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Blue Hollow Falls
Blue Hollow Falls #1
By: Donna Kauffman
Releasing June 27th, 2017
In Blue Hollow Falls (Blue Hollow #1) by Donna Kauffman, free of any responsibilities she once had, Sunny Goodwin is determined to live her life on her terms now. Except, when the father she never knew passes away and she receives her inheritance, Sunny discovers she has half-sister and ownership in an old silk mill. Shocked by the discovery, she's uncertain what to do, even though the property calls to her in a way she never could have imagined and she's determined to get to know her younger sister. Will Sunny give up everything she's worked hard for and give Sawyer Hartwell a chance, or will her need to be free from the kind of responsibility she once had keep her from finding happy ever after with the man she's coming to care for?

Ms. Kauffman has an extraordinary talent for writing small town romances, and this first book of her new series, is a worthwhile read that I could not get enough of, due to the wonderful main and secondary characters that prove family is more than blood and the vivid descriptions this author pens that had me imagining what the small town of Blue Hollow Falls was like. The way this story started was delightful and had me liking the heroine immediately, as her life has changed in ways she couldn't have imagined. Especially since she's gone from being on her own to gaining an instant family in a half-sister she never knew existed, her stepmother, and the gorgeous Sawyer; an ex-soldier that has settled back in Blue Hollow Falls and is determined to make the old mill they've each inherited part of into something for artisans of the small town to come together and help get their creative juices flowing.

The dialogue was well-written and so entertaining due to the main characters back stories, the challenges Sawyer and Sunny face on their journey to happy ever after and the secondary characters who I loved just as much as the main ones. Sunny is finally free of the responsibility she had to her free-spirited mother, and she's looking to take a break from anything resembling responsibility. How can she possibly stick to her plan when she has a younger sister she wants to get to know? What will she do about the mill and all the possibilities it offers for her life and maybe her career?

As for the main characters, I was charmed by both the hero and heroine. Sunny is strong and brave the way she's finally following her own path, instead of looking out for someone else. It may make her seem a bit selfish, but I didn't think so, because of what she's willing to do for her half-sister and her determination to have a good relationship with the young girl who hasn't had a lot of love in her life. I also like the heroine's passion for her career and how the secondary characters are  willing to use her ardor to show Sunny how much they want her to stay.

While the hero, he had it tough growing up, but he was lucky to have found a good home with the heroine's dad's ex. I also liked how kind and caring Sawyer was and the bond he shared with the heroine's half-sister. It was adorable and heartwarming and just what the young girl needed to get her to open up instead of being so closed off. Because she's never had anyone care about her as much as Sawyer and Sunny and the secondary characters do. I also liked that Sawyer managed to overcome what he'd seen and done while in the military where other soldiers have failed. 

Overall, Ms. Kauffman has delivered a superb read in this first story of her Blue Hollow Falls series where the chemistry was strong and delightful and had me determined to discover what decisions Sunny or Sawyer would make to have a future together. The way this story ended had me thrilled by the sacrifices both the main characters were willing to make, as it illustrates how badly they want a future together. Yet, I also liked what Sunny's half-sister did for her, because she too wants a relationship with her older sister. However, it was the epilogue that left me with a huge smile on my face, because it shows the wonderful bonds people living in small towns share and what they're willing to do to make their friends happy. I would recommend Blue Hollow Falls by Donna Kauffman, if you enjoy small town romances or books by authors Jill Shalvis, Marina Adair, Samantha Chase or Sherryl Woods.

From her free-spirited mother, Sunny Goodwin learned the value of peace, love, and Jerry Garcia. The inheritance from the father she never knew? That’s a little more complicated...

Sunny never expected to find herself owning a centuries old silk mill in the shadow of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains . . . or becoming a half-sister to a ten-year-old named Bailey. Once the shock subsides, she plans to cash in and head back home. But the overgrown greenhouse she finds on the property calls out to the gardener in her, and she senses Bailey’s need for nurturing too...

And someone else is making it hard for Sunny to leave: Sawyer Hartwell, an Iraq War hero who wants to make the old mill a creative hub for the artisans of Blue Hollow Falls . . . and wants Sunny to share his vision, and his life. But sexy as this ex-soldier may be, she’s not sure she’s ready to give love a chance...
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  1. This sounds really good. But then again, all of Donna Kauffman's books are good.