Friday 28 July 2017


Home to Roost
Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs #7
By Reina Torres
Releasing July 25th, 2017

In Home to Roost (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs #7) by Reina Torres, all Brigid Belham wants is to get married, so she can feel as though she belongs. However, the man she's supposed to meet at Jubilee Springs isn't overly pleased with her, and so she discovers she needs a way to support herself. Yet, the moment she meets Livingstone Quinn; a man she prefers to call by his last name, she finds her life changing for the better. Will Brigid find her happy ever after with a man she never expected to meet, or will Livingstone let the woman he's falling in love with get away?

What an extremely entertaining, fast-paced, captivating read Ms. Torres has penned in this story, which had me riveted from start to finish due to the main characters back stories and their interactions, as Brigid shows Quinn that letting someone into his life is worth it; the interactions the main characters have with the animals the hero has on his property that left me amused; and the obstacles these two face on their journey to happy ever after, since Brigid spending alone time with Quinn raises eyebrows.

The way this story started had me sympathizing with the heroine, as she doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere now that her father is re-married. Will Jubilee Springs be a good place for her to set down roots? Furthermore, the heroine was strong and brave in how she handled everything she goes through from rejection of a man to judgment from people when it comes to the time she's been spending with Quinn. I also liked how determined she was to support herself when her plans for her future get disrupted. While the hero, he rather likes being alone, and yet, being around Brigid makes he rethink that decision, because she's the best person to come into his life. I also liked how kind and caring he was towards the heroine and how protective he was of her, especially in the moment where she didn't deserve the animosity she was receiving from a certain someone.

Overall, Ms. Torres has penned a wonderfully sweet read in this book where the main characters were fantastic, the secondary characters have me looking forward to reading more books in the Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs series, and the ending had me charmed by the hero's determination to achieve happy ever after with the heroine. No way was he going to let her get away. I would recommend Home to Roost by Reina Torres, if you enjoy sweet western romances or books by authors Caroline Clemmons, Kathleen Ball, Vivi Holt and Kit Morgan.

She didn’t have a place to belong. He thought he was happy by his lonesome. When she stumbled into his life, everything changed.
Brigid Belham had always done what was expected. She worked for her father in his accounting office and managed his home. When he married, she knew it was her time to move on, and traveled to Jubilee Springs to meet a prospective husband. Her ‘best laid plan’ goes horribly awry, leaving her stranded. Caught in a storm of both rain and tumultuous emotions she ends up lost in the woods, until she’s found by a mountain man grumpier than a bear. All he wants to do is send her away. What if she wants to stay? 

Most people in Jubilee Springs know him as a hermit, a mountain man who hardly talks and likes company even less. His parents named him Livingstone Quinn, but unlike his namesake, he doesn’t want to explore. He doesn’t want to discover. He just wants his peace and quiet, all by his lonesome with his animals on his homestead. When Brigid literally falls at his feet, he keeps telling her she needs to leave, but shocks himself when he keeps finding reasons for her to stay. What will he do when he runs out of excuses? 

In the whole wide world they managed to find each other. Would they walk away from their happiness, or would they bring their love home to roost? 

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