of overcoming; and an ending that had me on the edge-of-my-seat due to what the heroine is going through. However, it was right at the end that made me wish I had the next book in the series already. Mircea can be such a tease when it comes to Cassie and her need for answers. I would recommend Ride the Storm by Karen Chance, if you enjoy the fantasy genre or books by authors Kalayna Price, Ilona Andrews, Keri Arthur and Yasmine Galenorn.

The New York Times bestselling author of Reap the Wind returns to the “fascinating world”* of Cassie Palmer.

Ever since getting appointed the chief seer of the supernatural world, Cassie Palmer has been playing catch up. Catch up on the training she missed being raised by a psychotic vampire instead of at the pythian court. Catch up on the dangerous world of supernatural politics. Catch up on the powerful, and sometimes seductive, forces trying to mold her to their will. It’s been a trial by fire that has left her burned.

But now she realizes all that was just the warm up.

Ancient forces that once terrorized the world want to return, and Cassie is the only one who can stop them. But to win, she needs help: from a friend lost in time, from a secretive lover, from every supernatural group that has ignored her up until now. And with the vampires and fey preparing to wage war across two worlds, Cassie's time is running out ....

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  1. Cassie is an awesome heroine and what she goes through in this book totally blew my mind. I never thought she'd be able to do what she did.