Wednesday 30 August 2017


The Coldest Fear
Shades of Death #3
By Debra Webb
Releasing August 29th, 2017
Harlequin MIRA

In The Coldest Fear (Shades of Death #3) by Debra Webb, Nick Shade is the one man that's managed to help Bobbie past her grief after the death of her husband and son. So, with Nick determined to go on the hunt for his serial-killer father; a dangerous man that has escaped from prison, Bobbie decides she won't be far behind. However, when she's dragged into an investigation as a distraction, Bobbie needs to unravel what is going on before things become too dangerous for her and Nick. Will Bobbie be able to uncover the truth in order to survive?

This series has been a wild ride when it comes to the suspense; everything the main characters have been through as they've outwitted killers and been pushed to the brink when it comes to the loses they've suffered; and this third book of Ms. Webb's Shades of Death series was scintillating, fast-paced and a story I could not put down. The way this story started had me liking the heroine and her determination to help Nick with finding his dad, even though she knows he wouldn't accept her help because he's protective of her. Will she be able to convince him otherwise? Especially since she's overcome a lot all ready and has proven she can handle herself in a tough situation against the most dangerous of criminals.

As for the dialogue, it was powerful, intense and took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, as the investigation Bobbie's been invited into takes plenty of twists and turns that could lead to Nick's world being turned upside down and could make Bobbie think back on all she's lost, especially her son. Furthermore, the heroine is resilient, courageous and I liked how determined she was to aid both the police department she's helping and how determined she was to help Nick, because the two of them working together is better than them each working alone. I also liked how cool Bobbie was under pressure, especially when it came to standing up for herself when it came to her relationship with Nick. While Nick, he's resourceful, determined and I liked how protective he was of Bobbie and that he would do anything for her. Then again, there's no talking Bobbie out of doing her job, no matter how dangerous things could become. I also liked how this story unwound when it came to the hero's back story and how it's different to what he's believed over the years.

Overall, Ms. Webb has penned a scintillating and worthwhile read in this book where the chemistry between Nick and Bobbie was as strong as ever and the ending had me on the edge-of-my-seat due to what one of the main characters goes through and took me by surprise by what readers learn about Nick. I would recommend The Coldest Fear by Debra Webb, if you enjoy romantic suspense, mystery novels, or books by authors Cynthia Eden, Sharon Sala, Lisa Jackson and Mary Burton.

A killer with nothing left to lose…

Afraid or not, Detective Bobbie Gentry has a monster to confront. The pain of losing her family and nearly her life to a criminal's vile hunger is still fresh, but now the landscape is different. Now she's not alone. Now she has Nick Shade to trust.

Nick treats the terror of his past with vengeance. He's dedicated his life to hunting serial killers, and he'd give up his last breath to save Bobbie. When a string of killings bloodies Savannah's elite society and causes cold cases to resurface, Bobbie is captured in a city more haunted than Nick's inescapable nightmares. And as the murderer strikes close, Nick and Bobbie will need to become even closer if they're going to survive.

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  1. Nick is awesome and I'm with you on this being the best of the series. It was so intriguing.