Monday 24 July 2017


Every Little Kiss
Sequoia Lake #2
By: Marina Adair
Releasing July 18th, 2017
Montlake Romance
In Every Little Kiss (Sequoia Lake #2) by Marina Adair, Liv Preston is determined to do whatever it takes to bring fun back into her son's life after two years of heartbreak. However, nothing seems to be working until Ford Jamison and his dog, Bullseye, come into their lives. However, Ford is hiding a secret and when Liv discovers just what that secret is, will she be able to forgive him or will their chance at happy ever after be lost forever due to Ford not being game enough to tell Liv the truth of why he's come to Sequoia Lake?

Ms. Adair is a master when it come to writing contemporary romance, and when she combines such a romance with the setting of a small town, she delivers a remarkable and magnetic read just as she has in this second book of her Sequoia Lake series. The way this story started had me enjoying this book immediately due to the heroine and her dilemma. Liv would do anything for her son, and I liked how she took charge to make sure her little boy would get back his favorite toy without it looking like it's been through the wringer and experienced unpleasant happenings.

As for the dialogue, it was well-written, captivating and I loved how it illustrated the challenges Liv and Ford face throughout this story superbly. The emotions and reactions of both the main characters had an effect on me, and I couldn't help but sympathize with Ford because of his connection to Liv's past and the grief she's still suffering. Furthermore, Ford charmed me with his flirting and his kindness towards the heroine's son. I also liked how kind and caring he was to the secondary characters and that he would do anything for the heroine because she deserves happiness again.

While the heroine, she's a fighter, which is proven by all that she's done since the death of her husband. She will do anything for her son and I liked how determined she was to help him, even if it meant doing everything she could to secure the job she wanted, so she could be there for her little boy more. I also liked how she handled her mother-in-law, because the woman needed to realize that Liv was the one to make the decisions when it came to her son and no-one else. Yet, what I enjoyed most about Liv is how she helped to bond her son and her mother-in-law better.

Overall, Ms. Adair has penned another fantastic read for this series where the chemistry was instant and intense; the romance was hot and proved how good Ford was for Liv; and the ending was completely satisfying due to what Ford does to prove his love for the heroine. No way isn't he going to do whatever it takes to win her back. I would recommend Every Little Kiss by Marina Adair, if you enjoy second chance romances or books by authors Catherine Bybee, MK Meredith, Jill Sanders or Erin Nicholas.

There’s nothing that single mom Liv Preston won’t do if it means making her six-year-old son smile again. After a heartbreaking two years, her little family is due for some fun in the sun. She just didn’t expect to find it in the big, rugged, Search and Rescue hero next door—who shows her just how exciting, and sexy, life’s adventures can be.

As head of Reno’s K-9 search division, Ford Jamison knows what it takes to make life-and-death decisions on the fly. He doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t do regrets, and has never doubted his instincts—until he makes a promise that turns his world upside down. Desperate for redemption, he returns to Sequoia Lake, only to find himself face-to-face with his past…and the one woman he can’t have. Not when his secret would destroy her—and everything she holds dear.

For Liv, finding love once was a gift. Finding it twice seems impossible, until the moment Ford’s lips meet hers. Love doesn’t always come easy, but when it’s right, it’s worth fighting for…
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  1. I loved this book. Where can I find a guy like Ford? Great review.