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Vanquishing the Viscount
Wayward in Wessex #3
By Elizabeth Keysian
Releasing April 9th, 2018
Entangled Publishing


Emma Hibbert will never again trust a good-looking man. They offer nothing but heartbreak and humiliation. But her conscience won't let her abandon a sinfully handsome stranger needing help—even if he ignites an unwelcome passion in her. She soon realizes she should have left him in the mud where she found him, for he has the power to ruin everything...

Viscount Tidworth is anything but grateful for being rescued after a tumble from his horse. His pretty savior may be well-meaning, but forcing him to delay his journey completely wrecks his engagement plans. And Tidworth cannot let that stand. But when he discovers Emma's true identity, he must choose between his desire for revenge...and his baffling attraction to her.


In Vanquishing the Viscount (Wayward in Wessex #3) by Elizabeth Keysian, Viscount Tidworth should be grateful to Emma Hibbert when she comes to his rescue after an accident. Unfortunately though, her trying to help him cost him the chance to ask for the hand of the woman he planned to marry. Unwilling to let her interference go, he's determined to get revenge. However, when he discovers what Emma is hiding, will he let what she did go and fight for a future with the woman he's coming to love or will he lose his shot at happy ever after because he can't let what she did go?

This is the first book I've read by Ms. Keysian and what an absolutely fabulous read it was due to two wonderful main characters that had me hooked from the moment they meet; the dialogue was entertaining because Viscount Tidworth sees Emma as the enemy after what she does; and the obstacles these two face to be together had me cheering for this couple to overcome them because they're good together. Will the hero realize that Emma did him a favour by missing the opportunity that he did? Will the hero be able to convince Emma to take a chance on him?

With the main characters, I loved every moment they conversed because Emma is a real mystery to the hero, especially when she reveals information about her past that makes him more and more intrigued by her. Moreover, the heroine was resilient, courageous and I liked how she would do anything for family, which is proven by the position she's taken so she can help her family. I also liked how much of a challenge she provides the hero in the way she stands up to him when he acts all high and mighty and believes he's right. While the hero, he's confident, resilient and I liked his determination to win the heroine over once he realizes how much the heroine is coming to mean to him. I also liked how protective the hero was of the heroine, which is proven by the challenge he makes to a friend because the heroine deserves love, family and happiness in her life. 

Overall, Ms. Keysian has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was strong; the romance was cute and had me loving these two together; and the ending had me loving how things worked out for the best for these two, as the hero isn't about to let the heroine get away. Then again, I liked how the heroine wasn't about to let the hero get away either. Really, these two are perfect for each other. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up perfectly, as readers discover the surprise the hero has for the heroine and how happy he's made her by what he's done. I would recommend Vanquishing the Viscount by Elizabeth Keysian, if you enjoy Historical Romance, the enemy to lovers trope, or books by authors Stacy Reid, Lenora Bell, Lily Maxton and Gina Conkle. 

Elizabeth Keysian felt destined to write historical romance due to her Cornish descent, and an ancestral connection to the Norse god Odin. Being an only child gave her plenty of time to read, create imaginary worlds, produce her own comics, and write sketches and a deplorably bad musical for an amateur dramatics group.

Three decades spent working in museums and archaeology fired Elizabeth’s urge to write, as did living on a Knights Templar estate, with a garage full of skeletons, a resident ghost and a moat teeming with newts.

Elizabeth lives near Bath in England with her partner and cats.

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