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All There Is
Juniper Hills #1
By: Violet Duke
Releasing June 23rd, 2017
Montlake Romance

In All There Is (Juniper Hills #1) by Violet Duke, Jake Rowan carries around so much guilt that he was unable to save Emma Stevens little step-brother from the horrific fire that landed him in juvie when he took the blame for the blaze to protect someone he loved. But now, years later he finds himself face-to-face with the woman he's never been able to forget when he walks into her bakery to help with the repairs needed to her store. Will Emma accept his help, or will she turn him away because she can't forgive him for what he did in the past? 

Ms. Duke writes such wonderful romances, and this book validates that proclamation. Seriously, there was so much to like about this first book of her new Juniper Hills series such as discovering how far the main characters have come since the tragedy years ago that has left them both heavily-ridden with guilt; the emotionally-stirring back stories that tie this couple's past together and lead to a second chance at forever after, if the heroine can forgive the hero; and the dialogue which was the perfect combination of intense moments and playful banter that had me varying between crying, smiling and laughing.  

Both the main characters were incredible, and I could understand why the heroine reacted the way she did towards Jake the moment they come face-to-face in this story for the first time. Believing what she did about the past and his involvement in the fire, it's hard for her to even think about forgiving him, especially when she's also determined to protect her sister from having to relive one of the most terrifying days of their lives. Luckily though, her sister proves she's tough and seems to have overcome what happened years ago better than Emma has. 

While the hero, I loved his playful banter with the heroine, especially his cheesy jokes when it came to his career as a carpenter (I've got one word for you all...hammer) and when they were conversing about superheroes. Moreover, I felt sorry for the hero because of what his parents did to him. It wasn't fair, and I liked how his siblings still made him feel part of a family, especially when something happens to him that had Emma worried. However, what I liked most about the hero was how kind and caring he was and what he did every year to make up for not being able to save Emma's step-brother. It was an incredible deed that had me loving the hero even more than I already did.

Overall, Ms. Duke has penned another extremely engaging and hot read in this book where the secondary characters were just as riveting as the main ones and the chemistry between this couple was so compelling that it was hard not to feel how much Emma was wanted by Jake. The way this story ended with the epilogue was absolutely exhilarating, as Emma and Jake deserved the happiness they achieved in the end, especially after everything they've been through. Furthermore, I loved the surprise the couple were ready to reveal to their siblings, as it proved that love does conquers all and those that are no longer with them in life will never be forgotten. I would highly recommend All There Is by Violet Duke, if you enjoy small town romances, second chance romances or books by authors Donna Kauffman, MK Meredith, Kelly Jamieson or Melody Grace.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Violet Duke debuts an emotional series about letting go, starting over, and trusting in the redemptive power of love.

Emma Stevens is ready for a fresh start in Juniper Hills, but she still lives with the impossible guilt of her past: having failed to rescue her little stepbrother from a fire that decimated her childhood home and her family. Her next-door neighbor may have been the one to drag her out of the burning building that night, but it doesn’t exonerate him since he caused the fire. Not even when he shows up fourteen years later to help salvage her bakery.

Jake Rowan may not have been able to save Emma’s brother from the fire, but at least he was able to save his own brother. By taking the fall and the punishment for him, Jake managed to protect his older brother’s future…but it cost him the girl of his dreams.

Now Jake finds himself on Emma’s doorstep once again. Not to save her life this time, but to repair it. And more importantly, her heart, if she’ll let him.
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