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Brady Davis is as happy as he is charming. Usually. Unless he’s in the same room with the frustratingly gorgeous antidote to his cheer. Mia Kendrick is headstrong and determined. She’s done with men who stand in her way—even if he has arms like Thor and a smile that makes her dizzy. Whenever they’re together, sparks fly—both the bad and good kind.

When Mia returns home to take over management of Kendrick Place, Brady is worried her focus on big business could be the end of his tight-knit home and the family he’s created there. Mia may have the power to change everything, but Brady could have the power to change her mind…if he can get inside her heart.

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In Hate to Love Him (Kendrick Place #3) by Jody Holford, Brady Davis knows a princess when he sees one, and Mia Kendrick has princess written all over her. However, appearances can be deceiving with Mia working hard to turn things for the better at Kendrick Place; the apartment building where he lives. But when he learns about the plans being put in place for the building, will he be able to trust Mia to do the right thing, or will he ruin their chance at happy ever after?
Ms. Holford delivers another enthralling read for this series in this book, which illustrates perfectly that opposites do attract; where the main characters back stories and the intense dialogue had me hooked, because Mia is in for the fight of her life when it comes her grandfather's legacy; and the obstacles these two face on their journey to happy ever after had me determined to discover whether they'd be able to overcome them, because without putting their trust in each other there's no possible way they will be able to. The way this story started had me empathizing with the heroine, because as the landlord of Kendrick Place she has to make hard decisions. Will she be able to fix what she did when she realizes there were better choices she could have made?
As for the dialogue, it was well-written, riveting and I liked every moment the hero and heroine conversed. Because they always manage to tick each other off, whether it's in the way Brady uses his nickname for the heroine to annoy her or when he's trying to do what's right for those he cares about and Mia can't help but feel he's interfering in her business. However, the dialogue wasn't all intense with this pair being at odds. There are moments where they tease each other, especially when it comes to Brady and his love of cars or Mia's competitive streak. No way is she going to allow Brady to win.
Both the main characters were captivating and were characters I couldn't get enough of, especially Brady. He doesn't have a very good relationship with his brother, but I liked that he would do anything for his nephew, which is proven by giving the boy the acceptance he needs and making him feel like he's wanted; something his nephew doesn't seem to experience a lot when it comes to his parents. I also liked the way the hero won the heroine over with their excursions and his determination to prove they can be friends and possibly more. Their competitiveness had me laughing. Who would win?
While the heroine, she's strong and brave the way she finally makes her family realize that she's not to be messed with when it comes to going after something that is important to her. Who knew the usually sweet Mia had it in her to play dirty the way she does? I also liked the kindness of the secondary characters, because Mia needs all the friends she can get; friends that aren't going to use her for her family connections and her rich girl status like she's had happen in the past. Yet, what I liked most about the heroine was her determination to do what's right for the tenants of Kendrick Place; a building that means so much to her.
Overall, Ms. Holford has penned a delightfully sweet and enchanting read in this book, which captured my attention from the very beginning and didn't let go till the end. Certainly, emotions run high in this story, as Brady and Mia face some tough challenges to be together, but I absolutely loved how this story ended with Mia fighting for her future when it came to going up against her family and the way Brady does everything in his power to win Mia back. Really, his words were perfect. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up nicely, because of the surprise Brady had for Mia. I would recommend Hate to Love Him by Jody Holford, if you enjoy the opposites attract trope, the enemy to lovers trope or books by authors Ashlee Mallory, Victoria James, Rachel Harris and Sonya Weiss.
When he walked her to her door, they stood staring at each other. She was the only woman who could look at him and make it feel as if she were touching him.
“Are you waiting for permission?” she whispered.
His hand moved to her waist. Was he? Or was he scared once he started he wouldn’t be able to stop? “Do I need to?”
He felt, more than saw, the subtle shake of her head. His mouth touched hers, parting her lips. He inhaled and all he could taste was Mia and it consumed him. Holy Christ, kissing her the second time was a ten-star, whole-body, every-cell-tingling event. Heat spread from the unwinding knot in his stomach through every part of his body. Moving one hand to her hair, he tightened his grip on her waist. Turning so their bodies aligned, he took the kiss deeper, like somehow he could push their differences so far away, they wouldn’t matter. When they were touching each other like this, nothing else mattered. Her fingers curled into his shirt as he backed her against the door.
She pushed her arms up and around his neck, holding on like he was the only thing saving her from drowning. He was drowning in her. Waves of coiled lust, cresting so hard in his stomach, he knew he needed to pull back, rein himself in. How could there be this much passion between them when they’d only just decided to like each other? If just kissing her made him frantic, what would more be like? More would be ripping his rules to shreds and lighting them on fire. His heart beat like a wild animal. He pulled away slowly, then pressed his lips to the pulse point in her neck, satisfied with its quick pace. Her breaths came in short bursts, matching his.
She surprised him once again when her lips curled upward and she remarked, “That’s definitely more than a truce.”
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Meet the Author:

Jody Holford is a multi-published author who has a soft spot for happily ever after. So much so, she tattooed the words on her arm. She’s a mom and a wife, a friend, sister, daughter, teacher, and book-lover. Her stories have a little heat and a lot of heart. And maybe, some swoon-worthy moments that will make you smile.

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  1. I just started reading this series and am loving it. Wyatt is awesome!