Sunday 15 April 2018


Hollywood Heartbreak
Heart of the City #5
By C.J Duggan
Releasing March 25th, 2018
Hachette Australia

The fifth standalone novel in CJ Duggan's HEART OF THE CITY series from the internationally bestselling author of the SUMMER and PARADISE series. Hollywood isn't all sunglasses and autographs.

Abby Taylor is heading for the hills - the Hollywood hills. All she has to do first is exorcise some old demons, namely Cassie Carmichael, the character she has been playing on Australia's number one television drama for the past three years.

Wanting to escape the fear of typecasting and malicious magazine covers, Abby is in desperate need of a change. With a new city, new friends and a sweet new condo in West Hollywood, it's time to take her career to the next level. But with disastrous auditions and countless rejections, Abby is going to need to numb the pain in the hope that her next big break comes along, and it does. She just never dreamed that it would be in the form of waiting tables and splitting tips at one of the hottest nightspots on the strip.

Action-packed late nights and VIP parties are a sure distraction, but nothing distracts her quite like her new boss, the infuriating Jay Davis. Suddenly living the dream takes on a whole new meaning, but when something in Jay's past is revealed, Abby has to question, who is the greatest actor of them all?

In the land of broken dreams, all Abby can do is hope that hers is not going to be one of them.

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In Hollywood Heartbreak (Heart of the City #5) by C.J Duggan, Abby Taylor has no choice but to start over and there's no better place for her to start over than Hollywood. Yet, just because she was on Australia's number one television drama doesn't mean she's going to be able to make it in the City of Dreams. However, the longer she stays and navigates the world of fake friendships and never-ending auditions to land a role, the more she finds herself falling for her neighbor, Jay Davis. Will Jay and Abby achieve their happy ever after, or will secrets ruin their chance at a future together?  
If you haven't read any of this series, then you're missing out on this very talented author's writing. Really, these stories are fun, extremely entertaining and this fifth book of Ms. Duggan's Heart of the City series was no different. The way this story started drew me in immediately because of what's happening to the heroine. Will she be able to make it in Hollywood? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time that had me reading quickly, determined to discover whether the heroine would find a way to win Jay over since they don't get off to the best of starts. 
Both the main characters were fantastic and I loved every moment they conversed, as the heroine embarrasses herself a few times she's in Jay's presence, but finds their relationship become more amicable every time they're around each other. Moreover, the heroine is resilient, courageous and I liked how she handled everything she goes through in this story including wondering if she'll ever land a job in her chosen career and be able to handle living in Los Angeles. I also liked how feisty the heroine was, especially in the moment when she isn't afraid to stand up for a frenemy. While the hero, he's done well for himself and I could understand why he has such a dislike for the heroine's career because of his past and how his parents always made him feel less important than their careers. I also liked how the hero gave the heroine a chance. Not only because he amuses her, but because she's interesting and not someone that thinks she's better than everyone else like many of those in her career think they are. 
Overall, Ms. Duggan has delivered another fantastic read for this series where the chemistry between this couple was heady and convincing; the romance an absolute delight, as these two go from having a rocky start to falling for each other; and the ending had me sympathizing with the hero because of the heroine's reaction to something she discovers. Yet, in saying that, I liked how things were made right between these two because what's a better way for Jay to let the heroine know he wants her in his life than to face his fears. However, it was the last chapter that wrapped this story up nicely because of the news the heroine gets. I would recommend Hollywood Heartbreak by CJ Duggan, if you enjoy the enemy to lovers trope or books by authors Jennifer Ryder, Gia Riley, Marquita Valentine and Kim Karr. 

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