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Long Hot Summer
Hot Aussie Knights #3
By: Victoria Purman
Releasing June 5th, 2017
Tule Publishing
In Long Hot Summer (Hot Aussie Knights #3) by Victoria Purman, Hannie Reynolds has felt such guilt because of the kiss she shared with Dylan Knight years ago. Discovering that Dylan is back living in Reynolds Ridge, Hannie knows she should probably keep her distance from the gorgeous firefighter. But that seems impossible, especially when Dylan keeps coming around, determined to talk to her. Will they get their second chance at happy ever after, or will Hannie's guilt continue to get in the way of what they both desperately want -- a future together?

If you're a reader that loves stories encompassing heroes that are firefighters, then this is the series for you. Seriously, the first two stories penned by authors Amy Andrews and Sinclair Jayne were fantastic, and this one was no different. Right from the beginning, it was entertaining, fast-paced and had me liking the heroine because she's so passionate about her work and would do anything to make her customers happy. Will she be able to work her magic to make the perfect jewelery piece for someone to cares about? 

The dialogue was well-written and drew me into this story due to the main characters back stories, the lies and jealousy of someone Dylan was once very close with, and the obstacles these two face to achieve their happy ever after such as if Hannie can overcome her guilt of an error in judgment she made in the past. However, what I liked most about the dialogue was the light-hearted moments between the hero and heroine as well as between the main and secondary characters. Certainly, Dylan is persistent in wanting to recapture the opportunity they lost in being together in the past. I also liked how kind and caring Dylan was towards Hannie's aunt, because the woman needs all the help she can get due to what's happening to her.  

While Hannie, she's a wonderful heroine. I could understand why she's hesitant to give Dylan a chance because of a member of her family's reaction. However, in saying that, I liked that she was strong and brave enough to take a chance on Dylan, because they deserve a second chance at love and shouldn't let the lies interfere with them getting that opportunity. I also liked how kind and caring she is, because family is important and her aunt needs her. Yet, I did feel sorry for her when it came to her cousin. The woman is bitter and selfish and needed to be made to realize that family is important. Indeed, I was a tad disappointed that Hannie didn't put her cousin in her place more than she did.  

Overall, Ms. Purman has penned a fabulous and entertaining read in this book where the chemistry was strong and the romance revealed how right these two are for each other. The way this story ended had me concerned for the main characters, as the situation they're going through could end in tragedy, if luck hadn't have been on Hannie's side. However, it was the last chapter that wrapped everything up beautifully, because readers discover how far Hannie and Dylan have come in their relationship, the surprise Dylan had for Hannie and how good being back in Reynolds Ridge has been for the pair. I would recommend Long Hot Summer by Victoria Purman, if you enjoy firefighter heroes, the second chance romance trope or books by authors Amy Andrews, Sinclair Jayne or Trish Morey.

 It's going to be a long, hot summer in Reynolds Ridge…
Hannie Reynolds has returned to the town she grew up in because no other place feels quite like home. But living in the stunning Adelaide Hills comes with risks--from the threat of bushfires that destroy everything in their path to the heart-stopping return of her high school crush.

Firefighter Dylan Knight has come home too, and old memories flare when he sees Hannie again. Have they waited too long to rekindle their love?

When they discover they were driven apart by a lie, they’re more determined than ever to fight for their second chance… until a bushfire threatens to destroy all they might share together and the very foundations of Hannie’s life in the hills.

Has she lost everything … and has Dylan lost her forever?
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  1. I'm reading this right now and am so enjoying it. I 😍 Dylan.