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The daughter of an infamous art forger, Chloe Somerton grew up poor. Desperate to aid her sisters, she’d picked a pocket…or two. Now circumstances have changed, and Chloe has a chance to marry a young, wealthy lord. Only his mentor—a dark, dangerous duke—stands in her way. The duke knows about her past, and she’ll do anything to keep him from telling.

The moment Michael Keswick, the Duke of Cameron, sees Chloe Somerton, he recognizes her as a fraud. The stunning beauty with sapphire eyes and golden hair now appears to be a proper lady, but he knows better. What begins as a battle of wills soon escalates into a fierce attraction. In Chloe, Michael finds peace from the memories of war, but he refuses to marry…and she won’t settle for anything less.

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In The Duke Meets his Match (The Infamous Somertons #3) by Tina Gabrielle, the war was rough for Michael Keswick, the Duke of Cameron, but he managed to come out at the end alive due to the sacrifice of a good friend. Determined to stand by the promise he made to his late friend to look after the man's son, Michael is determined to make sure Henry doesn't fall for the beautiful Chloe Somerton; a woman with a questionable past that could get her into trouble. Will his interfering lead Michael to the happy ever after he never imagined he'd have, or will the torments of his past keep him and Chloe apart? 

The moment I finished this book, I wanted to read the first two books of this series, because the secondary characters in Chloe's sisters sounded fascinating and their adventures to happy ever after even more so. Yet, in saying that, this book was everything I could have hoped for and more in the way it was captivating, fast-paced and had me wanting to discover more about the main characters, especially with what I learnt about Chloe soon after she and the hero came face-to-face for the first time. The way this story started had me liking the hero immediately, as he's determined to keep his promise to a fallen comrade and good friend. Will he be able to steer Henry, the son of his friend, in the right direction? 

With the dialogue, it was very entertaining and delivered a wonderful combination of intense moments due to the main characters back stories, especially that of the hero; and moments that had me smiling because of how much of a challenge Chloe provided for Michael. She isn't about to back down from achieving her dream of marrying a suitable man just because of the hero's threats. Moreover, I enjoyed the heroine's back story. She had it tough growing up, but she's definitely turned her life around for the better. She's strong and brave with her sassy attitude and I loved every interaction between her and the hero because of their fierce attraction. I also liked how kind and caring she was towards the hero's situation whenever he was reminded of times when he was at war.

While Michael, he was incredible hero. He's witnessed both good and bad in the world, and it's understandable why he reacts to certain moments the way he does, because of things that he's seen which could easily trigger a memory. I also couldn't help but sympathize with him when it came to him becoming the Duke of Cameron and how he's adjusting to the role. It was a role he never imagined having to take over. Yet, what I liked most about the hero is the decision he makes towards the end concerning the heroine. They definitely have a chance at forever after if Michael can find it within himself to let go of his past. Can he overcome his survivor's guilt?

Overall, Ms. Gabrielle has delivered a worthwhile read in this book where the chemistry and romance was explosive and full of exquisite passion that had me thinking Chloe is a lucky woman to have the attention of a wonderful man like Michael. The way this story ended was charming, because of what the hero does and the promise he makes to a young girl that Chloe has taken a huge interest in. Certainly, the young girl is special. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up perfectly, as Chloe has bought such joy into the hero's life and will no doubt bring more with her surprise. I would recommend The Duke Meets his Match by Tina Gabrielle, if you enjoy the enemy to lovers trope or books by authors Callie Hutton, Ingrid Hahn, Heather McCorkle and Stacy Reid.

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Chloe rapped softly on the door and waited. When there was no response, her fingers grazed the handle. She knew entering a man’s bedchamber was recklessly improper, but she thrust the thought aside. She’d seen the duke—Michael—last night. He’d clearly suffered from shock when the fireworks had exploded at the end of Madame Saqui’s performance at Vauxhall Gardens. She’d witnessed the flash of wild grief that had ripped through him…had glimpsed his pain and inner turmoil in the depths of his eyes. In his mind, he’d been transported back to the horrors of battle.
Without further hesitation, she pushed the door open. The room was dim and her eyes took a moment to adjust. A ray of sunlight that penetrated between the nearly closed curtains provided sufficient light to see. It was a purely masculine room with mahogany Chippendale furniture, a plush Oriental carpet, an escritoire in the corner, and a leather chair by the window. But it was the enormous fourposter that dominated the room—a bed large enough to fit a man well over six feet tall—that drew her eye.
The duke lay in the bed, sprawled on his back in a restless sleep. Heart pounding, Chloe tiptoed close and then stopped breathing at the sight of his bare chest. Unable to stop herself, she stared. Ropes of muscle defined his broad shoulders, biceps, and sculpted chest. His skin was bronzed, and she wondered how he exposed himself to the sun. Her knees grew weak as an image of him riding shirtless arose in her mind. A sprinkling of hair trailed down his flat stomach and disappeared beneath the bedclothes that covered the lower half of his body. One long, muscular leg was uncovered where he’d kicked the linens aside. The raw power of his body nearly stole her breath. With a start, she realized that he slept naked and hadn’t bothered with a nightshirt. Had he sent his valet scurrying out of the room last night?
She’d never seen a man’s naked chest before, but she knew without a doubt, that no one else of her acquaintance could ever compare.
Certainly not Henry.
Michael had the body of a soldier. He appeared strong and muscled from hours of disciplined training. He was no dandy or coxcomb or spoiled aristocrat who’d never known physical labor. Her fingers trembled with the need to touch his flesh, to run her fingers down his chest.
Deep lines slashed between his dark brows, and he tossed on the bed. “Gavin…no…no. Look out!”
Chloe’s eyes flew to his face, and a heavy feeling settled low in her stomach at his distress. He was clearly in the throes of a nightmare. Whatever feelings she had for him, desire and anger, her heart ached to see him in pain. She reached out to touch his arm and lowered her voice to a whisper. “Your Grace.”
He moved so fast she didn’t have a second to breathe. Her wrist was caught in a powerful grip and she was pulled down and across his chest. He rolled, taking her with him and pinning her beneath him. Engulfed by his weight, she couldn’t move an inch.
Her heart slammed against her chest. She was aware of every rigid angle, every powerful muscle, and his hardness pressing between her thighs made her inhale sharply at the contact. His dark visage was fierce and unyielding as he hovered above her, and she experienced a trepidation of fear.
He’d reacted instinctively, like an experienced soldier who’d been threatened.
“Your Grace!” She gasped. “It’s Chloe.”
He blinked and focused on her face inches from his. “Chloe?”
“Yes…yes. It’s me.”
His merciless hold on her arms eased. “Why are you here?”
“I…I was worried about you after last night.”
His mouth was set in a grim line, his gaze narrowed and determined. “Christ. I could have killed you. Crushed you as easily as a twig. How the hell did you get into my bedchamber?”
“Your butler and housekeeper told me you were still abed.”
One dark eyebrow shot upward. “I’m surprised either permitted you to enter here.”
“They didn’t. I let myself up here.”
“Why does that not surprise me?”
His voice lowered to an intimate whisper and she became even more aware of his hardness pressed against the apex of her thighs. The coverlet had fallen aside so that a thin sheet and her own clothing were the only barriers between them.
Sweet Lord. His manhood seemed so…large. She should have been more afraid—any proper female would have been—but Chloe had never been proper, had she? Instead her initial fear ebbed as she lay soft and pliant beneath him. The physical contact stoked a gently burning fire, and she was powerless to stop the wicked thoughts that came to mind. She was wildly curious by nature, and the hushed whispers of the servants and her own married sisters when they thought she wasn’t listening had always fascinated her.
She couldn’t stop wondering: what would it be like to know the duke intimately. Would he be gentle or demanding or both?
Their gazes locked, and a corner of his lips turned up in a wicked smile as if he sensed what she was thinking. His pupils expanded, black and gold flecks in his eyes. “I suppose I should be grateful for your impetuous nature which led you here. At last, I have you right where I want you.”

Meet the Author:

Tina Gabrielle, an Amazon best-selling author, is an attorney and former mechanical engineer whose love of reading for pleasure helped her get through years of academia. She often picked up a romance and let her fantasies of knights in shining armor and lords and ladies carry her away. She is the author of adventurous Regency historical romances: A Spy Unmasked, At The Spy’s Pleasure, In The Barrister’s Bed, In The Barrister’s Chambers, Lady Of Scandal, and A Perfect Scandal from Entangled Publishing and Kensington Books. Tina’s books have been Barnes & Noble top picks, and her first book, Lady Of Scandal, was nominated as best first historical romance by Romantic Times Book Reviews. Tina loves to hear from readers. Please visit her website to join her newsletter and enter her free monthly contests and giveaways.

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  1. This cover of this book is so pretty. I've been enjoying the Historical Romances you've been recommending, so I'll definitely be getting this one.

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  3. Hi Karen! I'm glad you like the cover and I hope you enjoy the book!