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Falling for Trouble
Librarians in Love #2
By: Sarah Title
Releasing June 27th, 2017
Zebra Shout
In Falling for Trouble (Librarians in Love #2) by Sarah Title, after Joanna Green froze during a performance with the all-girl rock band she was a part of, she lost her chance at fame and fortune and the chance of securing a record deal. Returning home to Halikarnassus, New York, is the only option left for her, and it's a good thing too, because her granny needs her after breaking her leg. Joanna may hate the small town, but there's one thing that's making her stay better -- Liam, the town's new hot librarian. Will she give Liam a chance, or is her desire to leave town a reason to keep her distance?   

What do you get when a hot librarian hero and a bad girl who has a passion for rock 'n' roll fall in love? Another wonderful addition to this series where the secondary characters charmed me with their dialogue, especially when the elderly women are at their book club; the main characters had me smiling, because Liam isn't afraid to go head-to-head with the arrogant town mayor, even if he does manage to resort to unjust actions; and the heroine had me cheering for her. Can she prove that she's changed and no longer the young woman that used to be trouble with a capital T?

The dialogue was intense, a touch amusing at times, and I loved the heroine no matter who she was conversing with. The small town she's returned to is somewhere she's adamant she won't be sticking around, but I liked the more time she spent with Liam, the harder her decision was to leave. Certainly, she finds herself getting on the wrong side of some of the townspeople, but it's nothing she can't handle with her feisty attitude and her need to show people that what happened to cause her to come home hasn't knocked her down completely. I also liked how kind and caring she was and how she used her musical talent to help some of the townspeople that needed her skills desperately for entertainment.

While Liam, I enjoyed him just as much as the heroine and they certainly have strong chemistry that is worth pursuing, even though Joanna is reluctant. Why start something between them when she's likely to walk away? Really, it's not as if she's ever witnessed what a good relationship is besides the one she had with her granny and her best friend. Yet besides them, she's never been real close to anyone and who could blame her, considering how neglected her parents made her feel. I also liked the hero's kind and caring ways towards Joanna's granny and how he would do anything for the elderly woman. However, what I liked most about the hero is how he fought for things he believed in; things like the library and the desperate need to keep doing what was best for the place.  

Overall, Ms. Title has penned a fascinating read in this book where the chemistry between the main characters had me intrigued to discover whether Joanna will finally give in to her growing feelings and will stay in Halikarnassus for good. The way this story ended had me smiling due to the decision the heroine has to make. No way will she let Liam deal with what's going on with the library on his own, not if she can help it. Besides, she has the right way of proving the library deserves what Liam wants. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up marvelously, because of the heroine's surprise and what a surprise it was. Who knew the people of Halikarnassus would be so accepting and choose her for the role that they do? I would recommend Falling for Trouble, if you enjoy the opposites attract trope or books by authors Sarah Mayberry, Laura Florand, Erin McCarthy or Jennifer Shirk.

The riot grrrl and the bookworm--just the pair to get the whole town talking...
Liam Byrd loves Halikarnassus, New York. He loves its friendliness, its nosiness, the vibrant library at the center of it all. And now that Joanna Green is home, the whole town sizzles. A rebel like her stirs up excitement, action, desire--at least in Liam.
Joanna never thought she'd have to come back to her dull, tiny fishbowl of a hometown ever again. She almost had a record deal for her all-girl rock band. She almost had it made in L.A. And then her deal went sour and her granny broke her leg . . . and now here she is, running into everybody's favorite librarian every time she heads to a dive bar or catches up with old friends.
He has charm, he has good taste in music--and the sight of him in running shorts is dangerously distracting. But when he loves her old town and she can't wait to check out, their new romance is surely destined for the book drop...
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  1. The first book of this series was a tad amusing. I hope the heroine in this book is just as entertaining as the heroine in The Undateable.