Thursday 21 September 2017


Help Wanted
An On the Job Romance #1
By Allison B. Hanson
Releasing September 12th, 2017
Lyrical Shine

In Help Wanted (An On the Job Romance #1) by Allison B. Hanson, being unfairly dismissed from her job because her boss believes she slept with the woman's husband has Kenley needing to find a new job before she runs out of money to pay for things that are essential to living the life of an independent woman. Applying for a job at New Haven Custom Boats seems perfect to give her the fresh start she needs, but working day in and day out alongside her new boss Zane Jackson proves tough, especially considering their attraction. Will Kenley be able to convince Zane to give a relationship between them a chance, or will his past demons send him running from a future filled with love, family and happiness?

I've been wanting to read a story by this author for quite a while, and this was a wonderful book to start with, as it opens a new series for Ms. Hanson. And right from the beginning, this story had me hooked and had me amused by the heroine's way of dealing with her being fired from her job. Will her friends be able to help her find something new? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time in this book that had me wondering whether the hero would give the heroine a chance and realize that it's not her fault just because she reminds him of someone from his past.

As for the dialogue, it was riveting and entertaining and had me loving the challenges these two face on their journey to happy ever after. Will the heroine be able to win the hero over? Will she prove that she deserves the job he's given her, even though he was against giving it to her in the beginning for personal reasons? Will the hero realize that he shouldn't blame the heroine for being like someone he knew in the past? Moreover, both the main characters as well as the secondary characters were likeable, relatable and this hero and heroine had me really enjoying their growing relationship, even though the hero does his best to keep things professional since Kenley works for him. Yet, I liked that Zane found it hard to resist Kenley, as she needs him just as much as he needs her.

The heroine was smart, hard-working and I liked how determined she was to prove she was the right person for the job, which is proven by everything she does to make the hero's business life more organized and efficient. I also liked how determined the heroine was to overcome everything she goes through in this story, especially when her life is turned upside down because of a scare she has while on the job. While the hero, he's hard-working, a good brother that would do anything for his sister; and I liked how determined he was to win the heroine over, once he realized it was useless to keep fighting their attraction, especially after what happens to the heroine.

Overall, Ms. Hanson has delivered an engaging and satisfying read in this book where the chemistry was strong between this couple and had me wondering whether they'd finally get things right, even if it takes something happening to one of them for the pair to achieve their happy ever after. The way this story ended had me hoping the heroine would be able to overcome what happens to her and be able to handle what someone discovers about her past. Yet, what I liked the most about the ending is how things worked out for Kenley and Zane and the surprise he had for her. Furthermore, the epilogue wrapped this story up nicely, because of the secondary characters that find just as much as happiness as the main characters. I would recommend Help Wanted by Allison B. Hanson, if you enjoy the enemy to lovers trope, the opposites attract trope, or books by authors Kate Clayborn, Virginia Taylor, Maggie Wells and Cindy Kirk.


Who said mixing work and pleasure was a bad idea?

For Kenley Carmichael, getting fired for sleeping with the boss’s husband is almost funny—at 28, she’s still a virgin. Not that her now ex-boss would believe it—Kenley’s got the face and figure to attract plenty of men, even if she’s never found the right one. A job at New Haven Custom Boats is a chance to start fresh and learn a whole new skill set. Trouble is, she can’t stop wishing her incredibly hot new boss would introduce her to some decidedly un-businesslike pleasure . . .

Zane Jackson needs a new assistant, but when his pregnant sister hires her replacement, she chooses a girl who reminds him of the kind who broke his heart in high school. Zane might not be that shy boy anymore, but sweet, sexy Kenley makes him feel every bit as awkward as he did then—and even hungrier to kiss her. She’s the perfect woman for the job—but he wants her to be so much more.

Interoffice dating can only lead to trouble—unless it leads to true love . . .

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