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Need You
Garner Brothers #1
By Stacy Finz
Releasing July 25th, 2017

In Need You (Garner Brothers #1) by Stacy Finz, as a fashion designer losing her brand in her divorce is the worst possible outcome. However, Delaney Scott is determined to pick up the pieces and find her mojo again. Yet, she's finding it hard to create new designs. Spending time with police chief, Colt Garner, especially once they give into their mutual attraction seems to be the only thing that helps. Will Delaney give happy ever after another chance, or will her trust issues keep her from ever giving Colt a chance?

What a wonderful journey Ms. Finz takes readers on in this first story of her Garner Brothers series, encompassing a hero that must fight those that are determined to make his life difficult when it comes to his career; a heroine that is determined to re-invent herself because she's lost the most important thing to her -- her brand; entertaining dialogue that had me wondering if the hero and heroine would find a way to compromise when it came to their arguments over their shared driveway; and fantastic secondary characters in the hero's brothers that had me liking them just as much as the hero.

The way this story started had me hooked and had me flipping the pages quickly, wanting to discover more about the hero and the fact that he finds it hard to say no to his family, even though he has a full time job as police chief that takes up a lot of his time. However, it was from the moment that the hero and heroine came face-to-face for the first time that made this story fast-paced for me, as the heroine challenges the hero and makes it hard for him to decide whether to shake her or kiss her whenever they're around each other.

As for the main characters, I really enjoyed the hero and heroine, as they face some tough obstacles including whether the hero will keep his job and whether the heroine will be able to find her passion for designing again to create something magical enough to impress the people that love her designs. Moreover, the heroine is resilient, tenacious and I liked how she was willing to accept the challenge Colt and his brothers gave her when it came to her creations. Will a clothing line different to the clothes she usually makes succeed? I also liked how she stood up to her ex-husband when it came to the demands he had. Would she win the battle against her ex?

While the hero, he has a lot to deal with when it comes to his family's demands and the struggle he faces to keep his job at police chief. Yet, I liked the fight he put up and that he didn't allow his brothers to bad-mouth (all that much) the guy determined to put him out of a job. I also liked that he would do anything for family, even though his job takes up lots of his time already and the tasks he does for his family's business could get him in trouble, which is proven with what happens on one of the adventures he takes. Bachelorette parties can get a bit wild. Yet, what I liked most about the hero is how he encouraged the heroine to step outside her comfort zone when it came to her designs, especially since she was having so much trouble trying to create her usual style.

Overall, Ms. Finz has penned a delightful read in this book where there's plenty of chemistry between this couple, which spilled over onto the pages in nicely-detailed sex scenes. The way this story ended had me charmed by the hero and heroine even more than I already was, because of the sacrifices both were willing to make to be together. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped things up wonderfully due to what Colt was willing to do to fix the problem they were arguing about in the beginning and the question he asked Delaney that proved how much he wanted her in his life. I would recommend Need You by Stacy Finz, if you enjoy the enemy to lovers trope, the second chance romance trope or books by authors Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis, Julie James and Candis Terry.

The Garner brothers are poster boys for the ski resort town of Glory Junction, California. But as much as they love outdoor thrills, they know how to create indoor thrills, too . . .

Colt Garner thrives on adrenaline. As Glory Junction's police and the co-owner of Garner Adventure, he knows where to find danger and excitement. Unfortunately his new neighbor, fussy, transplanted city girl Delaney Scott, is anything but a thrill, even if she is as gorgeously curved as a killer ski slope. They have nothing in common but a shared driveway they're arguing over . . . and a mutual attraction neither of them can fight.

Starting over was not in designer Delaney's plans. But now that her rotten ex has walked away with the rights to her brand, she needs to reinvent herself, and fast. It's not easy with bold, brash Colt next door, too handsome for his own good, and, she's sure, too unreliable for hers. But as small town life throws them together again and again, Colt and Delaney find that simple romance may be the most exhilarating gamble of all . . .

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