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Three years ago, artist Emily White’s grief and survivor’s guilt sent her to the small Wyoming town of Fly Creek. Since then, she’s kept her emotions safely tucked away—until she meets the new rancher at Sky Lake Dude Ranch. Stetson in hand, the gorgeous cowboy’s arrival in her store immediately shakes up her world.

Adam Conley is only in Fly Creek for as long as it takes to fulfill his promise to his late cousin. The small town brings up too many memories of the life he left behind years ago. He knows his task won’t be easy, but the last thing he expects is the instant attraction to the reason he’s in town. Emily is beautiful, vibrant, and completely off-limits. He’s there to keep his promise—not fall in love.

But Adam’s secret will crumble everything Emily’s life has revolved around.

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In Her Cowboy's Promise (Fly Creek #1) by Jennifer Hoopes, three years ago Emily White lost the man she loved. She's still grieving and finding it difficult to move on with her life. However, the moment she meets Adam Conley, she finds their instant attraction just might make her ready to get close to someone again. Yet, when she learns the truth of why he's come to Fly Creek, will she be able to forgive his deception, or will her second chance at happy ever after never happen.

What an incredibly captivating, fast-paced, mesmeric debut novel Ms. Hoopes has penned in this story that had me wrapped up in the magic of the main characters back stories, which had me sympathizing with the pair; the dialogue, which was a perfect combination of intense and light-hearted moments that had me smiling throughout this story until towards the end where all I did was cry for the heroine; and the satisfying ending, which had me completely enchanted. Because even though this couple have a rather tough obstacle to overcome, they're a meant to be couple and I enjoyed how they helped each other heal from their pasts. 

The way this story started had me empathizing with the heroine, because it seems she's barely going through the motions and not even remotely ready to move on from her grief. Will she ever be ready? However, the moment Adam enters this story, I was absolutely delighted and had the biggest smile on my face, because he's instantly an inviting character; a hero that without a doubt readers will want to discover more about. I know I certainly wanted to.

Furthermore, the heroine is resilient and brave and I liked how she bloomed throughout this story. In the beginning, she's so wrapped up in her grief, but with every interaction she has with the hero, she becomes more open to love again. I also liked how Emily went about facing her fears, because it also helped her heal from her past; and how willing she was to interact with the secondary characters, as it was good for her in making friends and helping her make more of her business. Certainly, her love of art saved her in her time of need. While the hero, I could empathize with Adam when it came to his past and the secret he was keeping and how when it came to light that it would hurt the heroine. I also liked his interactions with the secondary characters when it came to their offering advice, their matchmaking efforts and their protectiveness of the heroine, as Adam is the first person she's really opened up to in the three years she been in Fly Creek.

Overall, Ms. Hoopes has penned a spellbinding read in this book where emotions run high, the chemistry between this couple was strong, the romance was on the sweet side and the secondary characters will definitely have me wanting to read more of this series. The way this story ended had me absolutely hooked, because of the way the heroine overcomes her fear and how she makes things right with Adam once she's had time to work through all she discovers when it comes to what the hero was keeping from her. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up wonderfully, as this couple deserve all the happiness they achieve. I would recommend Her Cowboy's Promise by Jennifer Hoopes, if you enjoy second chance romances or books by authors Jody Holford, Kyra Jacobs, Susan Meier or Victoria James.

           Emily turned to catch a look of confusion written all over Adam’s face.
            He shook his head and grabbed her hand. “You seem a very surprising woman today. Wondering just what got into you.”
            I’m trying to live again.
Emily smiled.
            “I’ve changed my mind,” he said abruptly.
            Her smile faltered. Had she done something wrong? Was she so rusty she was downright off-putting?
            “A-about what?”
            “Seeing you soon.”
            “Oh.” Emily tugged at her hand, but Adam held firm. If this was his way of letting her down easy, he was failing spectacularly.
            “I want to see you now. Or as now as can be. Is the shop open today?”
            Excitement burst through veins and not used to the giddy rush, she swayed. Concern swept across Adam’s face and a hand came to cradle her cheek.
            She brought her free hand up to cover his. “I would love to see you now, but I do work. And so do you if I recall.”
            He leaned his forehead against hers. “I’m done at three.”
            “I close at four.”
            “4:01 it is.”
            They both laughed, and Adam swooped in with a tantalizing kiss. She clung to him. “I’ll need time to freshen up.”
            “How about you come to me? I can take you on a trail ride.”
            Emily stiffened. Go out to Sky Lake?
            “Do you ride?”
            She shook her head, unable to speak through the cottonmouth that had taken up residence.
            “Even better. You’re going to teach me to paint, and I can teach you to ride.” Adam rubbed his hands up and down her spine. The contact soothed and reassured her, releasing some of her anxiety. “I promise it will make you feel alive.”
            “Sounds perfect for a day like today.” She brushed a sweet kiss on his cheek and stepped past him. “See you this afternoon.”
            “You most certainly will, Emily White.”
            As she walked the few steps to her truck she pep talked herself. She could do this. Sky Lake was just a place. A ranch. A ranch she hadn’t been to and neither had Drew. It was a symbol, nothing more. Now maybe it could be a symbol of her new path. Sliding into her truck, the beginning of a smile tugged at her mouth. Adam Conley on a horse seemed a pretty fine way to spend some hours living this afternoon.

Meet the Author:

Jennifer lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. When not writing, she can usually be found elbow deep in flour or inhaling chlorine as she cheers her daughter on at a swim meet. She loves musicals, caramel and roller coasters, and lists Machu Picchu at the top of her bucket list. She is a member of RWA and is the President of her local chapter, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers. Find out more about Jennifer and sign up for her newsletter at

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Topic: Inspiration behind the characters

            I imagine every author has been asked “who do you base your characters on” or “do you put real people in your books?” It’s a slippery slope to answer because soon everyone you know will think they found something in your characters to point to themselves. Not always in a flattering way.
            The truth, in my humble opinion, is that every writer lets a little something of someone slip into their characters. It might be the rude checkout person at the grocery store, or the sweet lady you held the door for. Personally, I’m always watching and absorbing human interactions. I have no doubt they constantlyfilter into my writing.
            With all that being said, if a certain someone in my larger circle of acquaintances asked me if she was in Her Cowboy’s Promise, I would have to say,“Yes. At least some of you.” Emily White was based off someone I know and adore. As far as I know, she’s never gone through the trauma Emily endured, but the core strength of this woman, not to mention some of the physical characteristics, are modeled in Emily. Emily’s a fighter, even if she has suppressed that behind her wall of grief. She’s also a giver, and once she starts to break through the shell she built herself, we see her heart has so much to offer not only Adam, but the Fly Creek community as well. These same traits are very evident in my acquaintance. But just as Emily doesn’t always see what she is and offers, I imagine my friend would also miss how much of her is on the page.
            Adam Conley was a mystery to me for so long. Physically I knew what he looked like, but the core person eluded me. I don’t think any one person was his inspiration. He evolved in layers a little bit at a time. He’s a little bit George Tucker and Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but no specific individual inspired me.
            If you’ve read Her Cowboy’s Promise, I would love to know who you pictured for Emily and Adam.
Thank you so much for having me as a guest today. It has been a pleasure. Happy Reading.


  1. I was hoping you'd include some of the couple's dialogue in your review, because this sounds like a fabulous read.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Karen.